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  1. I saw a Q&A episode where they talked about this. One of the Panalists said she talked to a shop owner who said they hadn't ordered new stock because they wanted to see what it was like post lock down before they invested in more stock 🤔.
  2. But cruising has been changing even without COVID. I'm always reading people lamenting the so called "golden age" of cruising. People complaining about degrading quality and how it is not what it use to be and despite those who don't like the changes more people have adapted to the changes just fine and of course there is a whole generation who don't know any different. Cruising with COVID protocols might become the norm and while there will be a cohort of no more cruising for us plently will just accept it as the new normal. There will be growing pains like any changes but eventually people won't know any different. It is like all the protocols that came after 9/11. Everyone complained about the hassle, people lamented on how it use to be but eventually we all adapted, moved on and travel even grew.
  3. You know what I quite like Emu meat, it would make a good parma😉
  4. Everyone thinks they have more time till it is too late. Flying across the Atlantic is however much easier than what Australians have to do to get to Europe😂 so you can definitely make a lot more return trips😉.
  5. Is that some where in the Baltics by chance?
  6. Population is an advantage but I think one shouldn't outright dismiss the tactics employed by Uruguay either : Uruguay Emerges as a Rare Pandemic Winner in Latin America
  7. Sorry to our Canadian friend but I would pick a Parma over Poutine any day😂. The best Parma I ever had was in a cafe in Lilydale Tasmania. It was huge, the chicken juicy, crust crunchy, homemade tomato sauce, smoked cheese and delicious ham🤤
  8. Personally I think their epidemic emergency response plan had more to do with it than their borders as they have a pretty good handle of community transmission. Yes there is a resurgence but there are countries whose second wave are not as bad so you have to wonder what they are doing differently. Studies into the 1918 Flu Pandemic responses have shown places who went long and hard with the first lock down had the effect of decreasing the severity of the second and third wave on top of that those places had a better economic bounce back. So I think to say everything is inevitable and we can't mitigate the damage is not entirely true either.
  9. Correct. Here are interesting pictures of how the dunes have been moving. The left is from 1995 and the right is 2020:
  10. Uruguay, Vietnam, Botswana and South Korea are not islands and from the data it seems they are doing pretty well🤔 And while Taiwan is an island I still reckon for a country with one of the highest population densities it was pretty impressive how they contained their community spread.
  11. You have the country, but I don't suppose you can get a little more specific😉?
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