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  1. I too recommend a taxi, just negotiate a price first.
  2. MicCanberra

    Cruise Runners for sale on Amazon

    I have often smuggled booze onto cruise ships and have never even been close to being caught yet. Until they introduce blood tests or breathalysers, I imagine my success will continue.:p
  3. MicCanberra

    Can I bring any kind of wine on board?

    Every ship I have been on has had a port. 😛
  4. MicCanberra

    Advice on choosing a multi-generational cruise?

    My vote is for Celebrity, as you are in the Caribbean, X marks the spot
  5. MicCanberra

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    It would still be four continents. even if from Rome and not the UK.
  6. MicCanberra

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Good work, at least some of the TAs are allowing it without too much hassle.
  7. MicCanberra

    Ovation of the Seas - Tipping

    Get Rael Uncle Les, everyone loves Ecuador's currency.
  8. Don't think it would work as no one carries cash on the ship.
  9. MicCanberra

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    I would think so, usually changes once it sails out of Sydney.
  10. MicCanberra

    Isle of Pines

    Hmm, tough one, there may be a wait as it comes and goes if I remember correctly.
  11. MicCanberra

    Cruise ship models wanted

    The OP wants them to be cheaper.
  12. MicCanberra

    Majestic at Port Arthur today 20 Nov

    We had one of those rooms (BA) as well. How noisy is it? sometimes you can hear the plumbing from other cabins flushing and such.
  13. MicCanberra

    Majestic at Port Arthur today 20 Nov

    Nice, let us know how the MDR is tomorrow night.
  14. MicCanberra

    Majestic at Port Arthur today 20 Nov

    Fingers crossed it isn't too bad.
  15. MicCanberra

    Turning up late to Traditional dining

    Cheers, we just got it changed to open dining, that would suit us better and it wasn't on offer when we first booked but we have upgraded cabins so now it was. Perhaps due my brother upgrading to a suite