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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I will call Oceania on Tuesday. Btw, we put our deposit down quite a while ago. I’ve only recently been put on oxygen.
  2. Anyone sailing with Oceania that requires oxygen. Some lines are allowing it. We had a princess cruise booked for Christmas and had to cancel it. Oceania is my favorite cruise line and we have a long cruise departing in March. Sure hope I don’t have to cancel. thank you for your help.
  3. Well we cruise to Hawaii every Christmas and have a suite booked for almost a year. I’ve recently been put on oxygen. We figured with all the cruises we’ve had to cancel, we could afford a suite. Oh well c’est la vie.
  4. I just spoke to princess and first she said it was for new bookings only. I told her I wanted something in writing so when I check in there are no problems. She checked again and said unfortunately, no oxygen allowed at this time. thanks for all your responses.
  5. Wow, I just read that. It said the policy is effective June 24, 2021, so I’m sure it hasn’t changed since then. I’m very disappointed to say the least. But thank you so much.
  6. Thank you for your prompt response. I use a large concentrator at home. I will contact my provider and my doctor. thank you again.
  7. I’ve recently been put on oxygen. We are scheduled on a princess cruise later this year. Does the cruise line provide oxygen? What is the best way to handle this. Thank you for your help.
  8. We were also on the 50th anniversary cruise in 2015. At one point, Gavin got on the speaker and said “this is your captain speaking.” One of the best cruises we’ve ever taken.
  9. Long time Princess cruiser here. You will LOVE Oceania!! We did an 85 day cruise 3 years ago and absolutely loved it.
  10. We were also on the 50th anniversary cruise. Was one of the best cruises ever. Jack Jones was also on this cruise. The whole crew was on the entire 2 week cruise.
  11. We had two basset hounds named Beauregard and Gwendolyn, thus bandgbasset :).
  12. Here’s another one of my gripes, people who say “should of” instead of “should have”. I see this everyday.
  13. Don’t get me started lol, how about their, there and they’re and affect and effect. I see typos almost every day on the local news.
  14. I just went out for awhile and I have 1 voicemail from Oceania, and 3 emails, 2 from Oceania and 1 from the ta.
  15. Was just on the Oceania website to check availability on a cruise we have booked on marina in April. Not 15 minutes later I got a call from a ta who does overflow calls from them. Geesh lol. I haven’t been on the website in months, maybe just a coincidence.
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