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  1. Itinerary Item 37 – Brisbane Our ship is small enough to pass under the Gateway Bridge so we’re berthed at Portside. We’ll be here for two virtual days. If you want to head into the city the nicest way to travel is by ferry, and the Brett’s Wharf ferry terminal is just a short walk from the Portside shopping complex. There are a few excursions on offer: - A helicopter transfer to Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, where you’ll transfer to 4WD vehicles to tour part of the island. It’s an incredible place. - A day trip into the Hinterland up to O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat where you will get to meet some of the quirky local animals, and get a close-up view of some magnificent birds of prey. Make sure you do the Tree Top Walk for a great view of the rainforest canopy. - If you wish to visit the Australia Zoo, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, or the Gold Coast there will be vehicles available to take you there. There will be a gala dinner in the MDR as we leave Brisbane. Next will be our final sea day on our way to our disembarkation in Sydney. If you’ve just joined us, please read the first post which contains the rules for this thread. Note this is a luxury all inclusive ship - all drinks, restaurants, internet, excursions, spa, beauty salon.
  2. Safety briefings. Messages in daily newssheets. Crew members doling out hand sanitiser or directing people to wash stations. What more can they do? The cruise lines tread a fine line between letting people have their fun and keeping a healthy ship. Unfortunately some people shouldn't be allowed out in public, they are just totally self-centred.
  3. Part of that is the pressure put on them by the companies they work for to work through whatever illness they have. Many people are afraid to take sick leave in case it puts their job in jeopardy. But too many passengers completely ignore the safety briefings which clearly tell people to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze, into their arm/shoulder or a tissue, not into their hands. Yet you see them all around the ship coughing all over other people when they are sitting centimetres away, or coughing into both hands then touching table and chairs etc. Fact - I saw both of these examples on a cruise we did last year. Hopefully people will have learnt some hygiene etiquette from this pandemic. Hopefully employers will send staff home of they turn up at work sick, Hopefully cruise line staff will be encouraged to dob in passengers they see coughing and sneezing in public - a quiet word to someone and a security or medical person pulls the passenger aside for a chat about hygiene perhaps.
  4. And exactly, except that passenger has made her feelings very clear to the media without appearing to have taken any responsibility herself.
  5. The fact is that neither Princess nor any of the passengers had any inkling that Covid-19 had arrived on the ship. Princess obviously started to have concerns, otherwise they wouldn't have sent some swabs in for testing in Wellington, but influenza was also doing the rounds on the ship. But what could they do without starting a panic? Some passengers obviously got sick, either with the flu or Covid-19, and I'm 100% sure that some of those passengers just carried on mingling with other passengers with no thought of who they infect.
  6. Semi-serious. She is blaming the cruise line for endangering her health yet she seemingly just shrugged off an illness. Yes, most people wouldn't bother going to the medical centre with those symptoms but most people haven't had a kidney and pancreas transplant.
  7. I agree. It just uses a whole new set of sob stories to say the same old stuff that has been said before ad nauseum. There is no attempt to view the situation from any other perspective.
  8. Then there was her statement "As far as I'm concerned they put the mighty dollar first and they never put our safety first." I wonder what Ms Temple's reaction would have been in Princess had announced that there was a suspicion, just a suspicion, that there was Covid-19 on the ship and that everyone should stay in their cabins? Methinks she would be screaming about her holiday being ruined because the cruise line wouldn't let her have any fun. 🙄 Or would she have been screaming that she wanted off the ship NOW (even if it was in the middle of the Tasman). 🙄 Then Ms Temple and her mother fell ill. Nothing serious, they thought, just a dry cough and upset stomach. "I wouldn't go to the doctor because they charge like a wounded bull". Hello! You have serious health issues and you don't get checked out by a doctor when you feel ill? She could claim it on her travel insurance or did she cruise without travel insurance? Why weren't these questions asked and addressed in the interview. So did Ms Temple and her mother stay in their cabin once they started to feel ill? I suspect they didn't, and if they didn't they contributed to the spread of the virus on the ship. Again, why wasn't this discussed in the interview? I've very disappointed by the apparent bias of the ABC on this issue, they appear to be following in the footsteps of all the other sensationalist media hacks. I won't be watching the programme because I'll probably get too angry and besides MasterChef is still on then and that's much more fun to watch.
  9. My Dream Cruise would be on a fairly small ship, around 100 passengers, cruising for at least a month from Athens to Venice, or vice versa. Visiting the places that the big cruise ship don't go to in the Greek Islands and up the Dalmatian Coast. However this cruise will have to remain just a dream as a) it would be way outside my price range and b) it would be hard to find such an itinerary. I do have a number of bucket list cruises: The big one is the one we should have been on right now. Western Europe (Civitavecchia to Dover) with so many bucket list ports on the itinerary. I'd like to do the Baltic. I spotted an interesting Black Sea itinerary a while back which would be a fascinating cruise. Alaska would be stunning as well. Unfortunately all of these involve long distance air travel so become less affordable once the extra costs are taken into account. I'd love to be able to afford a World Cruise, or even a Circle Pacific cruise. And I want to circumnavigate Australia, just because! To me there are three types of cruising: 1. Port intensive that visit many new ports of call. 2. Cruises with lots of sea days that go to familiar places, like the South Pacific ports, or are repositioning cruises with just a few interesting ports. 3. NZ cruises, which are mostly catch up with friends and family opportunities. So far the one cruise I've been on that I could happily do over and over again is the 35 night Hawaii/Tahiti cruise Sydney return. Preferably on Sea Princess or Sun Princess because I like the layout of those ships best. It's such a relaxing itinerary, with an interesting selection of ports. But I'm never doing it in an inside cabin again - those Sea Princess inside cabins are just too small for a 35 night cruise. We do have it booked for September 2021, but I may defer it to early 2022 mainly because I'd like to do it the second time at a different time of year (and also so I can save up for another shopping spree at Macys in Honolulu 🤣).
  10. Itinerary Item 36 – Sea Day Discussion Topic – Dream / Bucket List Cruises Let’s talk about the real world cruises we would like to do in the future. The cruises that are on your bucket list. The ultimate dream cruise. The cruise you’d be happy doing over and over again. Our next stop is Brisbane. If you’ve just joined us, please read the first post which contains the rules for this thread. Note this is a luxury all inclusive ship - all drinks, restaurants, internet, excursions, spa, beauty salon.
  11. At restaurants most people just order the courses that suit them. You'd definitely need a whole afternoon to get through the full menu. A very long lazy lunch! I wouldn't like to try to have it for dinner though. I wouldn't sleep after all that food even if the portion sizes are small.
  12. It's a bit more complex than that. Primi (1st plate) is the first course to contain hot food, usually pasta. But before that there could be Aperitivo - wine (often bubbly) with nuts and olives, followed by Antipasti - cold meats or fish, cheeses, bread. Secondi is the second hot course (meat or seafood) and is served with Contorni (vegetable-based) served alongside. Then there might be Insalata. Formaggie E Frutta (Cheese and Fruit) comes next. Dolce - Dessert Caffe - only ever espresso And finally Digestivo - limoncello, grappa, amaro. Years ago I worked out the only sane way to enjoy a full classic Italian meal was to have half for lunch and the rest for dinner.🤣
  13. We also enjoyed a helicopter flight in the morning, then wandered around the town in the afternoon. We had a very early diinner of delicious seafood at Fish D'Vine but passed on trying to work our way through their rum selection - all 450 of them. DH did indulge in their Run & Raisin ice-cream though - the only ice cream you have be to 18+ to eat. We just made it to the last tender in time.
  14. Itinerary Item 35 – Airlie Beach Welcome to Airlie Beach in the beautiful Whitsundays. Our tenders will be running all day for those that want to go ashore. Cruise Whitsundays will be picking up directly from the ship for those who want to get that last bit of snorkelling in before we leave the Great Barrier Reef. Our helicopters will be providing flights over the reef and islands of the Whitsundays during the day. Next we have a sea day on our way to Brisbane. If you’ve just joined us, please read the first post which contains the rules for this thread. Note this is a luxury all inclusive ship - all drinks, restaurants, internet, excursions, spa, beauty salon.
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