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  1. LOL. No, we share with each other. We love good food but as we've gotten older (70s) we just don't have the appetites we once did. And I loathe wasting food. So having several apps and a bowl of soup or dessert works great for us.
  2. Except for some expedition-type cruises to Alaska, I under that O has no children's activities so I'd think that's pretty self-limiting.
  3. Whereas we might share all the apps and a dessert.
  4. I had wondered the same. App, soup, salad, main, dessert --- a minimum for many people.
  5. I've never been to a Disney 'property' either and have no desire and for the same reasons.
  6. You know that you and I agree. But if people are afraid then they should pay (a lot) more and feel safe.
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I don't suppose they have a child-free ship, do they? LOL.
  8. clo

    Real ID

    A few years ago we visited the Holocaust Museum in DC. They had IMO a brilliant way to test the contents of your water bottle. They had you drink out of it!
  9. I had no desired response. I see people complain a lot but wonder if it causes them to change line/ships. Might be best for you to not assume you know what I want.
  10. No, it's not a barrier but it's quite a difference from the streets around it. But, again, what we consider totally fine may not be at all to others. But, hey, we take our lives in our hands by drinking tap water all over the world 🙂 Again, thanks for contributing good info here.
  11. I'm going to agree with you because what we're comfortable doing isn't the norm. Thanks for sharing.
  12. When we were living at Lake Tahoe, a few years ago a friend skied on Halloween and last year Squaw Valley was open til 4th of July.
  13. Absolutely. We returned to cruising (maybe) last year on Hurtigruten. 400 pax to Antarctica and 100 for the Norwegian coast. Those "gimmicks" you mention would be disqualifiers to us 🙂
  14. Having been with one company for almost 25 years he had become so specialized that finding something else would have been almost impossible. We came along too late for Roth IRAs but the regular one is a tidy sum.
  15. Oh, I totally understand that. But plans and reality sometimes don't jibe. Let's say he has a debilitating stroke as just one example.
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