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  1. I have not read any statement where Coates said it was a "put up job". I have read media commentators state this but the only statements I've read from Coates are variations of it was a misunderstanding🤔. I have googled a bunch of articles where he sent in his reply and I still can't find a statement claiming collusion😳. If he did make this claim he seems to have back tracked on it very quickly but in this day of digital news I would think a statement claiming the whole thing was an act would be spread far and wide and would be top of the Google searches😂.
  2. As far as I am aware that is media commentators putting their own spin mostly to defend Coates because of the backlash to his behaviour. Palaszczuk probably changed her mind because Brisbane won, gives her a chance to schmooze with the IOC😜.
  3. As long as the policing is applied evenly. I was in a two level shopping centre, the second level pretty much closed because it is all restaurants up there and a third of the ground level because of the food court is shut down. There is hardly any people yet seven police officers keep going up and down the escalators. It does seem like over kill😳.
  4. It gave me a laugh😂. Everyone finds different things funny it is what makes it hard to moderate humour, I have seen jokes here that I did not like but that is what happens when you have a diverse group of contributors you are going to get things you might not like but others will🤗.
  5. There use to be a show called "Crazy On A Plane" showcased some of the worst behaviour of plane passengers. So far I have yet to experience in real life and I have flown more than I have cruised. The only bad behaviour I have ever seen on a cruise was my Aranui trip when a member of a rather wealthy and religious (which made the situation ironic) French family decided to punch another passenger in the back of the head because he was filming a church choir performance. The staff asked both of them to leave the church and that was pretty much his punishment. To be honest thinking ba
  6. The way I see it all these vaccines have been WHO approved and all have been tested for various degrees of efficacy. Discrimination against vaccine programs is only going to reduce people's willingness to get vaccinated. They will either think their vaccines are no good or the roll out (like mixing vaccines) is faulty. Saw Angela Merkel got a mixed vaccine so I would assume Canadians will have no problems getting into Germany at least 😂.
  7. Yep some things never change🙄: Mask resistance during a pandemic isn’t new
  8. I was reading an article and they interviewed a Nigerian couple hoping to travel to Paris since they were fully vaccinated with Astra Zenaca but it turns out the EU doesn't recognise their vaccine certification because their Astra was manufactured in India and the EU hasn't approved the Indian manufactured Astra Zenaca😳. Doesn't exactly motivate people to vaccinate when they put so many rules on what is the so called "right" vaccine.
  9. I really recommend watching Cracking Covid documentary on ABC iview, so far the best doco I have seen about COVID. They talk about process of fighting Covid as a constant improvisation.
  10. I've never paid anything over AU$450 per night on accommodation including an over water bungalow in French Polynesia😂. Land accommodation has far more options and what a suite might cost on a ship I normally find would be half that on land. Personally I think you can't really compare land and cruise vacations because you are usually after very different experiences that also adds an intangible value beyond cost. I look back at my French Polynesia trip and when I crunched the numbers the cruise side does come out cheaper by a bit, but what I was able to experience island hopping, things I could
  11. Apart from the Covid restrictions that would have most likely changed your cruising experience perhaps you also picked the wrong type of cruise, reading up on your cruise I can say it does not appeal. I've always based cruise choices on experiences I was seeking like visiting hard to reach islands or to participate in special events.
  12. Maybe this a case of same language different meaning? I am not sure what you think I said but "raving" I used in the context of singing praises of something. In my part of the world this is not considered an insult but a description for how much a person loves or enjoys something. I can only assume in your part of the world it must be used as an insult. I know most CC members are USA but it is open to world wide membership so I think it is always important to remember we don't all speak exactly the same language🤗. Well perhaps you should have specified in your question t
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