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  1. I have a cruise booked for April to South Pacific. I will not be cancelling. Firstly, because I have paid in full and dont want to lose a few thousand $, but secondly because I do not believe there is anything to be concerned about. My wife had the best response to her mother, who said she told her boss we were going on a cruise and he said he would never go on a cruise now. She just said "well its a good thing we never invited him to come along"
  2. I'll add to one of the other replies in that the best way to get to the airport, particularly as it is at peak traffic time, would be the train. Get the train right there at circular quay directly to the airport. I think it is about $18 each one way train ticket.
  3. Take the cost of the rum runners, and add the cost of the alcohol you will buy to fill them. Then take the cost of the alcohol you would buy on board for the same qty of alcohol. The difference in price is really not worth the risk. Just buy your drinks on board. I personally never buy a drinks package because I do not drink enough to justify the daily cost, especially as I am off the ship alot in the various ports. Remember to take into account how much you plan to drink EVERY DAY including the port days to see if a drink package is even worth it.
  4. Many years ago, long before I even moved to Australia, so probably about 25 years ago, I went to a Phil Collins concert. Of course we were not allowed to take alcohol in to the concert venue as we had to buy from the bars there. But who would want to lose their spot near the front to go to the bar to buy a drink. Se my brother, who was a paramedic, got me a few glucose drips from the hospital. We emptied them and filled them with alcohol and then strapped them round our stomachs so when were were searched and patted down (was no metal detector wands in those days) it just felt like we had a fat stomach. The funny part was all of us holding up these drip bags in the middle of the concert sipping out the tube. lol
  5. Hi all, On all previous cruises I had Traditional late seating in the MDR as this is what we have always preferred. On my next cruise that I have just booked, there are only 3 of us, and I wanted MTD, but when making the booking I could not click on that as an option, only on early or late traditional. How would I go about changing this to MTD? Do I do it by contacting RCI before, or wait until I get on board and change it. My booking was done directly with RCI on their website.
  6. Please add me: 9 April 2020, Voyager of the Seas, 10 nights South Pacific 22 December 2020, Ovation of the Seas, 13 nights South Pacific & New Zealand Christmas/New Years
  7. So this just happened...... You will see from my previous thread that I was deciding between 2 cruise options. I did a dummy booking through the RCI website for both options and got my price. I also got my travel agent, who booked my other cruise and a previous cruise to quote me on both options. The travel agent quote was more expensive than the direct booking, so I went online to book directly. When completing my booking, I landed up getting a further discount for some reason, and now the cruise option has come out significantly cheaper!!! Happy days. I have no idea how this happened because when I tried to do another booking (after completing my first booking and paying my deposit) the price came out at the original price I was quoted. Needless to say, I AM BOOKED!!!!!! If anyone is interested, I decided on the Voyager of the seas option. Much better itinerary than the Ovation cruise, an extra day, and $1200 cheaper than my original quote!!!
  8. Agreed. Noumea is on both and I've been there so many times I could easily stay on the ship there. Mystery Island is on both but I really liked it there. I also would much rather go to Mare and Vila again than Brisbane, and Lifou I have also been to but this port is neither here nor there for me. But is that itinerary worth the $2000. Thats the question.
  9. Ovation goes to Noumea, Mystery Island and Brisbane Voyager goes to Lifou, Mare, Mystery Island, Vila and Noumea.
  10. Correct. 🙂 I'd probably be good for swimming there in mid July!!! Thanks for your answers everyone. I will be cruising with my wife and 13 year old daughter. (Leaving my 19 and 17 year old at home much to their dismay) so school holidays is when I need to go. Both cruises are over the school holidays and Easter. I am definitely leaning more towards the Voyager cruise and the answers above about the crowds on the small islands is a very good point that I never thought of before. But my wife is leaning towards the Ovation because it is $2000 cheaper for the 3 of us.
  11. I am considering one of 2 options for a South Pacific cruise in April 2020. Have only ever been there over December time so wanted other peoples opinions on the weather, the seas etc. Trying to decide between 2 cruises so would like others opinions too. 9 night Ovation to S Pacific and Brisbane, or 10 night Voyager to S Pacific. Have been to all the ports on both cruises and would prefer to return to the ports on Voyager so thats pushing me towards that option. Have never cruised on Ovation before but have cruised on Explorer (Voyager class) twice before (although pre Voyager upgrade) so that is pushing me towards Ovation. But.... Voyager cruise works out to $235 per person per night and Ovation is $189 per person per night. I am also already booked on Ovation in December 2020 for Christmas and New Years cruise so will get to experience that ship then. First world problems!!!!
  12. Yeah that is true. But at least it is 1 new thing. I actually would not mind visiting Isle of Pines, Mystery Island or Champagne Bay over and over again, but I could easily give Lifou and Noumea a miss
  13. I have done numerous cruises to the South Pacific, and while I really enjoy the South Pacific, and because my dates are usually very limited, I tend to always have the same or very similar itineraries to choose from. I am now really looking forward to the opening of Perfect day in Lelepa in 2022. I assume all Royal ships will make this new private island a stop on all their cruises so now I can look forward to new things in the South Pacific again.
  14. So after all of that, yesterday I had to cancel this cruise. As I had a non refundable deposit paid, I rather transferred my deposit and booking to another cruise. Still cost me $100 each to transfer the booking. 😞 I now have transferred to a Christmas AND New Years cruise on Ovation in December 2020. Seems a bit crazy to have a cruise booked 559 days in advance but it is what it is. Its much more expensive, but is over Christmas and New Years so I expected that. 13 night cruise on Ovation to South Pacific and New Zealand, over holidays, in 2 connecting balcony cabins: $255 per person per night.
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