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  1. Some of the top hotels have some good prices.
  2. We have a booking also,I don’t think serenade will be coming. I think we will probably have Ovation as a test and that’s all. Our final payment date is September and hopefully we should know by then.
  3. I think we maybe going to witness a train wreck with our economy. One good experience we have had in all this. A whole heap of us and our friends have birthdays late July early August . We booked 8 rooms for a weekend at the four seasons Sydney with the club room. Four seasons has been fantastic,no deposit,advance purchase discount and they said they will put on a cake in the club for free. They said they will confirm it a couple of days before and if it’s a no go they will cancel for free. What service.
  4. Ponzi or pyramid scheme,all the money goes to the top and the drones get burned
  5. I see at least one agent is giving 5% discount if you pay in full, that agent In Canberra I heard isn’t responding to calls. I wouldn’t be paying in full until there’s some plan to start cruising.
  6. It would be good if our government could development something along those lines. The situation now is being locked in a hotel room for 2 weeks.The only outside contact is for testing. Basically solitary confinement.
  7. The seats are pretty well space in the suite lounge anyway.
  8. There’s a push for international students to be allowed after quarantine. If things continue as they are ,I think visitors will be allowed by November. A 2 week quarantine program for tourists would be a good plan . A week on a farm followed by a week in a beach resort. People would accept something like that.
  9. Looking at the details it can be done more than once. Before final payment date it’s a price adjustment and after final payment date it’s a none refundable OBC . And it appears ,any advertised price you see you can claim it. I wonder if a OBC can be included? I would suggest you get a price from a online agent and try again.
  10. One more question, can the lower price be anywhere ? Such as a travel agent or it has to be on the RC website?
  11. I didn’t get the email. From their website if you google cruise with confidence. It says they will price match a lower price up to 48 hours before sailing but as a non refundable onboard credit. That’s pretty good because I think it used to be up to final payment. I believe princess has been doing it for years,RC is just catching up.
  12. Did you go through a agent? we usually go for suites and they only go up in price.
  13. I didn’t think that was included in Australia? Did you book directly with Royal Caribbean? Very interesting,I wonder if the agents will carry the savings on like the US agents do.
  14. I think travel insurance is a fatal car accident in this day and age.
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