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  1. They are great cabins next to no obstruction . There’s a door on deck 6 that goes into 270 ,you beat the crowds . Can you both check in the safe for me I think I left $50 in there.
  2. Sorry it’s a bit early in the morning herein Australia,these are usually classed as obstructed. 6646 is this cabin
  3. Those martini and champagne bars are a place to stay away from.
  4. There’s a couple on each side and for the price we find them good. One deck down to the promenade and if you leave the balcony door open you can hear the ocean.
  5. Not if those cougars get hold of us uncle Les. Does Princess have a prey room you can get a bit of spiritual confidence when things get to much?
  6. There’s a couple at the back of the hump that are classed as obstructed which are very good .we have had this one a couple of times.
  7. I thought that would happen and it’s just the start of price gouging.
  8. The obstructed aren’t so bad ,the life boats are about shin height. Some have very little.
  9. I don’t know about Princess Julie? I think they may be on the nose a bit with our government after Ruby. Its just a feeling I have,at least in the short term.
  10. I have seen the booze package for$125. They are not a charity and they will have to make up for the losses. Julie what is the alternative? Waving good bye to the ship at circular quay with benjo and his bloated buffet stomach.
  11. $300 each for the balcony ‘Booze package $100 ‘internet $25 a night in specialty dining $80 I might have to sell a kidney.
  12. If there are cruises, they have a cornered market. I will pay $300 a night for a booze cruise, what else are you going to do.
  13. Have you seen the prices? $300 a night each for a balcony.
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