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  1. I'd say it's 'interesting' given the US administration's close ties with S.A. and its royal family. De facto government assistance?
  2. I read that information, too, that you share above. Also, I read that this cruise was classed as 'low risk' but the previous cruise on that ship had been classed as 'medium risk' due to the number of people with flu-like symptoms and I think someone from that previous cruise had already tested positive for covid-19. Given what was known by that stage from the Diamond Princess and other areas experience with the ability of the virus to spread, the NSW health dept, or whoever was responsible for the decision and tracking the available information, should have had more caution in the decision. It should also have rung alarm bells that the ship reported 104 passengers with acute respiratory illness of which 36 had reported to the medical centre on board for flu.
  3. Just to take one of these issues; I doubt very much - very much - that enormous businesses will be basing their business decision-making on personal grudges. They will be going where the money is and as listed companies have a legal responsibility to do so. Carnival apparently has very close, long-standing ties with either (maybe both) the NSW* or Australian Federal Government* and has been in the habit of meeting with them regularly. I'm sure they are used to the govt bending over backwards to accomodate them and generate tourism. It's all about the money - except when people will be dying. This had to be done. And Australia, as a relatively small population, has every right to make its own decisions about allocation of medical care and access across its borders. *I can go back and check for you and cite the source but this is not a political forum and is probably tiresome for everyone here who just wants some sea air and afternoon tea, as we all would. Go to today's twitter chat and you'll find it.
  4. Roy, that sounds rather eerie - 'We haven't heard from anybody onboard recently. May never know the full story.' It's sounding rather Marie Celeste. I hope you continue to stay well.
  5. I see at the bottom of the article the dates that the four cruise ships arrived in Sydney was exactly two weeks ago. I expect we'll see a spike in cases in NSW (at least) from the passengers' departure from the ships and dispersal out into the community, infecting people as they travelled through Sydney to homes, or airports or wherever.
  6. No life-saving surgery is being put on hold, only elective surgery. And if we all do as we are asked, and stay at home and stop spreading the virus, our ICU and surgical capacity will still be there to deal with urgent medical matters which are not related to covid-19.
  7. Singapore exercised rigorous and thorough contact tracing from the very beginning which has made an enormous difference to the spread of the virus. Also, Singaporean people are well-used to complying with government directives whereas it's a point of pride with many Australians to refuse to do as the authorities ask them (that's a simplistic generalisation but the essence and spirit of it is true). Also, I believe that any country in which it is on the normal end of the spectrum to wear a mask has a head start on minimising transmission through droplet and aerosolised virus particles. The idea that warm weather could or can destroy the virus in a real- life population is just a furphy.
  8. I think our Consumer Laws would have some protection for you in that. Surely. Otherwise no-one would use a TA. Or maybe tell them you'll take it up with the Ombudsman.
  9. I think the news presenter depends on which State you're in. But Leigh Sales presents 7.30 (almost always, I think) - has red-ish hair.
  10. Conspiracy theories can also point in the other direction. T wanted more than anything to mess with that large Asian country's economy, I seem to recall... And this is one of those occasions where 'more numerous' is more appropriate than 'greater' but I would let your other adjective pass. 😉
  11. That doesn't sound right, does it? What's in the TA's T&Cs regarding fees payable by you in the event of the cruise line cancelling?
  12. I thought this was interesting enough to share. As I understand it, the reason some ships were changed to say, UK registration is because Bahamas does not allow same sex marriage in its jurisdiction which includes on ships registered to that country. 'The regulations that apply to ships are determined by the country where they are registered. Some countries have stricter regulations, such as the US, which supplies the cruise market with the majority of its customers. A ship registered in the US is governed by United States maritime law, which specifies the wages that must be paid to crew, the environmental safeguards that apply to waste disposal, the certifications for ships' officers and the right of passengers to take action against the cruise operator in a US court of law, to name just a few of the strictures. A cruise operator might decide that they would rather operate under a less strict regime, and most do. This means they register in another country and adopt a flag of convenience, and in the cruise industry the preferred flag is that of the Bahamas. Among other advantages, the Bahamas does not impose any tax on income. Any profit the cruise line makes is untaxed, neither is there any tax on capital gain if a vessel is sold at a profit.'
  13. It would make some sort of sense for ships to be returned to their country of registration. That is technically their home port regardless of the marketing stuff the cruise lines put out about such and such a ship having Melbourne or Sydney, for example, as their home bases.
  14. And apparently sat cheek-by-jowl, in their thousands, hugging for days on end.
  15. Just to be clear, my comments, above regarding from whence it came, were made in response to ruminations on the question of 'Why Princess ships in particular?'. There's blame, which is a futile exercise, and then there's looking for evidence and reasons which can be put to good use in tracing infection routes and possibly avoiding similar mistakes or oversights by authorities in the future.
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