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  1. Central Australia has its benefits in the wet season. Not only do rivers come to life but with enough rain Uluru turns into a magnificent set of waterfalls and Kakadu is more abundant in wildlife during the wet season than the dry. Not too mention being the low season all the prices are cheaper. However because of the volatility of the weather I would not recommend it if you have a short time frame with an appointment to make. Wet season travel requires planning flexible just in case buffer days.
  2. When I first read this question I thought this sounds a little paranoid but😕 reading the answers it is actually quite interesting and enlightening👍about the behind the scenes of ship life. However in terms of terrorism I feel the more likelihood would be someone planting a bomb or hiding an arsenal to go on a shooting spree rather than hostage taking or hijacking. I would assume some sort of check is done to make sure there is no tampering of a ship. I doubt such information would ever be made public but I do wonder if anything has ever been discovered on a cruise ship🤔.
  3. What do you want from the posters🤷‍♀️? You have gotten some good advice despite how little information you have provided about your friends. The best we could do is suggest cruises that may be the best match to you and your friends' travel styles. At the end of the day both of you will have to compromise if you want to travel together.
  4. I don't want to sound insensitive but it sounds to me like you are really only thinking of yourself 😕. I am sorry that your travelling options are so limited and understand you really want to travel with these friends but if they were to compromise their travel style for you what would you be willing to compromise? For example (and I have to make up an example since you still haven't detailed your friends' travel interests😒) if your friends are into immersive holidays would you be willing to give up the 24 hour entertainment ship and go on a small expedition cruise?
  5. Well I am from a Commonwealth country so perhaps that is why I am familiar with the system🤣. I guess I foolishly assumed every country had some sort of partnership agreement. It is good to learn new things 😉.
  6. I don't think I was being negative🤔 but I did point out that perhaps if you are going to argue the benefits of cruising it should be based on what they enjoy not what you enjoy. You haven't provided any information about your friends likes, dislikes, preferred travel styles or destinations and yet you expect us to provide an argument on the benefits of cruising when we know nothing about these people . If a generic argument was going to be effective at persuading them to cruise then you would have got them cruising a long time ago😉.
  7. Flightconnections.com is a good website if you are still looking into potential flight routes. Though if a direct flight exists that would seem to be a preferred option if you are looking to avoid the stress of changing planes.
  8. What type of holidays do they like to take? Are they resort, hotel or AirBnB types? Do get around self driving, public transport or they the stay in the one place type? Are they foodies, sightseers, experience gatherers or do nothing holiday types? Do they have adventurous off the beaten track holidays or conventional tourist places trips? Maybe instead of telling them why you love cruising look at what they enjoy about travelling and provide them with examples of cruises that match their travel style.
  9. Sorry I forgot it might not commonly use term 😳. It is the embassy you would go to if your own country has no consular representation in the country you are visiting. I'm just curious how it went for people who had to do that, was it easy or awfully complicated to use another country's consular services?
  10. I do wonder if a phone picture of your passport is good enough if you have to go to a sister embassy? If there anyone who has had the experience of losing their passport in country that does not have their country's embassy or consulate? I would love to hear the experiences of what it was like in those circumstances.
  11. In university I had a classmate who was born in Uruguay spent his teens in Mexico and backpacked his way through South and Central America. This exact topic came up in our conversations and he did confirm that accents can be wildly different and hard to understand but also that each country does have their own lingos. A lot of it has to do with the indigenous languages of the place since a lot words and phrases end up incorporated into the colonial language. I think every language ends up localised in some way. I knew a Brazilian who travelled to Portugal and found it hard to understand the locals and a French person once told me that people in the North and South of the country speak so differently it can sometimes feel like a different language😳.
  12. Not just money, but also lost time 😕. For some people they have to move heaven and earth to get the time off to travel, so unless you are so ill🤢 you physically can't move, you would be even less motivated to give up a cruise🤫.
  13. Marquesas French Polynesia on Aranui. Loved it so much I am already saving for the Australs and Pitcairn cruise 🤩.
  14. I doubt many people research the political or social situations of the countries they are travelling to😥 especially if those countries seem so stable and peaceful. Nothing happens in a flash, it is generally something that has been bubbling for a long time. But for me it is a good enough reason to keep my passport with me in foreign countries because while the cruise company might have contingencies and the embassies are suppose to help it is still reliant on the country being safe and functioning. When things start collapsing no one cares there is a cruise ship in port. With a passport you can get out quickly without taking detours. Like everyone else my opinions are coloured by my own experiences😉 so I would not claim to have the right answer but in the end that is how we all choose our insurance, by the cover we feel we need to be protected😎.
  15. It seems there must have been two cruise lines who tried it because the one I was thinking off ran a Pacific route😳. I guess the fact I haven't heard of it since then probably means it didn't work😜. I just remember there was a lot of buzz about it when it was introduced. Their ads made it out like it was all about choice (eat how you want, when you want and only pay for what you eat) and that the eating establishments would be gastronomic experiences😕.
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