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  1. Enjoy the pub, with fresh air if possible, and distancing.
  2. The accountants have been making decisions about operations already. No different in BK than it normal operations. Not profitable routes are not run, and older less economically efficient ships are sold off. If one of the majors restructures it will be more to get rid of debt and rights size the fleet, than any change in the role of finanee in operations, Just as airlines have been doing for years.
  3. No sign of increases tied to the BLM protests in the US either. Most were outdoors. From the videos a pretty high number wore masks (not sure if that was to protect from COVID or to prevent identification). With the protest, most were outdoors, many were walking and facing in the same direction, sometimes listening, sometimes shouting. A bit different than socializing indoors in bars. Especially where people are face to face talking for some time. Especially in a noisy environment where people lean close to hear each other. Hopefully the back ground cases are low enough in the UK that there are relatively few chances for it to spread in such an environment. In the US back ground cases were too high when indoor venues were reopened. Plus people took relaxing of rules as things are back to normal.
  4. From what I read isn't the initial startup a 3 day Bahama cruise? A relatively low risk test bed. Too short for any spread to manifest.
  5. Because more and more the concern is with air borne spread. The land base experiences have bars opening and shutting down again due to spread. That means that the ability of a cruise line (with is insides spaces designed for socializing (bars, restaurants, lounges, theaters) to do something to stop the onboard spread will be extremely difficult, even with the best minds working one it. The ships are just not designed to deal with an air borne infectious agent. If it was spread mostly by contaminated surfaces with some drop let spread (as first thought) one might be able to mitigate. With spread mostly air borne, including some aerosol, with a less amount spread by surfaces, good luck. One might design a solution, but how it compares to what we think of as cruising might be a different story.
  6. You do have to put what he said in perspective as far as the term over. He said that their would either be vaccine or enough people will have caught it for it to not spread efficiently.. The later would mean a slow down in the case numbers such that you would not have the hot spots like we do now and the hospital capacity would not be at risk. The virus would still be present and could probably still cause problems for the cruise lines. So it would be far better for the former. These at risk would still need to take precautions because the numbers would be down but the virus not gone. That said he is a very smart individual and is usually pretty accurate in what he says. He is also on the board of directors of one of the companies involved in vaccine development so he is pretty informed on status.
  7. I am familiar with a couple of the individuals. Dr. Scott Gottlieb is a very sharp individual and has been pretty accurate in his discussions of the outbreak. Not sure how having even the best on the panel will help all that much. It seems the more that is learned about how the virus spreads is making things more difficult for cruise lines.
  8. the impact from opening thr pubs will not be seen for 3 to 4 weeks.
  9. Would not be surprised if the UK ends up in the same situation as the US in a couple of weeks.
  10. CDC is not the only government agency stopping cruise ships from sailing. Almost every major country is currently banning large cruise ships. Canada - banned,Australia - banned, New Zealand - banned, EU same.South America countries - same. Seems llike the CDC has a lot of company.
  11. Maintenance costs go up considerably as they age, especially once they cross 30. More dry docks, more in depth tests and maintenance. Different ships have done the world cruise and has they retire the current one, they will pick the next one. After Covid Princess will probably have some of the newer ships to send down out of their probably smaller fleet. Unfortunately the older smaller ships are going to be the ones first in line to go from the mass market lines.
  12. Keep in mind that the cruise lines had problems even with managing COVID on board ships, with just crew. Even in June they were getting positive tests (required by country health authorities) when they repatriated crew. Not sure how they are going to come up with something to handle passengers.
  13. age. Princess usually gets rid of ships around 25 years. Those ships and the Grand are among the oldest in the Princess fleet.
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