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  1. Cruzsnooze, I really don't know if it's true or not. The rep at AA said there were too many problems and they quit the program. I posted here, hoping someone with recent knowledge would post their experience.
  2. Was told by an American Airlines rep that they do not participate in EZ Check any longer. Called Princess and they said it's true. Has anyone heard about this?
  3. Found the same situation on our December sailing on the Caribbean Princess.
  4. We did after 32 Princess cruises! Cancelled our 2 Princess cruises and booked 2 Celebrity Cruises for a better price and a place to sit comfortably.
  5. Absolutely agree! Send correspondence to Jan Swartz.......the more the better.
  6. At one time they started charging for Alfredo's but had such an outcry that they reversed that decision. If enough people contact Jan Swart's office and not the regular customer service dept. they may reverse this decision.
  7. We were on the Caribbean Princess for 2 weeks over Christmas and our cabin was very warm and the air conditioning did not work properly. Were told there was nothing they could do about it!
  8. Yesterday made a specialty dinner reservation on the Sky Princess for December 2020 with no problem.
  9. Send email to Jan Swartz and the following day a rep from her office called and explained that "this is on a trial basis and Princess will review all feedback and make a final decision". Would be interested in what reps have told others who emailed or called with their concern with this.
  10. Not everyone wants or can be on the go 24/7 while on a cruise. Some like to relax in their cabins for either personal or medical reasons.
  11. Just sent my email off to Jan Swartz!
  12. We did it once and the whole pizza was not that big plus it was cold.
  13. On our 12/19 cruise, pizza was not on the room service menu. Maybe you have to call and ask for it.....don't know for sure. There were some items added that did a charge but as the majority is free.
  14. Just off the Caribbean Princess that had the new "luxury" bedding and pillows. It was the worse mattress we ever experienced on a ship. Very, very soft and lumpy and the pillows had no support. Did the Regal in October and the new bedding on that ship was fantastic.
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