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  1. So you'd do other types of travel, just not a cruise.
  2. Could you provide a link about this? Not doubting you but I'd appreciate reading about it. TIA.
  3. Not I!. So IS there an IDL at all? Or just a misnomer?
  4. I suppose I could get drunk enough to try balut! I'm guessing it's not going to be on a buffet...unless in the Philippines.
  5. According to post #3 and IDP isn't an IDL.
  6. Others can do this better. But go to the top right corner. The three vertical dots. Go to advanced settings. And clear all. (Come on, folks, help me with this.)
  7. Thanks for giving that link. There's an insane amount of wrong and/or anecdotal info that gets shared and share.
  8. But you tried it. Good for you. We're very adventuresome eaters and run across so many people who have never tried something but declare it "ugh." Why do "liquid eggs" have gluten in them?
  9. I'm glad you mentioned that. I'd say if there's anything, when traveling, that you might not get then bring it with you. We had Mexican American friends who traveled with jarred jalapenos. We had an apt in Rio and we carried all manner of things. I'd say if you have anything that causes diet restrictions then perhaps accept that you're not going to be as happy as you are at home.
  10. We have the same experience. With all the one way streets in cities, GPS helps a lot.
  11. Perhaps for flying into Canada and Mexico. Here's what appears to be a reputable list. Far more than 'just' Europe which is even more restrictive. Since our travel covers most of the continents (or has) it's just easier to renew. In the grand cost of things it's negligible. https://www.us-passport-service-guide.com/countries-that-require-six-months-validity-in-a-passport.html In addition some airlines and I don't have a list, won't board you if you're going to those countries because then they're responsible for you if you can't enter the destination country. (Yeah, I worked in the international biz for a time 🙂 )
  12. Absolutely. I pretty much need the same amount of clothes for a week or a month. What takes up the most room really is HABAs (health and beauty aids). But I have travel size jars and bottles that I can use when travel. Love The Dollar Store 🙂
  13. Sure. But lots/most countries are requiring six months remaining before they will board you. I forget what happened in '07 or '08 that triggered a lot of renewals ten years later so it was suggested to renew especially early.
  14. Just an fyi. You can renew your passport any time you want. You don't have to wait til near the expiration date.
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