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  1. Next time you brave going to Charlestown Square have a look in the Skechers store - I think there is one there. The slip-on shoes are very, very comfortable and once you know what style suits your feet you can buy new ones online when you need to. They aren't cheap but they last for ages. I have one pair I bought in 2015 that are still wearable even though they are rather battered by now.
  2. The custard square was the best I've ever eaten. Normally I'm not a big fan of those as the custard is usually too thick and gluggy, but this custard was light as a feather, slightly fluffy, and a real pleasure to eat. I couldn't have eaten a whole one though.
  3. We're working on it. There isn't a lot of choice in Tea Gardens / Hawks Nest. It's too far to go around to the Nelson Bay area and the ferries only run during the day. I highly recommend the Tea Gardens Boatshed restaurant we went to yesterday for lunch. Great food and right on the water. There were so many yummy things on their small plates menu so we had a tapas style lunch - oysters, salt and pepper squid, duck spring rolls (awesome), arancini, salad and bread. Plus a superb orange creme brulee for dessert. We'll try somewhere different for lunch today, or maybe dinner. We're only going to have one meal out a day, otherwise we'll overeat.
  4. It will be shared beween us. I certainly couldn't eat more than half. They had quite a selection of cakes but I can't remember exactly what they had. They did have a special of the most divine orange creme brulee which we shared at lunch.
  5. We were too full from lunch to have afternoon tea. It's still sitting in the fridge.
  6. I think they try to give the TAs a heads up first. Also sometimes emails can be a bit slow to get through for some odd reason.
  7. I like cotton for tops but linen for pants. I do have some nice cotton pants but find they are tight on my knees when sitting. The linen pants I get tend to be looser.
  8. I sometimes find things at Myer but it's very hit and miss. I'm very fussy with fabrics, I prefer natural fibres where possible for daywear. So much of the plus size clothing is polyester these days. I did find some lovely linen pants at Myer last summer, even better they were on sale. I bought four pairs since who knows when I'll find something like that again. The downside to linen is it does wear out in a year or two.
  9. Yeah, it might have just been that feeling of "OMG I can actually go yo a shop now!". Others are probably going to their favourite cafe and relishing being able to sit there and enjoy their coffee in a real cup instead of takeaway.
  10. I don't think people were lining up for a bargain, it was probably more that they hadn't been able to buy what they needed for over three months as the stores were shut. I guess some people were worried that the stores might run out of stuff that they needed.
  11. I don't normally buy clothing there but after trawling through DJ's, Myer, and Target without success I checed Kmart and found exactly what I wanted. It can be very hard to find things like that when you are a plus size, I buy a lot of my summer pants from Marks and Spencers online (linen and linen blends) but hadn't seen anything good for winter.
  12. They sometimes have some really good stuff. I bought some track/jogging pants there last winter and they are great. Very comfy and with pockets that have zips. I liked them so much I bought three pairs.They've worn well too, they still look good after two winters.
  13. It is more of a rectangle but they called it a square.
  14. How is this for a custard square? It has to be the biggest (tallest?) custard square I have ever seen. We went to the Boatshed restaurant for lunch, great food! As we were leaving I spotted the custard squares so we bought one for dessert tonight.
  15. I like them because each pod is 50g, just enough for pre-dinner nibbles for two with other stuff and no wastage. We've only tried one flavour, the black pepper one, so far, but it was very nice. We'll probably have another one tonight.
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