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  1. have never seen this provide specific info - this time it just says: Documents You Will Need Non-U.S./Non-Canadian citizens, in addition to passport requirements please verify your visa requirements for each port on your cruise by contacting the consulate of each country visited or by contacting a visa service
  2. Just thought of one - anyone know the rules for taking medication, esp codeine, into Argentina, Chile and Peru? Will have usual prescriptions but curious if they are as strict as USA in this regard.
  3. Yes please, all info is helpful! Will post individual questions when I think of them.
  4. Thanks for that. We will get the medication just in case. My husband gets wobbly when a plane flies higher than normal and has passed out a couple of times so I have no doubt he will be prone to it.
  5. Do you all stay with a guide on these 2 visits or do they allow you to wander off by yourselves and meet up at certain time?
  6. Is that an unavoidable part of the route taken on this tour?
  7. How was the weather in January? My cruisetour also goes to Antarctica so I am having a hard time getting my head around what to pack
  8. Sounds great! Really excited just thinking about it!
  9. Am I right in thinking you get to go up to MP twice - the second time early the next morning? What time?
  10. And particularly, did you have problems with altitude sickness and what medication did you use for it. All information gratefully received!
  11. After info on the 5 day land portion. Thanks for that info.
  12. As original poster I would sure like this info!
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