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  1. Saw the 4 corners report, it was not that sensationalised, there was two people with strong opinions but over all it just presented the timeline of events as they happened. Good for getting the overall picture of the case.
  2. I don't think I have ever had a safety briefing, unless you consider a muster drill a safety briefing? But my point was more about the preception of safety rather than what they do on the ship itself. I know as an independant traveller it is emphasised how dangerous it is to travel by yourself. That message is always in your face even if in many cases it does not reflect the reality but it does effect the behaviour of travellers as a result. Cruise ships do the exact opposite and present themselves as the ultimate in safe haven. Presenting themsleves as a high standard of safety means they have further to fall in the mindset of passengers when things go wrong especially those who are less familiar with reality and therefore risks of traveling
  3. I think a lot of times it is forgotten that many cruisers are not experienced travellers. That naivety means that they do not always know what they should or should not do (when I first started travelling I made so many mistakes😆). Most often they pick cruising because they think it is a way of travelling where someone will basically hold your hand, it is part of the appeal. So when something goes wrong it is easy to blame the cruise line because in the passengers minds they are responsible for everything. Cruise lines have been quite happy to play along with this hand holding mindset and target the inexperienced traveller so they shouldn't be particualrly surprised when it backfires when things go wrong.
  4. Pre Pandemic our society had not been conditioned to self isolate when sick. People go to work sick without much thought to their co workers. Perhaps it would have been better if the ship had treated it it like a Noro outbreak and given people a good reason to self isolate, rather than keep people in the dark for fear of panic. I read of a ship that after the pandemic was annouced offered passengers free medical check ups, perhaps that was something Ruby should have considered especially if they were noticing a rise in sick passengers🤔.
  5. Though I don't know if we should be focusing so much on one passenger🤔. Her circumstances are extraodinary and not representative of the average passenger.
  6. I was not aware she was a transplant recipient that changes the narrative completely 😮. She should have been more conscience about her health since she would already have weaker immune system compared to the average traveller.
  7. But it is still another point of view otherwise you have TV stations who only follow the corporate agenda who will not touch certain topics because it will not be commercially viable or conflict with corporate interests. Though I don't find the ABC too much towing the government line, I have seen them challenge current politicians and their policies many times and there are plenty of programs that openly critique the government on every channel so I don't think we are in any danger of turning into DPRK or China😋.
  8. I'm a bit confused by this statement. Was it not serious or was it serious? I probably would not got to a doctor if I had a bit of a cough or upset stomach unless it was incapacitating. I think most people would just assume it is something they will get over. I doubt many people would conclude that mild symptoms would turn into anything life threatening so I can't help wondering if some notice had been made that there is an infection going round the ship then perhaps people would have been more likely to go to the doctor to report mild symptoms🤔.
  9. There are also a lot of ghost flights in an attempt to maintain control of the routes. I read that Qatar Airways has increased flights hoping that when international travel resumes they will rule the routes😁.
  10. I saw the interview with the man taken by ambulance and he said he started of complaining of flu like symptoms but nearing Sydney he felt so ill he was incapacitated and that was why they got him an ambulance. He didn't mention complaining of any heart issues unless the doctor thought some of his symptoms sound heart related. Though now that it is looking like COVID19 is more vascular than respiratory perhaps it did do a number on his heart.
  11. I think it is important to have a broadcaster not beholdened to commercial interests otherwise you would not get programs like Revelation or the sadly cancelled The Checkout. There are programs or stories that commercial channels would never touch, so how else could we get them told? Sometimes they do things we wish they did not do but no industry will ever get everything right🤗.
  12. Or do think this Pandemic is an opportunity for a reset to make changes that in your opinion would improve the cruise industry? And if so what changes would you like to see?
  13. Air travel and audiences are static and you spend less than 24hrs in their company. You can only pass the infection to those immediately in your vicinity but on a cruise you spend at least a minimum of three days roaming amongst the population therefore increasing your opportunity to spread an infection to more people.
  14. The UK is a big tourism market for Australia much bigger than NZ not to mention a lot of Australians are working in the UK so the connection between the two countries are pretty tight. So I am not particularly surprised the Australian government requested an exemption though it was perhaps a bit misguided as you say the UK has not quite got a handle on COVID19 so I'm not sure it would be ideal to have so much traffic between our countries.
  15. If you spent any time in the advertising industry you would realise unfortunately preception is way more powerful than reality😣. It hits the emotional part of the human brain and we react more strongly to emotions than we do to facts. It is why memes are so poweful. People reading it don't care if it is true as long as it fits their preception of the world. If you can make people feel good about something they are more likely to purchase it. If people did care more about facts a lot of problems in the world would be fixed😂 but the cruise industry has to deal with the world as it exists and currently preception is king.
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