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  1. Thanks for the advice. Being single is new territory for me so I may have to ease into it. I take things a day at a time ATM. There is a roll call already.
  2. Have booked, with the option to add a cabin buddy if one became available. It came with "all Inclusive" drink package, whatever that means. I forgot to ask.
  3. My research tends to show that this ship/cruise is aimed at the American market so there should be plenty of them. I have no problem with foreign language speakers as I like learning from them. I have a smattering of German, Spanish, Italian and high school French.
  4. I got a quote for single supplement, outside, unobstructed view, deck 8 or 5, ex Sydney for $8399. Normal rate is $6199pp. How does that sound? I'm more than a little apprehensive about going solo. I think grats are USD12 p/day x 20 = USD240. Prices above are AUD.
  5. Have never cruised MSC, there's always a first time. It's been some time since I've read any MSC reviews but from what I remember they were favourable.
  6. I would love to do this one but don't have a cabin buddy ATM. Nov 3 2019 24 nights MSC Divina 2 nights hotel Milan Cruise to Genoa, Rome, Valencia, Lisbon, Ponta Delgarda (o/nite) Bridgetown(Barbados), Forte de France, Phillipsburg NJ, San Juan (Puerto Rico) o/nite, Florida, 2 nights hotel. Return flights including taxes. "All Inclusive" drinks package. Fr $4499 (inside), $5499 o/v, $6400 balcony, $8999 suite. ex Perth. A bit more from other cities.
  7. That makes a lot of sense, which is something our politicians seem to lack.
  8. This has just reminded me to go and top up my Opal card for this Sunday. Getting the train from Cardiff to Wolli Creek where I will overnight at CKS Quality Hotel before getting a 06.30 flight to New Zealand.
  9. I'm one of those that qualify for the $2.50 a day fare. At age 70 it's the only government benefit I get and I'm grateful for it. I often use the train between Newcastle/Sydney, (frequently getting off/on at the airport stations) and would agree they are slow, no quicker for the journey from when they were steam powere3d. However, they have a lot more stops now than way back then, which slows down the total time traveled. As for uncomfortable, not at all. Up here in Newcastle we have been getting the Sydney cast-off rail cars for years. Lately we are now getting the more modern ones. My experience of the (Sydney) city lines is they seem, in my experience, to be regular, smooth and comfortable.
  10. How many here have been actually asked to show evidence of insurance cover when entering New Caledonia? Anyone? That is the question being asked, not whether or not you have it. I've been to Noumea at least 4 times, the last was about twelve months ago. I have never been asked to produce documentary evidence of cover nor has it ever been suggested that it would be asked for. Occasionally I may have had a policy document with me but not always. The only time I've been asked for travel insurance details was on my recent trip to Egypt and that was a request of the tour operator. I had to go online and get the insurers' name and policy number which was sufficient.( I had credit card insurance). Come to think of it, I don't think there was anyone on the tour who did not have cover.
  11. I was typing a reply to that post when this came through but you've said it better. I have a salt water pool with chlorinator and the only time I add extra chlorine is when winterising. Back on topic, hmmm, what was the topic?
  12. After fourteen cruises I can honestly say I have never noticed a chlorine smell in ship water, and I have sensitive olfactory nerves. If it does bother just leave your bottle open in the fridge overnight and any chlorine should dissipate into the atmosphere. This is why you have to keep adding chlorine to swimming pools.
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