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  1. This is kinda the norm for threads here, we wander all over the place and along the way some fun stuff happens. Yeah, any ship will do but Princess by preference. 😋 Look out for the next voyage of our virtual cruise ship, the Ocean Pearl. She could be embarking fairly soon for an extensive cruise. 🤔😊
  2. The only exposure site on the Northern Beaches was a 15 minute window at Edcon Steel in Brookvale. Probably a delivery stop. Nothing in Manly.
  3. Possibly given the current situation with vaccinations and outbreaks but one can hope.
  4. And you can always do the river cruise down there. 😊
  5. Was there? I haven't checked in the last day or so. There was one in Crows Nest but that's Lower North Shore not Northern Beaches.
  6. We usually go to morning trivia every sea day, and afternoon trivia on cold or rainy days. Yes, it would be good to catch up.
  7. Are you any good at trivia, Rassa? We're fairly good but have a couple of weak spots - sports and popular entertainment.
  8. Is she OK for accommodation and stuff? So far there haven't been any exposure sites on the Northern Beaches so she should be OK.
  9. They probably aren't in any hurry to head back this way. They have until mid-December at the earliest so there is no rush.
  10. From October onwards it gets very hot and humid in Cairns. We used to go to Port Douglas regularly in early September. Usually it was perfect but on a couple of occasions the hot and humid season started early and did we notice it!
  11. Japanese food on cruise ships can be a bit hit and miss, as can any Asian food. We've had some good and some terrible things at Sushi on Five on Celebrity Solstice. But we did have wonderful food at Uma Umi on Crystal Symphony including Nobu's famous miso black cod. However I wasn't impressed by the most of the dishes we tried at Silk, the Chinese restaurant on Symphony. It was very westernised. We live in an area of Sydney where there is a great choice of Asian restaurants nearby so are spoilt for choice and quality. We lost our really good local Japanese restaurant though, a victim of the pa
  12. We did that cruise in 2019 and absolutely loved it. So much so we decided to do it again.
  13. Yes, a lot of Queensland accommodation has been heavily booked this winter, especially for longer stays. How long had you had that trip booked for? I know airline prices often go up closer to departure dates once all the discounted seat allocations are taken. Particularly on international routes.
  14. That's a shame, lissie, 😥 but it's the risk you take when you book travel these days. It's impossible to predict where this blasted virus will pop up next. We were thinking of doing a road trip up through Queensland next month but, luckily, hadn't booked anything. It was going to be one of those random "where shall we go next" trips. Ah well, that's life, pandemic style. ☹
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