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  1. When I was on the Grand in 1999, it had the shopping cart Skywalkers which we liked. I believe it was removed from the Grand in 2011 during a major retrofit.
  2. As someone who usually books within a week of a my cruise being released , I wonder how many times I wasn’t able to get my preferred aft cabin or other special larger balcony or great location because it was locked up by a multi booker. Maybe never but I agree that non refundable deposits will become more common, possibly because of this scenario. Charlie
  3. We are on the 3/26/21 Star 28 day Hawaii- Tahiti in a BD balcony, the 1st day in June that S&S was available we rebooked for a total if $1210.00 more per cabin or $21 pp per day. That was 5 weeks ago and earlier today the balcony next door is up to $7300 per person as compared to the $5999 pp when we booked. With all the sea days $21.00 wouldn't cover my coffee and cokes. Charlie
  4. I booked a 28 day Hawaii-Tahiti cruise on the STAR for March 2021 on the first day it opened in May, I got our preferred Caribe balcony and a nice discount from out TA- Very happy. When S&S came out I checked to see what the cost would be to add it, turned out to be $600 a person for 28 days or $1200 total, based on a $70 cost per day from Princess vs a $20.41 pp cost now for the promotion we are very happy! Charlie
  5. We also just booked this cruise over the weekend, never booked a cruise out 22 months, but this has been one we have looked at for the last 5 years, doing it now or never. Been away from Princess for about 15 years, looking forward to a Grand class ship again. Charlie
  6. Thanks, this is what I was looking for. Much appreciated. Charlie
  7. I was told this cruise would be available to book on May 9th, if you can believe Princess Charlie
  8. Looking at a 28 day cruise on the Star from LA to South Pacific and back, for those of you who have done this in the past, any benefit to port or starboard as far as balcony’s go? Charlie
  9. After 30 years on RCCL, Celebrity & Princess looks like we will try HAL. Looking at a 32 day cruise in Feb 2021 to Hawaii & South Pacific. Looking for a good size/ locations Ocean View room. Any suggestions from someone who has been on the Rotterdam, any areas not to try, or great rooms you have had on decks 2 or 3. Thanks Charlie
  10. Lived in the New Orleans area for a number of years. Fell in love with the iconic drink, Hurricane from Pat O’Brien’s. We will be on Celebrity Reflection soon and wondered if any bar can make this drink. Anyone recently on a Celebrity ship that had this drink? if somwhich bar did you get this from. Charlie
  11. This all my wife drinks, 3-4 a day and a staple of the classic drink program. Big difference in quality depending upon the bar tho. Charlie
  12. Just checked Orbitz for your dates. THE Disney All Star resorts are listed for $152.00 a night for your two dates. Also the nice Coronado Springs resorts was $ 173.00. There were a number of 4 star resorts within 8 miles of the Magic Kingdom that are under $140 a night with free bus transportation to the parks. Spend some time researching their site. Any Disney resorts will have free transportation to the hotel from the airport saving you $25-$40 cab fees also you can catch a bus at your hotel for Port Canaveral. Charlie
  13. Thanks for the responses, usually the wife and I would have 3 beers each during the day and a couple of glasses of wine each during dinner. Then a mixed drink before bed. The total savings I saw from the big box stores was $588 total for the whole cruise after the difference in on board credit from sip n sail vs 3 for free [which was lower under the second sale] I figured after SNS ended the total cost for both of us would drop by close to the $2900 that the original Sip n Sail was valued at. Charlie:(
  14. We have been looking at the 28 day South Pacific out of LA on the Emerald Princess cruise in Feb 2020. We were gonna book under the sip and sail before it ended but seems everyone in the past says how much they saved by changing to the 3 for free after the SnS ended. Checked our quote from the big box store for a Caribe balcony now and it’s only about $600 total less then with SIP N SAIL. I don’t think that is a savings as our drinks over 4 weeks will be way more then $ 588 dollars. Does anyone really see and advantage or does it depend upon just what cabin you get. Charlie
  15. My daughters family is going on a Disney cruise out of Miami on 4/24, .2 adults and two kids. They have flights to FLL 2 days early- saving about $900 over flying into Miami, and will hopefully stay in the Ft Lauderdale area on Monday & Tuesday night before the cruise. Would it be best to rent a car for the 4 of them for the first two day and then possible drop it off @ POM the morning of the cruise or book a round trip on one of the limo services or even do an Uber. They have never been to south Florida before and wanted to do some beach time before the cruise. I think it would be better to stay in FLL/Dania area and then take a limo to POM & them same limo back to FLL airport on Sunday when they get back. Does anyone know if you can drop a rental @ the POM- possibly only a few rental agencies have drop off areas.
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