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  1. I did it on the Emerald Princess. Loved it! I still booked it as soon as I boarded though.
  2. I define an upgrade as being moved up an entire cabin type, like inside to outside or outside to balcony etc. I don't tend to call a move within the cabin type to really be an upgrade, to me that's more of a shuffle... The only time I received an upgrade was on my first cruise with Princess (which seems to be a bit of a theme). I booked an oceanview and ended up in a BB balcony. I don't often hear many stories of Australians being upgraded, it seems to be something that is held within US borders. On my two upcoming cruises I have marked my bookings "no upgrade" because I particularly want to try the cabins I have booked, one forward facing, and one aft facing. Back in the olden days (haha) you could call NCL, if you were lucky enough to get your hands on the right phone number, and initiate your own upsell. You could literally make them an offer and they would negotiate with you. The secret was to already be booked in a sought after cabin that they knew they could re-sell. At 3am (Aussie time) I did a 3 way call with my US agent, and the NCL upsell desk, and negotiated an upgrade to a 6 berth Courtyard Villa (now called The Haven Suite) for a few hundred extra dollars. Still to this day the most memorable cruise of my life, and I got all the tips and tricks for the upsell from the NCL board on this website! Ahhh the good old days πŸΈπŸ˜†.
  3. I definitely enjoyed the Suite breakfast (on the Emerald it was in the Grown Grill), the Club Class dining and the afternoon tea served in the suite. For the afternoon tea, time it right and don't have it on a day where you have special dinner plans as there is SOOO much food. I invited 8 family members around and ordered food for 4. There was still way too much. But, one thing that I can add is that the only time I have been offered a place (paid, not free) on the Ultimate Ship Tour was when I was in a suite. Every other time I have put my name down I have missed out. Not sure if that was a coincidence or not... but it was awesome.
  4. No, think of this example. Generally a solo cabin costs the same as a twin cabin overall. So, if the cruise in a twin was $500pp and for a single it was $1000pp, the total cost is still $1000 paid at final payment. Whether one person or 2 people go it is still $1000. The deposit becomes irrelevant after final payment because you've paid in full. There is no deposit to refund. The only time this doesn't work is if you originally purchase on a solo traveller special, which are not overly common.
  5. I always think it is easier to remove a passenger than add one, especially on a popular itinerary. If you book solo and want to add later you're taking a risk. My sister was invited to come on my upcoming cruise and she decided not to at the time. She has recently changed her mind but the cruise is sold out. It doesn't matter that there is a spare bed in the cabin, she cannot be booked on the cruise. Princess are pretty good with cabin and name changes, in fact, name changes can be made up until 48 hours prior to departure with no penalty (as long as one original passenger remains on the booking), so, IMHO, it's better to book for two and remove later. I also believe Princess will refund the 2nd person's taxes and port charges if they do not travel.
  6. I think maybe you've seen reports of soot on aft balconies, is that correct? I believe those reports specifically refer to the cabins on the stern of the ship, facing the wake, not the cabins on the sides of the ship in the aft section. I can't imagine that you'll have any problems at all. I'm in B739 very soon, which is on the stern, but I selected Baja deck as it has an overhang, whereas most of the decks on the stern of the Majestic are fully exposed (no cover) and have been known to collect soot at times.
  7. I always like to be in my cabin by 11.45am 😁, regardless of my "official" check in time, and I've never had any issues. I have cruised on both the Aria and the Dawn from Portside this year. I don't know if this is correct but I try not to be there hanging around or queued up at the door when they first allow passengers through because I think that might be when they check times... when you're in that line. If you arrive at 11am the line seems to be gone and you can walk on through, or maybe I've just been lucky. It seems if you arrive around 11am you might head inside and be in a boarding group between 4 and 8 (in my experience). They get through them pretty quickly.
  8. It depends what kind of cruiser/shopper you are... I tend to shop on price. If I can get on the Dawn at a really good price, I would go, but I would not choose to sail on her for more than a short cruise (for me 7 days would be absolute maximum). I'm a fairly easy going traveller, I don't tend to nit-pick or complain because any day on holidays is better than a day at work. The Dawn is old, I don't like the pools and the cabins are Princess small, but I know many people who enjoy great cruises on her, especially families. In all honesty those people probably haven't been on many other ships though. Sailing out of Brisbane, I much prefer the Aria for a quick cruise but, yes, I would sail on the Dawn if the price was cheap enough... And I would know what I was getting so I wouldn't whinge, but that's how I roll 🀣🍹🚒🏝.
  9. One NYE on Celebrity they had a huge deck party and filled all of the spas with ice and champagne bottles. It was free flowing all night! A very fun night with great music, dancing and free champagne!
  10. I was in a suite on the Emerald and had free access to the Lotus Spa. We only used it once because I didn't really enjoy the area. As already mentioned above the steam rooms/saunas are free on the Emerald, as are the Sanctuary Pool and spas (all outdoors - located outside the Lotus Spa area). Passengers don't seem to realise they are freely accessible so there is never anyone there. In the spa area you go downstairs to an enclosed room and the different showers and hot tile loungers are there. I didn't find the room very pleasant at all because it was small and dark, so I wouldn't think I would purchase a pass on a future cruise on the Emerald.
  11. Hopefully they'll keep her safe for me to board for the following 2 cruises πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ΄πŸ›³οΈπŸΈ
  12. So, is shampoo and conditioner provided? As in... separate shampoo and conditioner, not a conditioning shampoo!
  13. It is available on Aus/NZ cruises. As stated above, you can pre-book in the Personalizer. It's $140AUD per couple, or the same price if you book once onboard.
  14. There are no packages for my upcoming cruises either... but I thought that was just because I'm in Australia. In fact, we can't pre-purchase internet packages or anything for cruises here. Don't feel silly if you can't find it, because it's probably not there!
  15. I'm wondering if UK cruisers are a more formally dressed bunch? I think the OP might find a higher % of tuxes on this cruise, but regardless, wear a tux and be happy - and admired by others! We're fairly casual In AUS/NZ but you'll still see a few tuxes on formal nights. The males in my family wear them (what other chance do you get these days?)
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