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  1. Oh, I see - is that his intention? All right-thinking Australians want the Pacific to have vaccines because it's the right thing to do. Let's hope it happens quickly.
  2. That's really confusing that the South Australia vaccine has the same name as the WHO initiative to spread vaccines to poorer countries. I think when Scott Morrison refers to the 'Covax' as one of our vaccine options, he doesn't mean the SA vaccine but rather the fact we have contributed money to the WHO Covax initiative - he seems to think we'll get vaccines out of it but my understanding is that we, as a wealthy country, contribute funds so that the WHO can help get vaccines delivered to countries that don't have the resources to get their own. 'The COVAX Facility is the global p
  3. They've sold some ships and also, some of their brands are sailing. Cunard is doing a local summer season in UK for UK-only passengers on Queen Elizabeth which has apparently proven very popular with bookings, so they do have some income. I think some of the other European Carnival brands are also doing some sailing.
  4. It's looking more and more unlikely that we'll have any cruise season this summer if it involves ships arriving here as part of a broader world-wide itinerary. I have an Aussie leg of a world-wide cruise booked for March, 2022; can't see it happening with world-wide covid numbers increasing in many areas and our vaccine roll-out on life support.
  5. Saw an old episode of a Rick Stein programme the other day, set in Cadiz - looked wonderful. Local specialty is a shrimp fritter...
  6. And then there are those of us who have not gone overseas, because we were told we shouldn't and couldn't, despite missing family members terribly, and even family members who were grieving awful losses. I'm amazed that people have been given permission to leave the country at all, let alone twice, to visit a partner. I also think it's a bit rich when people who have been living overseas for years, in some cases decades, suddenly become 'stranded Aussies'.
  7. Well actually, Melbourne is currently closed to international arrivals but there's been a case in Brisbane of community transmission as a result of a doctor becoming infected from an overseas arrival so it's action stations again, Australia-wide. I'm surprised to hear that Cunard hasn't expressed the requirement for future cruises (so far) of having all passengers and crew vaccinated. That would put me off booking with them if people were not required to be vaccinated. I have a short trip booked for March next year and I've been thinking we'll be lucky if the QM2 makes it here, see
  8. I would think it's unlikely. I would expect it would be mandatory, whenever it does happen, for all passengers and crew to be vaccinated anyway. The other part of the equation will be the percentage of the Australian population that's been vaccinated. So far our vaccination programme is in its early days but moving very slowly. We're not going to be fully vaccinated as an adult population by November. I think cruise ships coming here on international voyages would be unlikely to be allowed until we reach that point. We have little tolerance for covid cases here, the aim being zero
  9. I agree entirely. The one thing they do actually care about is publicity, particularly poor publicity. I found that the travel agent being discussed by the original poster here has a twitter account - I would be going straight to twitter and post messages calling them out on their inaction on the refund. Only write what's factual - the facts are clear and clearly bad enough in this case anyway that they don't need any embellishment. Social media is your friend in cases like this. I have had it work for me when a very large airline waited many many months to return my fares to me (I
  10. I didn't say that his comment was equivalent to his entire attitude for some time last year. You may note that I said, 'for starters' but whatever. We each have our own perception of our leaders' behaviours.
  11. Maybe they're just keeping their options open. The one I went on was described as 'Fiordland - sail by' or cruise by or something so I assumed we would just sail past the entrances to the fiords along the coast line so it was a pleasant surprise when we went in and out of several. I think it's hard for them to predict due to the weather but you could either ring the cruise line and ask what their usual intention is, or ask here for past experience with any particular cruise line. Mine was with Cunard.
  12. You tend to just sail in and out of the fiords on those cruises, at least that's how it was done on mine. I don't see how they could do it any other way - there certainly wasn't room for mooring, nor would it have been appropriate given the cruise ships are so large. So you can go and out of four or five of them in an afternoon. It's a 'cruise-by'.
  13. Efficacy of the AstraZeneca vaccine been shown to improve when the gap between shots is 12 weeks so the TGA recommends that spacing but allows for at least a four week spacing if required. Fits in with all AstraZeneca's recent research.
  14. Thank heavens for that. Now we can really get somewhere with vaccinations. Can't wait for mine.
  15. I stand to be corrected but there is a lot of information out there saying that the US did not have a working testing system in place for up to 6 weeks at the start of the pandemic due to faulty test kits and I believe, the desire to use a locally-produced one. As I say, it's just what I've read in a number of locations but the information I've read is that there were an increasing number of cases in the US early in the year that were left unidentified and untally-ed due to lack of testing.
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