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  1. It's a completely personal choice. You are under absolutely no obligation to tip above the daily gratuities or whatever term NCL is using for it these days. It doesn't make you a jerk if you don't. It doesn't make you a saint if you do. Let your conscience be your guide. You should be aware that certain positions are not in the tip pool: https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#what-about-gratuities Now, stand by for the comments ranging from "not only don't I tip extra but I remove the daily grats" to "hey, look at me..I tip twenty bucks every time my steward bring
  2. So they can look out and see what fresh air looks like. Disclaimer: I just posted that so smokers at home would scowl at me though their monitors. 🙂
  3. Like many other cruisers I "reevaluated" quite a few months ago and decided not to book anything in the near future. Not worth the hassle, worry or possible financial loss. I still have quite a few good years left in me. I'll bide my time. Plenty of other adventures out there. 🙂
  4. Spoiler: In Fast and Furious 9 the cars still speed around and crash. 🙂 lol
  5. I think that's in European metric years. 😉
  6. Welcome. Pro-tip: Click on the offer you are looking at on NCL.com. On the next page, scroll down to the bottom, click on Terms and Conditions. You will find out everything you need to know about each thing being offered.
  7. Yep, after 20 something years in the Navy, I stayed in a 100 Sq Ft Studio cabin and I felt like royalty having all that space to myself. lol
  8. Apologies if I came across as a tool towards you. That really wasn't my intent. Perhaps my Covid lockdown boredom is showing.
  9. Well heck, that's a damn deal breaker right there! lol 🙂
  10. Agreed. It could apply to many ports however, this is the "Ask A Cruise Question" forum". There is no question in your post. The mods are in short supply in Cruise Critic right now. We can be helpful to the community by sticking to the correct places. Just my two cents, FWIW. Cheers.
  11. I don't think so, that would seem myopic for a company of their size.
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