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  1. chengkp75? I think he's also worked on cruise ships in the past. I've learnt a lot from his posts.
  2. OzKiwiJJ

    Limit on Bottled Water Package??

    We've never had a problem doing that but sometimes it can be hard finding somewhere to buy the water, especially at the smaller South Pacific islands, or if you do an excursion that starts and finishes at the wharf.
  3. OzKiwiJJ

    Mediterranean cruise

    A balcony is nice but not necessary as Med cruises tend to be very port intensive. We did have a balcony on the Med cruise we did on Royal Princess as we were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary so wanted to be able to have the special Balcony Dinner that Princess does so well. However if you don't have a balcony make sure you are on deck for sailaway if you go to Kotor. There is plenty of choice as to cruise lines. Choose by itinerary, and take note of the times the ship will be in port. Some lines have shorter port stops than others. We enjoyed our Princess cruise. We did a 21 night cruise and the deciding factor between the Princess cruise and a similar Celebrity cruise came down to Princess having launderettes for guest use. Barcelona is a lovely port to embark at. Do try to spend a few days there before/after your cruise to see the sights. La Sagrada Famiglia is stunning.
  4. OzKiwiJJ

    Noro Virus

    We do that too.
  5. OzKiwiJJ

    Limit on Bottled Water Package??

    No, you can't buy the water packs onboard, unfortunately, only online before your cruise commences and usually not on Australian-based cruises.
  6. OzKiwiJJ

    Hotel in Hong Kong

    I also second the Salisbury. Clean, comfortable and location, location, location. Nice breakfasts in their restaurant. There is an elevator to the MTR station underground walkways at the side entrance to the hotel (past the restaurant). This is not only useful for getting to the station but also to get around that part of Tsim Sha Tsui in cool, airconditioned comfort - we used it a lot to go to restaurants a couple of blocks away from the hotel.
  7. OzKiwiJJ

    Limit on Bottled Water Package??

    I don't mind cucumber to eat but not in my drinks. I like the citrus water though, very refreshing. Usually a mix of lemon and orange slices in the dispenser.
  8. OzKiwiJJ

    Stay cool folks

    Yesterday was the worst we've had this summer, mainly because it didn't cool off in the afternoon/evening as it has on other hot days. It was still 30C at our place at midnight. Luckily it's cooler today so we'll be able to get the house cooled down before the next lot of hot days hitt.
  9. OzKiwiJJ

    Limit on Bottled Water Package??

    I can drink up to a litre overnight, if I wake up a couple of times during the night, so I can understand how a couple could drink 3 litres a day. Luckily DH drinks less than half a litre at night. I prefer bottled water at night as the ship's water has quite a bit of chlorine in it which is very noticeable to me at room temperature. However I'm OK drinking chilled ships water at meals as the chorine taste isn't apparent when it's chilled, and in the Sanctuary it's flavoured with citrus or cucumber.
  10. OzKiwiJJ

    Limit on Bottled Water Package??

    When we bought the water package on our Med cruise on Royal I found I'd over estimated the amount of water I needed. I'd estimated 1.5 litres per day plus a bit extra just in case so bought 6 cases for a 21 night cruise. We ended up with a whole case unused. Of course that was a very port intensive itinerary where we usually had lunches in a restaurants so didn't need to take too much water ashore. Plus we spent sea days in the Sanctuary where we were supplied with ample chilled water. We tend to only use bottled water when in our cabin, so essentially just overnight, plus on excursions. Another issue you need to consider is where to store the water as the full order will probably be delivered on embarkation day. If your on a Grand or Royal class ship there is plenty of space in the wardrobe area at the back, but on the Sun class ships there is very little storage space. You should be able to bring extra water on at the various ports too, we've often reboarded with a couple of large bottles of water in our backpacks.
  11. It's hard to guess what the OP deems as affordable but many cruises out of Australia, especially those that depart and return to Sydney so there are no additional major land transport costs, can be good value for money as long as you're happy booking an inside cabin. Since all meals are included in the fare and there is brewed coffee, teabags, usually some sort of cold drink, and chilled water available in the buffet areas all day at no charge, and all entertainment is also included in the fare. So the only onboard costs are optional items - speciality coffees like espressos or lattes, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, bottled water, photos, excursions, spa treatments and the casino. There are often good last minute deals, also booking immediately the intinerary is released can also end up being the lowest price fare, and on Princess you can often get your booking refared if there are price drops before final payment - but you have to monitor the prices regularly.
  12. I agree, I have difficulty sleeping in temps above 18C. I've never had a problem with cabin temps on Celebrity Solstice, Rhapsody of the Seas, Sun Princess and Dawn Princess. Crystal Symphony was borderline. However the lowest cabin temperature settings on Golden Princess, Diamond Princess, Royal Princess and Majestic Princess were all too warm for me. I reported this issue in all those trips, except on Majestic, without any noticeable improvement. However after a few nights on Diamond I realised that there was cool air coming out of the air con, situated above the foot of the bed in our inside cabin, but it wasn't spreading to the head of the bed, it seemed to flow towards the door. I bought a great little fan in Darwin and set it so it blew across the air-con flow and that improved things enough for me to sleep comfortably. I also used that fan in a similar manner on Majestic. I now carry a small digital thermometer to check the cabin temps and to provide proof if needed. That tip was given to me by another CC member, ccrain, whom I met on the Diamond cruise. He was having serious problems with the air-con in his cabin on that cruise (March 2018).
  13. Not feasible IMHO. Even if you got off the ship right at 9am, you still have to pick up the rental car which could take some time, then there is a total of seven hours driving on roads that are mostly single lane each way. You need to factor in comfort stops, and meals, and the time it would take to return the rental car before getting back onboard at 6:30pm at the latest. Any delays and you could be left stranded in Dunedin.
  14. OzKiwiJJ

    Refund of on board credit

    It can take up to six weeks, although it was only 2-3 weeks when we got a refund.