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  1. They (ABC et al) have time restraints. There was, most likely, a lot of other stuff they could have shown. As for the person in post #100. A smart reporter/producer could have pursued the line of lack of reporting v non reporting but that would need to be weighed against the cooperation of the person involved and keeping her onside.
  2. To date I've done six trips to the UK/Europe. The shortest was 3 weeks, the longest 8 weeks. When going that far we made sure we made the most of it.
  3. That's the hot air bridge. Prone to collapsing at any time.
  4. From the linked article; "But he disclosed that there are 'active discussions' going on over what countries could be exempted from the regime in future, referring to the idea of 'air bridges' - usually used to refer to military flights over enemy territory."
  5. From the linked article. "Ministers are mulling coronavirus 'air bridges' to allow travellers to move between countries without the need for quarantine once the outbreak is under control, it was revealed today." How do they define "under control"?
  6. You've brought back memories of my first visit to Hobart. I recall seeing the rusty hull resting on the banks of the Derwent in 1974'. I was amazed that the restorers were able to get it towed to Sydney without it sinking.
  7. Run a mile if he tries to sell you a Norwegian Blue.
  8. The majority of whom are peace loving, gentle people; their good name tarnished by a radical minority.
  9. I think I am missing something as I may be a little slow. What law/laws has/have been broken due to this "criminal negligence"?
  10. Not all. Holland America and MSC not included. Or are you referring to Celebrity only?
  11. This last two weeks have been a mixture of emotions for me. One is sadness due seeing the effect of lack of cohesive leadership and it's toll on our north American friends. Am I being pessimistic on their future? I see no happy outcome. I truly despair for their future. In December I was planning and looking forward to spending a week or two in New York but now I have no idea when that will happen. Another is the passing of two very good friends (not Covid related) and not being able to attend their funeral and having to wait until some kind of memorial event takes place, one locally and the other in Canberra.
  12. I have a crook back after doing some spadework in the yard yesterday so no windsurfing today - bugger. Spent the morning reading paper and doing puzzles. Lunch was Hot Box from local noodle shop. Finished reading book #4 "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Started #5 "... the Order of the Phoenix". Each book is getting thicker book #3 - 317 pages, #4 - 636 pages, #5 - 766 pages. Oh, well, it keeps me off the streets, er, and the water, until my back's better
  13. You are correct. However there is more than one virus that causes "common cold" of which rhinovirus is one, as is coronavirus, and there are others that remain unidentified.
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