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  1. That was more than academic for some of us. Umpiring was rubbish.
  2. Yes, they flew with Hope Hicks who has just tested positive which is why they were tested. Lots of other people in his circle on the official plane, too.
  3. Not sure if you're making a joke but no, I meant what I said, that the prediction is for 100 DEATHS per day based on the number of cases they have right now in the UK. The number of cases is doubling every 10 days but I think it's probably fair to assume that the doubling rate will shorten as the virus is spreading exponentially. That spread will only be halted by a forceful lockdown which the UK government doesn't have the stomach for, it seems. I feel so terribly sorry for the people of the UK who will be caught up in this disaster. And I hope to god we don't have any further out of control outbreaks in Australia. 'The UK’s daily coronavirus death toll will rise from 34 to 100 a day in three to four weeks’ time, an expert on the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) has warned. Infectious disease modelling expert Prof Graham Medley said there is little that can be done now to prevent daily deaths climbing to 100 – but “we need to make sure transmission comes down now” to prevent the figure increasing further.'
  4. Just read that a member of a government health task force predicts 100 deaths per day in UK within two to three weeks time. Indicative death rate of 0.8% which is pretty high especially in light of such huge numbers of cases of infection. Boris under fire.
  5. Different issue, but did you notice that the 5% deposit for those sale fares is non-refundable? That's putting me off booking anything on them. I agree though that a cruise around Japan would be great in fact I was supposed to be on a Cunard one this month! One for the future, if we're lucky.
  6. Don't worry, I've been stuck at home too long, too. I reckon I'm at least 10 years older than I was in March this year. The mask stuff is serious science. Got to wear it and will have to do so until we eradicate this thing many months after we've all had the vaccine. Good thing Australia has taken the pandemic seriously - not like a lot of countries where all hell is breaking loose.
  7. I'm also interested to hear about this. Someone must have some idea when the itineraries will be released for post-May, 2022. And is it worth wondering when the new ship will be coming on-line?
  8. Leigh is correct - it was only a small protest. The footage taken by the media helicopter was very entertaining. The police arrived on horseback and chased them through a suburban park. They were shown fleeing from there to the beach and through back alleys. Disappointing lack of commitment to their conspiracy-fueled 'cause' not to let themselves get arrested! Today they had a two or three minute pop-up tiny crowd singing a Johnny Farnham song in a shopping centre as their protest. They would be sad and funny if they weren't willfully breaking the law and risking spreading the virus and encouraging others to do likewise.
  9. I searched out the original article in the journal to make sure the newspaper was reporting it accurately. I must say I find it hard to understand the idea of viral load making so much difference to disease outcomes. I also wonder if that concept holds true for older people or anyone else with an impaired immune system? I won't be taking a chance on it and will rely on my mask when I have to go somewhere but apart from that just staying at home and out of harm's way.
  10. Interesting. Of course the tests are not fool-proof and are said to have an accuracy of around 70% which allows for the possibility of one or two false negatives in quarantine. I think the idea of limiting people to their own household for a week after leaving quarantine is a great one, just to be more sure.
  11. Yes, absolutely it should be required. I personally will not cruise unless the cruise line or ship requires it from all passengers. It's the only way we will have any chance of having a semi-normal experience of life, and particularly travel, in future. I'm assuming that on the spot testing for covid will also be required for travelling to safeguard staff and passengers.
  12. They're not being fined because the govt felt it was more important to try to reassure them they wouldn't get into trouble if they were honest about where they'd been - the information was more valuable than the fine. Locations included a large shopping centre frequented by the famous Kath and Kim. I read a report which said that there were (are?) people so ill and having trouble breathing they couldn't even speak on the phone but were refusing to get tested. That article also said it was the youths of these families who were out and about and then bringing the virus back into family homes; might have been as well as visiting elderly but it sounded like the teenage boys were a main source of transmission. People doing the wrong thing will keep this going. I hate to think what's going to happen when the restrictions start being eased.
  13. That's very odd - I don't even have a picture in that post. It must have something to do with my settings, perhaps. Anyway, I searched the name and title and have now watched the video. It's a beautiful day in Melbourne today and people are being 'very creative' with the way they are wearing their masks this morning. Lots of chins and necks being decorated with masks. A bit frustrating, particularly in light of our good number this morning of 21 cases only.
  14. Apologies for my confusion. It looked like you were posting the words of 'Danielle Matthews' (someone has explained to me that she's a singer). I can't see a link to a video, either. I must be doing something wrong.
  15. Don't know who you're quoting there but our first lockdown in Melbourne started in late March, so that's not quite 6 months rather than the 7 quoted above. *eye roll*
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