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  1. I'm sorry, but I really don't understand your rant. You seem to have assumed that we sit around a cruise ship and drink all day just because I mentioned "drinks etc" which are extras on mass market lines, along with speciality restaurants, excursions, laundry, and other onboard spending. Perhaps I should have also mentioned daily gratuities. They aren't charged for Australians booking Australian cruises but, of course, the fares are usually higher. All those things, except excursions and laundry, were included on Crystal and we had sufficient OBC to cover all of our onboard spending. Plus the service and food was superb. We choose the cruises we do by itinerary, not just for the sake of being on a ship. We're equally comfortable cruising in an inside cabin as in a balcony and look for value for money with the cruises we choose. Sometimes a luxury cruise line is better value and provides better itineraries than a mass market cruise line.
  2. Apologies to Mark Twain for the slight misquote but "It's not the size of the man in the fight but the size of the fight in the man". How do you know they aren't all martial arts experts? 😉😁
  3. You can check online what the supermarkets stock. www.coles.com.au and www.woolworths.com.au then search on gluten free.
  4. Actually it can if you add in all the extras you pay for that are inclusive on the upscale line, and you pick a lower priced itinerary on that upscale line. e.g. two Princess cruises - one at $164.06pp per day including drinks etc, the other at $179.35pp per day, totalling 343.41. Crystal cruise $324pp per day. Note: prices quoted are in AUD with exchange rate conversion from USD current at the time for the Crystal cruise.
  5. That's because NCL has a perks deal going. If it wasn't for that you'd have to pay the grats. Good to hear they covered the grats on your drinks package. That was one thing that put me off booking an NCL cruise.
  6. 7-11, Family Mart and one other I can't remember. They are all over the place in Japan. If one lot of ATMs don't like your card try a different convenience store. We had problems on one day with the Family Mart ATMS but 7-11 was OK.
  7. Actually, given the mess the Princess software seems to be it, it wouldn't surprise me if it was a software error. It just tried to charge me over $700 for excursion bookings worth just over $500! I will wait until we board to book those excursions. However it does seem a very strange sort of error - moving the name of one guest but not the associated details. If, indeed, the software actually does that, which I doubt. My pick is that it was human error, and I'm saying that after 30+ years of software development experience.
  8. That's easy, just drink martinis! No straw needed with those cocktail glasses. 🤣
  9. Thanks, Gwendy, especially for the comments about the tours. Which Papeete tour did you do? We board in Sydney next Thursday so might see you onboard.
  10. I used Maps.me a couple of times but found it a bit clunky. I'm more familiar with Google Maps, I guess. Update on the Hawaii maps, they now all show they expire in a month, which is OK for our cruise. Very strange though, all the other maps expire in a year.
  11. Majestic Princess. I'm not a fan of the Royal class ships at the best of times but Majestic just doesn't work in the Australian region fir us. The pseudo-Crooners was sterile and uncomfortable and has TV screens showing sport all around it - not what I expect in piano bar. The MDR service was the worst I've ever experienced (but the service in the Piazza bar and Crown Grill bar was excellent). The French restaurant was terrible and overpriced (but Harmony was great). No promenade deck, like all that class. The Hollywood Observatory was noisy and had very limited seating. We also had not one but two of the worst cabin stewards ever (they changed mid-cruuse) and we were only on a six night cruise, thank goodness.
  12. St Kilda beach and pier. Go there in the evenings and you might see the penguins at the end of the pier.
  13. Most bank ATMs will accept most cards. Usually your card will be assiciated with something like Visa or Mastercard, even if it's a debit card, and those are widely accepted. There are ATMs everywhere - there is a Commonwealth Bank just along Flinder St from your hotel which will probably have an ATM, or just ask the concierge.
  14. I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Russell21. Sometimes it can be the luck of the draw with Princess phone reps. I seem to get decent ones when I phone them in tbe mornings than in afternoons or evenings.
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