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  1. Have just booked a cruise on home ground in Australia next year, just in case Qantas is right in saying international travel may be off cards till mid next year and we lose our Europe cruise. Do the minisuites on Baja deck have a covered or open balcony? At least with two cruises booked now we might actually get to go on one!
  2. The holiday now seems like it happened in another lifetime, so much has changed. Luckily I have my constantly changing computer wallpaper slideshow of penguins and icebergs as a reminder! Stay safe!
  3. I just rang Princess and they reversed the deposits so it was applied to correct one. I much prefer to do these bookings myself rather than trust an agent to apply the same level of attention to my booking than I would! I have repriced many bookings to my favour over time by handling it myself.
  4. Weird, silly me but I would have assumed it would have automatically defaulted to oldest one first. Odd.
  5. Hi, just booked a new cruise and we had two future cruise deposits in our names, earned in feb 2019 and recently in feb 2020. We were given the usual option of using the deposit at time of online booking but when I checked cruise personalizer later it said that the later one had been applied not the earlier one. I would have thought the earlier one would be used first, and I don't recall being given a choice at time of booking. This is the first time I have had two at time of booking. I will contact Princess re this tomorrow but wondered in meantime if anyone could shed light on this.
  6. Wahhh, hope it doesn't affect our boarding or cruise on Tues!
  7. I've never bought onboard more than the allowed bottle but due to length of cruise am contemplating bringing a few more. What is the process, do they stamp or mark the bottles you pay corkage on so you can take them to dining room and not have it confused with the one "freebie" which I understand incurs corkage in public areas but not in stateroom.
  8. Excited to do it now! Only a few days to go!
  9. So you sign at the main passengers service desk?
  10. Wow! Sounds great, always love those shows that show you behind the scenes of ships and hotels and if I can get a freebie or two as well - why not!
  11. That sounds great! Do you get a free bathrobe, bonus!
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