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  1. Hey are reducing carbon emissions. Shore haul will more more ports and L.A with shore power reduces it even more.
  2. I would hate a world cruise or something,just imagine the red tape ! I was chatting with a few people that come on Celebrity Edge reposition.It’s a Royal Caribbean Group ship and they said if you didn’t have the correct paperwork the ship did it for you. They charged but it was reasonable.
  3. Those government sites can be a bit hard to understand,they can be vague. Theres a couple of articles getting around that a lot of Asian countries are going to drop entry requirements. Indonesia was one of them . https://www.spicenews.com.au/industry-news/indonesia-to-remove-visa-requirements-for-australians/#:~:text=The visa waiver would be,this can't be extended.
  4. It’s 7or8 months and there’s talk they are going to change it. I would leave it for a while.
  5. It’s looking like it leaves Rome on the 3rd of November and arrives in Brisbane on 13th December . Thats a 6 week gap from what I can see. It was just under 4 weeks before coming through the Suez.
  6. I can’t understand why Royal hasn’t tried a seasonal ship in Japan ,Celebrity is a regular there. Or at least a regular interport with Singapore.
  7. I’m not quite sure what you’re asking but just put your credit card down and choose to get your bank to convert it . Royal Caribbean give a woeful exchange rate, I have heard as low as 55 cents. Your bank will give you a good exchange rate. Im pretty sure it’s processed in Sydney if you choose that option otherwise ,if you get them to exchange it I think it’s processed in New York by a third party bank . If you have A travel card with U.S dollars you can go to Guest service the last night and just pay your bill .That’s what I do but with U.S. cash.
  8. If anyone is interested in the Quantum reposition from Singapore there’s some pretty good packages out there . From $5,500 for two people.
  9. I think it looks like Spectrum’s china season has been reduced.I can only see it on sale till the 1st of February 2025 . I could be wrong but I thought it was longer.
  10. The half price coffee and fancy wine looks good ,times two
  11. Not really,that I’m concerned about.Some other people where chatting about it on the blog that only Pinnacles get those little badges.(who cares) A couple of things I noticed there’s some coffee discounts at the coffee shop and some extra discounts on glasses of wine or beer. 2 per cruise each ,instead of one . And something about bingo ?
  12. Revised C&A benefits https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/crown-and-anchor-society-benefit-grid.pdf
  13. That might be a repo to Alaska,do you think?
  14. So do you think Ovation will be going to Singapore Glen? I don’t think it has been home ported there so Royal will be able advertise it as a new ship.
  15. I had an identical thing but unfortunately I signed for it . They put the responsibility back on me saying I accepted it. I had to pay for two more retun flights. Never again will I deal with the captain ,most of them are just kids .
  16. I’m on edge in two weeks. Originally it was port Arthur for a full day and then 2 full days in Hobart. Now it’s Eden and arrive in Hobart in the evening ,then a night there and leaving the next day. Two sea days back to Sydney.
  17. It’s pretty bad how the cruise lines are advertising it an overnight. You would think it’s 2 full days or close to it. You could have a walk around but Hobart is just a big country town.
  18. Probably keeping there fuel burn down. 2 ships just idling down to Mexico and hooking up to shore power with bring their emissions down.
  19. @springaussie Apparently wonder is unaccounted for next year after April. Do you think it could fit into Asia somewhere.
  20. I’m thinking the Navigator bookings will soon disappear.
  21. Their shore services will be busy with 2 ships on the same day. Do you think they will fill 2 ships? I thought they might have sent Navigator to Australia.
  22. L.A. Is showing both Quantum and Navigator. https://artifacts.portsamerica.com//wbct/pdf/2025-la-schedule.pdf
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