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  1. I know what you posted was fact and that is what I was trying to get thru to the rep, but the rep had a deaf ear as if passengers were making it up. After the call, I sent a email too.
  2. Called celebrity asked and was told the movies on demand are still free. I then explained passengers sailing now have reported there is now a $14.99. Again explained the reports and she insisted she ckecked and the reports are wrong!!!!!!!!! Has anyone else called celebrity to see what they say?
  3. I talked to a Captain's Circle rep and she said the coffee card expires at the end of the first leg even though we booked it as one cruise. Makes no sense but will check once on board.
  4. Would appreciate knowing about the free drinks in the casino. Have not sailed Celebrity for several years and will be back on the Equinox in Novemeber. Thanks.
  5. You can ask the server and they will tell you.
  6. Thank you all for your wonderful responses, they are very helpful!
  7. Sailing the Equinox for the first time and would like info on wheelchair assistance for both embarking and debarking. Any information, greatly appreciated.....thanks!
  8. Cruzsnooze, I really don't know if it's true or not. The rep at AA said there were too many problems and they quit the program. I posted here, hoping someone with recent knowledge would post their experience.
  9. Was told by an American Airlines rep that they do not participate in EZ Check any longer. Called Princess and they said it's true. Has anyone heard about this?
  10. Found the same situation on our December sailing on the Caribbean Princess.
  11. We did after 32 Princess cruises! Cancelled our 2 Princess cruises and booked 2 Celebrity Cruises for a better price and a place to sit comfortably.
  12. Absolutely agree! Send correspondence to Jan Swartz.......the more the better.
  13. At one time they started charging for Alfredo's but had such an outcry that they reversed that decision. If enough people contact Jan Swart's office and not the regular customer service dept. they may reverse this decision.
  14. We were on the Caribbean Princess for 2 weeks over Christmas and our cabin was very warm and the air conditioning did not work properly. Were told there was nothing they could do about it!
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