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  1. Do your research and you will learn a whole lot. Also google "pig gestation crate."
  2. I do it on all social media. Got rid of a number of FB 'friends' in the last four years that way.
  3. We're definitely doing that. We go to Seattle several times a year where we have a little place and our daughter and her family. We've bought caviar and foie gras and feasted off them. I'd rather do that then live in the past.
  4. I totally agree and practice that.
  5. Over the last four years I've found that a closed mind is impossible to argue with. But you and others can hopefully show facts to others here. Thanks as always.
  6. But one doesn't know - yet if ever - how long that immunity will last.
  7. I've occasionally wondered if she had lived what she would have been like.
  8. We had to have the 'yellow card' showing our Yellow Fever vaccination record before going to Kenya and Tanzania in '08.
  9. Because we were in Athens for several days we had an airbnb that was very reasonable and super spacious. And since after that we were taking ferries to several islands it was easy to gather up food to take with us.
  10. Yup. And while the above poster states that it's the 'younguns' that spend all the money, how many of those cruisers do 30 or 100 days at a time? And since we old farts have not only the money but the time, we do pre and post and side trips, etc.
  11. It really is quite simple to me. If you want life similar to what it was pre-COVID then get the shot(s).
  12. I read that differently: "ask your self...how many times will you get to Athens for the first time???? And remember, you can always get more money you can not get more time !"
  13. And, even though I'm a woman and a staunch supporter of women, I wouldn't help one get those dang bags into the overhead EVER. And the FAs don't enforce it. A few gate checks would help IMO.
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