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  1. And for the op ,catch a tram ? To where? Trams are great in Melbourne.
  2. And cooks cottage is probably more enjoyable,lovely gardens and from memory there’s a large greenhouse near by ?or atrium?
  3. Yeah Melbourne has cooks house and Sydney has the opera house.
  4. Bank ATMS,you should see a symbol of your card. Victoria markets and in the botanical gardens is captain Cooks house.It was bought brick by brick from England.Very relaxing.
  5. What sickens me is is the supermarkets have these plastic toys you can collect when you shop ,which will end in the garbage or the ocean. And People are in a frenzy to collect them
  6. Yeah Usually does,you will meet other B2B passengers and make friends for the second cruise. Good to hide in your cabin that afternoon and escape the frenzy or meet some of your new friends for a drink. Just take your valuables and medication ,just in case.
  7. On the day you will be given a place and time to meet with other B2B passengers. It will be about 930 .The ship has to be cleared of all passengers. You will be given a new sea card and the group will be escorted off the ship. You can leave and go or you can return to the ship. If you have a different cabin,someone will take your things to the other cabin. If you return to the ship technically you have to wait till 1:00 to go to your cabin but that’s not usually enforced.If it is tell them you need your medicine. You are allowed 2 bottles of wine and 12 nonalcoholic drinks per voyager.To be taken on the first boarding day. Declare the second lot for the B2B and they will be stored and taken to your cabin in the afternoon of the B2B
  8. There was a adventurer that went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench a few months ago in a submersible. As he said ,there’s be more people on the moon than the deepest part of our ocean. And he found lot of plastic. The real problem isn’t the plastic,it’s when it breaks down into molecules which takes up a lot more space and gets into the food chain. Fish eat the effected fish and it blocks up their insides. The fish die but the plastic molecules survive to affect the food chain again. Forget global warming,plastics are a bigger problem. At first when they stopped plastic shopping bags,I was annoyed but has to be done.
  9. Princess is probably up a notch from your previous cruises. But if it’s the itinerary and price is ok ,get it. Its better than being at home. Theres some reasonable prices getting around at the moment.
  10. I thought he might offer something outside of the box ,a car and a driver? looks like its a hire car, the roads are good in NZ . I haven’t hired a car in Tauranga but friends have .Theirs a couple just near the wharf. Nz and right price car rental. I vaguely remember someone saying they delivered it to the Wharf parking area or picked them up.
  11. Did you try arrow tours? I m sure roger could organise something.
  12. Yeh it’s totally against the grain but pay it and when you return to our utopia be thankful
  13. How do you mean a whole different animal.? looks like we may be getting Quantum in 2022 in Australia is there a coastal kitchen?
  14. I don’t think most passengers,probably all passengers aren’t out to do bad . I think it’s the excitement and mostly alcohol takes control and common sense is left at home.
  15. In February there was a line in the promenade one and a half times the length of the ship to get on the tenders. we got near the boarding are about 10:00 and thought it’s another half hour boat ride. And the same coming back so we gave up and went and watched a movie in 270. Unless you have a suite (you can jump the line) or a tour through the ship it’s unpredictable.
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