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  1. Speaking of fish and slightly OT. I have bunch of fishing rods, mostly beach, and some Daiwa reels to give away if anyone is interested. Catch your own?
  2. I first (pleasantly) experienced those jam filled things when I was doing my Signals Corps training at Balcombe in 1969. I found it curious that they were called donuts but didn't have the requisite hole.
  3. While you're there check out Jimmy's Beach - a very nice spot for picnic with on site electric BBQs. Nice sandy beach with no surf. The caravan park there has had an upgrade so that's something to consider in the future if caravanning's your thing.
  4. I've been across to NB from TG on the old ferry. Will have to give this one a go next time. Will there be two operators now or does the new one replace the previous?
  5. I heard or read somewhere that the Whitehouse was using 15 minute tests for staff. Apparently, the test being used had less than 50% accuracy. We know now how well that went.
  6. Correct. The building is the Gandategchinlen monastery. One of the stops of the trans Siberian Zarengold train before continuing on to Beijing. Your turn.
  7. The iron Route hint was the clincher. Luckily it's a short hike with only two villages IIRC. Found the church with street view. Virtual tourism?
  8. I don't think we've had one from this country either. Name the city it's in.
  9. Yippee. Thanks to Google. Took me ages as my computer is very, very slow. I found that same church.
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