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  1. Two years ago we terminated our cruise in Auckland and chose to stay one extra night specifically to go to Waiheke. Took the ferry over and jumped on the Hop on Hop off bus (you'll have to do your own research for the details). It was just what we wanted, went all the way around the island initially to get a feel for the place, and then got off at 3 different stops which we had decided looked pretty good. Drop dead gorgeous island, and a very pleasant ferry trip there and back. The Ho Ho bus hit the spot.
  2. I don't know if this constitutes a "cheap" cruise but RCI are having a flash 48 hour sale and I just booked a balcony guarantee, with diamond discount, for $1930 for 8 nights South Pacific leaving mid March. That will do us very nicely thank you, at $965 each $120 per night. Getting hard to come by.
  3. We've just come back on the Radiance from Vancouver, and friends had 8500. It is a very large cabin, with essentially 2 bedrooms but only the one bathroom. Good viewing windows. I honestly can't see 5 children in the 2nd bedroom so good luck with that, maybe the couch in the "lounge" area makes up to a bed, and maybe there was a facility in the 2nd bedroom for more beds. Its a long walk back to the elevators as you are at the very front of the ship but it is quiet, no-one is running past your cabin. We've travelled on the Radiance several times and it is a very very stable ship, even in high seas. Have you tried U-Tube? (for that particular cabin)
  4. Travelling up the east coast on Explorer next March on the way to Singapore. Assumed EOS would tender off Abel Point Marina, as have cruise ships for aeons. I'm now told that it will tender of Port of Airlie, which is way over the other side of Airlie on Shute Harbour Road. I had planned a simple short walk from the Abel Point tender port and take a local cruise out to Whitehaven. Figured we would have plenty of time, arriving 7 am and departing 6 pm. Its not going to work anywhere near as well from the other side of town. So my question to fellow cruisers who have actually tendered from this Port of Airlie spot .... is it in fact correct that RCI now tenders there, and how did it go? Not happy, Jan! Cheers, and Happy New Year.
  5. Martincath, where were you 3 days ago? Median was just right, thank you. IGA had a lovely fresh fruit stall outside. Vancouver Tourist Bureau should give you a medal! Thanks again.
  6. PS just reread the comments about the bed size. Yes, it's only a double. We sleep in a king at home so it's a bit of a challenge. In hindsight we would have got a better nights sleep if we had selected 2 singles. The Bed itself and pillows were just fine. There's no road noise incidentally. And being able to do your laundry is fantabulous!
  7. As promised earlier, I can comment now from a personal experience. The Y is an excellent choice. It doesn't have the bells and whistles of a fancy hotel but it absolutely is a fantastic choice. We've walked everywhere and taken the hoho buses. We have a double bed and private bathroom. It is small but for the price (especially compared to other hotels) can't be beat. You won't be disappointed. If we could just find a breakfast venue that offers healthy choices - pizza bacon n eggs yuk - :D
  8. Easy peasy. All that worry for nought. There is an international departures desk where we presented. Bags checked for weight and off they went directly to Honolulu. It simply wasn't an issue. Thanks all.
  9. Thanks to Martincath's various helpful posts, we've selected the Y for upcoming stay early September prior to boarding the Radiance to bring her home to Australia. Happy to post a comment after our stay if it's of any interest.
  10. CRUNCH TIME. Tried 2 medium size bags as per MicCanberra post. Nope. So 1 big bag and 1 within dash8 limits. Nope. Going with Aussiebossyboots and Suzbluz and 2 x everyday big bags. Even culling and being ruthless we simply couldn't do 6 weeks away with medium luggage. Keep your fingers crossed we get away with it. Will post outcome next week.
  11. Heading to Seattle via Honolulu in 4 weeks time to travel home on Radiance, and decided to shout ourselves a domestic flight from Canberra prior to boarding Qantas at overseas terminal. Didn't realise that most day time flights out of Canberra are on a Dash8-400 which have linear (as opposed to weight) restrictions of a maximum of 140cm overall. Do any of you regular travelers who may fly out of Canberra have any knowledge of what happens in you front with a bag with larger dimensions? I don't mind getting hit with a fee, but am really worried we might be refused boarding! I've researched the internet but cannot get a definitive answer.
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