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  1. I was being kind with my selection, and as such was thinking the Greek isles and Dalmatian Coast. The virus in Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and such is not so bad, and by mid 2021 should be finished..
  2. If (and I am saying if) we have two of Royal's large ships here, surely one will be based out of Brisbane.
  3. You can do as you wish, but if we selected holidays on that sort of rationale, then we would never leave home. BTW, I will heed your warning, but only if you let us pick your future cruises (I will be kind). Perhaps the Med?
  4. Good that clears the way for that Malka Leifa o come and face he courts.
  5. Great planning. Now that is a display of statues that shouldn't be taken for granite.
  6. Yeah, small steps first, then expand slowly and selectively (country record on Covid) rather than economic benefit.
  7. Perhaps it is Covid-19 related but this is the sort of reporting that has some country's death rates due to Covid being discounted as false or even undercounted.😝
  8. Perhaps this was the source. https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/news/5371/?source=132474&fbclid=IwAR2EAfWdFvvK3TB6Y74jlZdxyiJ5htEuX6itlBiMGMhPO264jsPKk1J65ds
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