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  1. There is a cruise that starts in NZ and goes along the length of the Antarctica coast to end up in Ushuaia. Only runs once a year and very $$$🤑. The second one I would love to do is a Northwest Passage cruise and the third is actually becoming more financially with in reach thanks to some new companies in the market so a Congo River cruise maybe in my future after all🤗. The real killer for me in all these cruises are the single supplements. Nearly equal the cost of the cruises puts it further out of reach for me😔.
  2. We did Croatian Islands via ferry. A poor man's luxury yacht cruise😂. We got a few hours cruise and got to stay on the islands for a few days.
  3. The best thing to do is to look at the government websites of the countries you are to enter. Agregating websites can be delayed when updating changes in COVID regulation, not to mention when collecting information their sources may not be reliable. To get the most accurate information you should always check the government websites.
  4. Covid regulations are managed by the individual countries not the EU so you still need to check the individual countries rules of entry and don't assume that rules are the same just because they are in the EU. This is an EU run website that lists all the regulations for EU countries: Re-open EU
  5. I saw an article last week about Sky News hiring some famous commentator and they listed all the commentators he would be joining at Sky News. The list was so long it made me wonder is there any time left in the scheduling for news😂. It feels like news itself is nothing but commentators🙄. In one way the internet has been good that you have these websites that are niche news focused. So if you want science news there are websites dedicated to science news, not just commentators giving their opinions on things their assistants researched aka googled😜.
  6. I think the problem is more the vaccine hesitant. They are not opposed to vaccines but are worried about the Covid vaccines. Unfortunately the media stoking fear about super rare side effects or in the UK and USA linking vaccine developent to particular politics is as much making the public second guess Covid vaccines as the anti vaxxers spew. Saw a doco about the big business of anti vaxers and it is hundreds of millions of dollars. They have mechandising, seminars, their own pay tv channels, it is crazy stuff😱. One interviewee whose mum was anti vaxer made an astute observation. All his life he had been told that the government is trying to profit from people's health but he said one day something clicked when he realised his mum was paying US$300 for so called healthcare advice lectures from anti vaxers while he found free healthcare advice from government websites. Didn't take him long to conclude who really is profiting from people's health😂.
  7. Depends. According to the studies in the article there was a dramatic increase in immune response from Pfizer booster after a course of AZ but the opposite wasn't as effective. In America a small study mixing mRNA vaccines didn't achieve a dramatic increase in immune response however those who had a J&J shot then a mRNA shot saw a huge increase in antibody activity but mRNA then J&J didn't do much. It seems we need way more research in terms of getting the most effective mix. But one thing the studies seem to suggest is mixing vaccine is so far pretty safe however we are talking pretty small studies.The research is really useful for developing countries to be able to mix vaccines, it would help with their supply issue though no one seems to have studied much about mixing the Russian and Chinese vaccines. So much still to learn🤓.
  8. Maybe we should be taking both: Should you mix and match COVID-19 vaccines? Experts weigh in.
  9. The thing though that the article mentioned that is worth noting is that if you are in country that changes it covid regulation mid trip you could find yourself uninsured. With so much in flux that is an issue. Plus while they might cover medical they won't cover things like extra accommodation even if it is enforced quarantine or any charges for changing your itinerary if it is due to Covid. I have read on some of the forums at the moment a lot of cruise lines are paying for these costs in order to convince people to get back cruising but everyone is pretty certain this is only temporary in which case you have to wonder if cruise lines withdraw this support will insurance fill the gap?
  10. I would rather an easing of restrictions see how things go, adjusting accordingly rather than this throw caution to the wind and hope for the best approach. We didn't even finish home quarantine trial to see if that is option we should consider.
  11. This screen shot has been doing the rounds online and people have been questioning if it is real since no one can find the link to the page. Any chance someone from CC could provide the link to the page or confirm if it is fake?
  12. I would suggest posting this in the news sub forum. The moderaters there would be able to confirm if this is a real article on this site 🤔 The page does look a little weird to me. The "Visit OneSource" in the top left hand corner is not something I have seen on CC before and it says May 18 at the top though I suppose someone could have the date set wrong on their phone.
  13. I agree the wording bothers me. If you are vegetarian fine but why do you need to pretend something is meat? There was a vegan pie stall at a market I visited and they didn't use meat substitute on their label. They labelled it chickpea pie, seitan pie etc. I found it so refreshing that they weren't trying to convince me it was just like meat. They treated it as its own unique product and that's how IMO it should be.
  14. Hopefully they still sell them. My last Harris Farm visit was about three years, happen to be in an area they serve and thought I check if they still had some of the products I liked and there were still the Kestrels conveniently at the front too. I really stocked up that day😜.
  15. I've tried one of these however from a different brand. Wasn't great, hopefully Four n Twenty does a better version🙄.
  16. As with any country regulations the best and most accurate information is to go to the individual countrys' tourism or immigration websites. The Caribbean is not one country so there is not going to be an official information portal for every port in the Caribbean Sea on one site. There are no shortcuts you just have to go through the tedious process of checking each country whose port you are planning or expecting to visit and check again regularly as you near your visit in case any changes have occured.
  17. Still in the covid hot zone of Bankstown☣️😉. We have a whole street of greengrocers. Shopping centre has two and still way cheaper than the supermarket, another shopping centre next to Aldi has another two greengrocers and a little arcade has a tiny greengrocer that always has baby spinach and rocket $10 per kilo less than everywhere else. We are awash with greengrocers😜 With such a dense population it perhaps creates competition for the greengrocers so they can offer such low prices. Wow you have a lot of Harris Farms in your area 😲. The closest one I use to have was about 20km from me, on my driving route but it shut down years ago which was a pity as I agree they had a great cheese collection. Also loved the Kestrel Potatoes which they seem to have a monopoly on.
  18. Our greengrocers are the opposite, they are way cheaper than the major supermarkets. People here shop at them because you can save up to 70% on some produce😂. Though I also like they have more variety of fruit and veg. They sell things I have never seen at the supermarkets.
  19. The article said airlines bought pineapple to make juice that is what got me curious as I have never been offered pineapple juice on any flight anywhere, though thinking on it I realised they didn't specify airplane so perhaps they meant the airline lounges. I've only ever been to one so I'm unfamiliar what is usually on offer. Pineapple fritters were definitely a thing lots of places use to sell them I even remember Red Rooster use to have them, maybe still do. I never liked deep fried fruit so I'm not exactly looking for it on the menu😂.
  20. Or instant ice cream. Freeze them then blend them up and you're ready to go😁.
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