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  1. It depends what they mean by you don't have to provide information. My bank says I don't have to provide information before I leave but that when I make an international purchase they will can me to check I made that purchase. So they do want to know where I am and they do make notes and since I travel to many countries in one visit it is more of a hassle to wait for that call than to give them the information before hand. I have had problems with my phone overseas and if I don't answer their calls they block my card and then I have to call them back to unblock my card which just ends up being more of a hassle. When I give the information beforehand I never have any of these problems.
  2. I have had crispy fried turnip, baked turnip, pureed turnip and dehydrated turnip (that was a really fancy restaurant 😜) . All have been delicious so don't give up on the humble turnip just yet.
  3. Bring half the stuff and double the money👍😆.
  4. I have that problem with travel in general😟. There isn't many people I know who either have the time, money or will to travel, so I have to make do on my own. It is either that or don't travel at all which I think would make my life poorer. I was lucky🤗 though with my Aranui cruise that I knew someone who was also interested and we could both get the same time off as the solo price was very expensive😱 and the dormitory option was already booked out.
  5. I agree with what you are saying. My point was more that you can't negate the responsibility of the cruise line to keep people safe just because these bad things could happen anywhere. It is an excuse that constantly comes up that if said crime could be commited in any venue or on the street the cruise line is therefore not responsible when it happens on one of their ships and that is something I disagree with. That is why I think it is important to have transparency regarding crime on cruise ships so we can see for ourselves if cruise ships are doing their utmost to keep people safe and create a safe environment or are they just doing the bear minimum required by law and then blaming the passengers for not protecting themselves.
  6. I wasn't aware that any cruise ships had tried reusable straws what an interesting fact😊. However my comment was referring to those people who are buying bags of single use plastic straws. I thought that could be a solution to their problem.
  7. You can get soft silicone straws or even reusable plastic straws. For the real hippy types there is bamboo straws and in Vietnam some locals are making straws out of some water reed.
  8. I have had two edible straws. One made from sugar glass and one made from tempered chocolate. I certainly advocate for the chocolate straw🍫😋. Another solution is just have a reusable straw. They are not hard to clean, take up no space in the suitcase and in the long run you would save money🤗.
  9. Those people need to just give cardboard straws a try. Even with a frozen drink they don't go soggy.
  10. I was told by someone who visited Japan this year that in the grocery stores the fruit and veg were all individually wrapped in plastic. You would think a country whose main source of protein comes from the ocean would be more concerned about protecting the ocean😕. Personally I am for banning the use of all non essential single use plastic. I can live without plastic straws, cups, wrappings, plates etc. When I visited Hawaii two years ago all the food trucks used paper plates, bowls and cutlery and my food tasted just fine and was just as easy to eat😀. Once upon a time the world came together and fixed the hole in the ozone layer, if we could come together in the same way we could solve the plastic crisis🤗.
  11. To me the difference is that a cruise ship isn't really public space. In my opinion it is private property that you need permission to access, permission people gain by paying a fee or being employed on the ship. I see it more like if you are invited to someones house for a get together I expect the host to create an environment that is safe for everyone. I expect the property to be safe, I expect the host to keep order of the party and I expect the host to keep the other guests and the staff catering the party in line. If the host cannot manage the group of people that they are bringing together and prevent them from hurting others then you have to question if that host should be allowed to continue bringing people together particularly if it is for profit.
  12. Thanks but after a bit of Googling I found out why I can't find Aussie stats: Why we need to know about crime on Australian cruise ships I tried looking up about Europe too but no luck there either.
  13. Ok well now I understand where you're coming from but I do question if a tourist attraction will be thought of in the same way as a concert or sporting event. The main reason you get scalping is that they are time sensitive, if you miss out on a ticket then you probably will never attend that event and the event will be no more. But most tourist attractions are not going anywhere. If you a can afford to pay ten times the price for a ticket to Alhambra you probably can afford to just return to Granada and get a ticket next time. I don't think the level of desperation is there to make people want to pay ten times the ticket price. I think most tourists do understand travel is a privilege and they are usually just grateful to be there at all. I myself never made it into the Sagrada. It was a little disappointing but at the end of the day I was in Barcelona so missing the Sagrada wasn't that big a deal. Most people don't travel just to see one thing.
  14. I have heard the complaints from locals that cruises have encouraged business owners to stop selling things locals need and are instead full of useless trinkets and hardly any locally made. I probably do spend more as a land tourist but I definitely spend differently. I will purchase things at local grocery stores, I will try and dine at establishments that are local favourites which means many times leaving the tourist area, I will rent a car which means I will also purchase petrol. If I do tours I will do things that are more niche compared to a generalised sightseeing tour I would do with a cruise. As a land tourist I know I have more time to explore so it does end up affecting how I choose to spend my money. I find it hard to believe I am the only who spends differently as a land tourist🤔. Maybe I am just odd🤣. I am curious why you insist it will only benefit the wealthy? Alhambra, Sagrada Familia and Wawel Castle all have daily quotas and I am not a wealthy person but I thought the ticket prices were quite reasonable. You may lose the spontaneity of travel by having to pre plan the purchasing of tickets but I would rather lose that than have the whole attraction fall apart because they couldn't control the hoards of tourists.
  15. Finally found it👍: Cruise Line Incident Reports However this only applies to USA. I wonder if this sort of information is accessble for Australian cruise ships?
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