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  1. I certainly agree Avalon007, we have made some great friends in the DL. Unfortunately Royal are losing sight of the fact that we actually did pay to obtain either D or D+ by being Loyal to Royal. Something they are not doing to us! We will see how our upcoming Voyager cruise goes, but have to admit we might not be Loyal to Royal in the future.
  2. That’s not good news. Thanks for posting information. Are they not using an overflow lounge?
  3. No I didn’t see the view on Voyager but recently have seen some gyms with fantastic views! As I said time will tell.
  4. Yes, they do appear to have a walkway. Although they also say spectacular views! I guess all will be revealed in January!
  5. Thanks for that information on the JS. I do hope they have a balcony though. I will have to make some more enquires. I really shouldn’t have taken a guarantee but thought all JS would be good!
  6. Couldn’t agree more. Although never had a problem on Radiance. i think Royal are forgetting that we actually did pay money to get to our levels. I did meet someone recently that after just a couple of cruises he was Diamond because of his Casino spend.
  7. Thanks for that information. I really didn’t remember any cabins on deck 11. Hope they are ok. Are they using the other lounge as an overflow or is everyone just having to stand around waiting for drinks? Also can you still get coffee during the day?
  8. Thanks all for this information. cme2c there is nothing wrong with Gold we were all there once and you also are entitled to your perks! I did think that the new DL would be totally inadequate and I think that is what Royal want. As someone who is about to become D+ I am not sure that there are any benefits to that level these days. Starting to think that Princess look after me better being Elite! I think it is Casino money that they all want. I am interested in the location of the new cabins. We have just been allocated our cabin a JS forward on Deck 11. Is that where the new cabins are located? Hope Voyager is not like Explorer as we didn’t like Explorer as much as we did the old Voyager. Time will tell I guess. i agree with others too 5 drinks all day might be a better option!
  9. Thanks will be interested to hear your views. We are not on till January,
  10. Just wondering whether anyone who has been on Voyager recently can update this thread? I know where the Diamond Lounge is located and that it is very small, but do they still endeavour to serve drinks, snacks and coffees in the small space and is there an overflow lounge.? Any information would be appreciated.
  11. No mention to us! Told us it had warranty too! When I contacted the company in the USA that were very helpful, until I told them where I purchased it and where we lived. Funny enough they were still selling them on Ovation recently and I said to my husband I wish I still had it and wondered what would have happened if I tried to return it as it was still under warranty. Not an expensive lesson but a lesson learned. in saying that, we purchased a Citizen Eco watch many years ago on Diamond Princess and it has never missed a beat thankfully as I didn’t think about the warranty at the time! Just got caught up in the moment with excess OBC on the last day!
  12. I would never purchase a watch on a ship! Earlier this year purchased a smart watch for my husband on Explorer of the Seas.Lasted just long enough to get home! Same thing warranty not valid in Australia! Tried and tried to get it repaired without great expense in postage to US but in the end, threw it out! Luckily it wasn’t expensive, but could have spent the $60 US on something else.
  13. I have been shocked at the quality and prices of wine recently. Whilst on QE earlier this year we asked the sommelier to bring us a bottle of wine in the price range stated. The wine was from India😩😩 and tasted like kerosene. She laughed but we certainly didn’t because of the price! Thank goodness for the Diamond Lounges on RCCL, whilst not good quality, I don’t have to pay for it in the Lounge🥂
  14. You cannot take casks on under any circumstances! Not the Cunard thing! 🤣🤣🤣 I agree ship prices on wine are way over the top unfortunately.
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