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  1. Generally all aboard is 1/2 hour before departure time, I doubt this cruise would be different. Unless on a ship's tour, I always prefer to be at least an hour prior to the departure time.
  2. I don't really get into tarts as much nowadays, tend to stick with pies.
  3. I prefer bottles under $35 at retail outlets not restaurants. I have drunk more expensive wines but that seems to be my price point where the taste doesn't justify the price tag any more.
  4. yep, not good at all, only flights that have had check-in started will be completed and only flights on their way already allowed to land.
  5. The school I went to had Dutch as the language but it was from a parent, not a teacher. I did woodwork instead.
  6. Hate to burst your bubble but Santa has gone the way of the tooth fairy and the easter bunny.
  7. Cheers. It doesn't surprise me at all.
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