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  1. My husbands still says 12/31/99 and automatically gets applied to every booked cruise.
  2. yes, you can request a shower stool.
  3. We booked a back to back and TA figured out both ways and booking separate was lower for this one. Another cruise was booked as one and was cheaper than doing it separate......just depends.
  4. we cancelled our 4/5 cruise 2 days ago and we charged a penalty!!!!
  5. Thanks for the quick responses!
  6. I am trying to cancel online an obc card purchased and cannot find where to do. I would think it would be in Purchase History but cannot find it anywhere in my booked cruise or anywhere else. Any help greatly appreciated....thanks.
  7. If someone has mobility issues, can they go the muster station early to have access to elevators and avoid the crowds?
  8. All the complainers.......just be thankful you are able to cruise and ignore what you don't like and enjoy what you do!
  9. Thank you all for your responses, will definitely call Captain Circle and get it straightened out.
  10. Sailed on a 14 day back to back cruise in 12/2019 and received 1 cruise credit. Booked a 16 day back to back cruise for 12/2020 and cruise history is showing 2 credits. Both were booked as 1 cruise. Contacted both Princess and the Captain Circle Department got nothing but the runaround and completely confused. Anyone who has had experience with back to back, would appreciate any feedback you can offer. Thanks.
  11. Effy jewelry can be purchased at Macy's.
  12. Does Holland offer this service (like Princess calls it EZ Check, Celebrity calls it Luggage Valet) in Ft. Lauderdale? If so are the forms automatically delivered to your cabin or do you just go to Passenger Relations and ask for them? Thanks.
  13. Just off the Sky, requested a chair with sides and received it.
  14. If it was $25 per person, that is it! Thanks.
  15. Board the ship this saturday so thanks for your reviews!
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