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  1. We have a 28 day Sydney to San Francisco Trans pacific cruise booked 4/2/22. Caribe balcony was reduced twice in last 3 weeks by $1300 total and I gained a free specialty dining on top. Very pleased, now just hope it cruises. Charlie
  2. Try google using Sapphire Princess and the catagory, like BD cabin, or interior cabin Charlie
  3. Just noticed today- 12/14/20 that there was 54.4 million shares of Carnival stock sold on a normal day. I purchased years ago for my retirement fund, but haven’t sailed any Carnival Corp. ships since 2000- Disney & Celebrity for last 20 years. We do have a 28 day trans-pacific scheduled on Princess in 2022 though. I doubt if most cruisers who look forward to this benefit have more than a few hundred shares. Charlie
  4. Looking at booking a trans Pacific on Princess for Sydney to Los Angeles. On United 2 one way tickets for Raleigh NC to Sydney are around $2600 for those fo you who used EZ Air, about how much have you saved on tickets vs going direct thru airlines. This would be in early 2022. Charlie
  5. Man what do you people do for a job. Travel Agents have been working their butts off for us the last 4-5 months for what? No sailings mean no income, how many of your favorite agency’s/ agents will be around by the end of 2020? I hate to use the current cliche, These are unprecedented times for travel, I have only cruised 14 times in the last 32 years, never cancelled or changed anything, other than a room, from my original Reservation and I can see the sudden costs being thrown out there as a way to try and stay afloat. This will get worse before it gets any better. Charlie
  6. Think of the hundreds of thousands of cruisers ready to put a deposit on the time of the year to the Caribbean. It might help pay for quicker refunds. Charlie
  7. As someone with 6 S class cruises in the last 8 years, 2 in Concierge class I also say just get a Standard hump balcony. Paying the extra isn’t worth the extra $$ for a CC class in my opinion. All 6 of my cruises were hump balcony’s . Charlie
  8. I understand your reasoning and sounds like a great idea. I may try the same thing and see how it goes. Charlie
  9. Daniel, we are on the same cruise and looking to push it to Oct 2021 or March 2022. Last 3 years this 28 day has been released by Princess in mid May. I’m wondering if the virus is causing a delay. My TA still thinks it will release this month. Charlie
  10. I agree with this 100%, after vaccine, I can imagine many, many countries that might refuse a cruise ship docking unless they had proof of all passengers having proof of the vaccine. Even flying to Italy for a vacation will probably require proof of vaccine. Charlie
  11. CNBC just stated that a board member of Carnival Cruises bought 10,000,000 shares of Carnival stock today, maybe it’s time for me to add a few hundred extra 😏 Charlie
  12. Absolutely the best- most inspirational -thread I have ever read on Cruise Critic in the last 20 years. , My hopes for the future and how we should treat of fellow members of mankind have skyrocketed. Thank you all for what you have done here. . Charlie
  13. Does it seem odd that if you booked under sip & sail there are no upgrades on this sale . Why wouldn’t they have a WiFi + grats upgrade for say $20 a day pp? Charlie
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