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  1. To get this thread back on topic, we've booked Serenade from Honolulu to Sydney on 7 October 2021. Will we be able to leave the country and arrive in Hawaii? Maybe yes, maybe no. So in for a penny.....We also booked a b2b on Serenade ex Sydney 25 October, as has the o.p. Big if, if we are actually cruising again, we want a decent length cruise. Used 2 f.c.c's for the deposits, had to fork over a few extra dollars for the t.p, but happy to come out from under the doona. Given a third f.c.c was hanging around, we booked Quantum out of Brisbane Feb 22. There will be an Australian 21/22 season, or
  2. Feed back to my concern about getting off, and to the airport in time for an 11.15 flight. You don't actually have any option to advise Guest Services - initially - of required departure time, unlike my experience on other RCI ships, Radiance in particular. Ovation Guest Services nominate to you when you will disembark, and then, if it doesnt suit, you can request it be altered. The information is supplied in the Departure Info leaflet left on your bed the morning of the day before, along with bag tags. Tag 1 - Sky Class & Pinnacle - 7.15 a.m.; Tag 2 & 3 - Diamond and Diamond
  3. Successfully downloaded, looks like fun. Curious - has anyone successfully booked a specialist restaurant using this new app? I'd give it a go but with my tech skills, I'll end up booking Wonderland for breakfast.
  4. Thank you for those comments, we can indeed do self walk off as we are only taking medium bags so no problem, and unfortunately its Qantas. But your post is very reassuring, appreciate it.
  5. I'm sorry I ever read this thread! You've put the fear of God into me now. Normally we arrive back in Sydney on the Radiance, and get the midday train to Canberra. We are cruising on Ovation in a couple of weeks and arriving back on a Saturday, but flying to the Gold Coast for a family function. Never even gave a thought to the fact that Ovation has more passengers, and it could take a while to disembark, and subsequently never gave much thought to the time of my flight, which is 11.00 a.m. Figured I had plenty of time. More grey hairs! (and not really possible to change flights)
  6. I found the site referred to by Gut, same same no different. Headline banner has balconies from $1199, but go one or two steps further and they jump to $1599ish
  7. OK, Gut2407, thank you. I will see if I can find it. I did have a look at another popular agent who also cruises in oz, but no luck there. Cheers.
  8. Re Solstice - it is actually a little misleading. I have just been on the website and done a reserved dummy booking for a guarantee ocean view, no perks, and it comes out at $1,198 per person. I entered Balcony, and the price was $1,500 something, so a touch deceptive. Still works out at $133 pp pn, which is ok for Solstice I guess, but these prices are not true.
  9. The ports and itinerary intrigued us, so we did a quick read of Maasdam reviews. Never cruised with HAL, only Rci/Celebrity so very interested to hear any comments about this ship from those of you who are obviously familiar with her? Cheers.
  10. We are also in this cruise, booked ages ago, and I purchased the 5 night page at this price then. Over the many months since, it hasn't budged, so it's highly unlikely to do so in the next 6 weeks. See you on board.
  11. We're newish D+ so have no personal experience but CC chatter tells me it's part of your welcome letter, e.g. buy one wine, get one. Buy one dinner, get one, but it only applies to the first 2 nights of the cruise.
  12. We're also in Adelaide for the day next year on Radiance. I've booked a private tour of the Barossa, pick up from the port, through Nicki at Seeadelaide.com Might suit you? Minimum is a 10 seater bus which will involve you getting others to join the tour. I filled mine in 5 minutes.
  13. The new wharf extension was officially opened on 4 August this year so guess tenders are a thing of the past.
  14. Unfortunately First Night Done Right is no longer available, more's the pity. The new version is Chops Plus One, and price is in my opinion too high at between $70 and $80 AU. We really enjoy the speciality restaurants but the prices are certainly on the increase. Next year's circumnavigation is currently running at $114 Au for 3. Might opt for the D+ buy one, get one, and hope for some price drop once on board. Agreed the mushroom soup in Chops is to die for, the chef once told me the secret ingredient is truffle oil .
  15. Booked Serenade for a 7 night Alaska inside passage from 23 Aug 2020. Unfortunately Qantas direct flight to Vancouver does not operate post 1 August. However, they do fly from Brisbane to San Francisco, and I can get frequent flyer seats from Canberra for my preferred date. Has anyone chosen this way to getting to the US, or been to SF before, and then trained or flown to Vancouver. Quite like the idea of flying from SF to Portland and getting Amtrak Cascades the whole way, but even flights from SF to Vancouver are relatively inexpensive. Looking for imput/suggestions please.
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