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  1. Although Oolong's not bad as far as tea goes, but for me, it's a bit like the run-of-the-mill Aussie beers, can't taste much difference.
  2. I feel like Robinson Carusoe. Am I the only one here who drinks green tea? Have done so since my first visit to China (it was during SARS).
  3. Yep, got bought by a foreign company, I forget which one. They changed the recipe. They were once a really hard biscuit and were changed to a soft cookie. Before the change it was next to impossible for them to fall in your cup of tee while dunking. I stopped buying them.
  4. Yep. Too many positive cases coming in. The hospitals are overflowing in India so I'm guessing infected dual citizens, who would have otherwise stayed, are returning .
  5. Sure was. Even though it was mid summer the water was freezing. I only went in up to my waist but by then my legs were starting to cramp from the cold. It didn't seem to bother most of the mainly (90%) German passengers. There was lots of antique rail stuff for the steam enthusiasts at stops along the way.
  6. This was a very picturesque place a short walk up the track.
  7. That's correct. Stopped for a dip and BBQ. This was on an old part of the track that runs south of Lake Baikal and is only used by tourist trains like the Zarengold we were on. The new track runs north of the lake so stopping here doesn't affect normal rail traffic. Your turn.
  8. Another pic. Not far away from the others. One for Lyle.
  9. I kinda wondered about that myself. However, not knowing how governments operate in your part of the world I summised that someone would come along an explain - sooner or later.
  10. Where is this loco with the dag sitting on it up front?
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