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  1. Good on you phoenixxx. I thought it would take a couple of weeks but what 4 days? And you got a call from Miami? Should have hit them up for a OBC for all of us. LOL What do you think Graham?? @gbenjo
  2. We spotted a koala on our place the other day Roger. They are a few and far between after last year’s bush fires .
  3. I remember on Ovation a Christmas cruise,at the life boat drill, captan hindrick was very stern and recited our obligations under the maritime law ,bla,bla bla. And now you need to watch this.
  4. I think you maybe breaking Michael. Take a deep breath and watch this.
  5. Maybe uncle Les will come back as a smelly old tomcat, twitching his tail and spraying. But maybe he does that already???
  6. Uncle Les,have you got the hots for captain Kate?
  7. I like the product but I dont like the company.
  8. Crew are returning to Quantum ,it’s the first RC ship to start .
  9. This is why we need a new cruise terminal in Sydney.
  10. Sydney is the biggest city with 5.3 million but Melbourne isn’t far behind.Brisbane 2.5 m. Sydney is the main cruise port with all the main brands. https://www.cruiseagency.com.au/news/australian-cruise-industry-statistics/
  11. I would say Brisbane offered a incentive and after Sydney’s hostilities they grabbed it. But as you say ,if we are still in some kind of quarantine they won’t be relying on just the Sydney market.
  12. Like I said,someone on the RC forum was booked on the original Quantum TP and received a email it was canceled. Not a big problem they said we will just fly home from Brisbane. RC said no it’s canceled and wanted a extra US$7000 for same the cabin. I like the product but I don’t like the company,they have always be deceitful in there advertising.
  13. Needs a scare under its eye . Fighting with princess cats on the dock.
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