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  1. I just bit the bullet and cancelled my NZ cruise and had FDC and FCC applied to my Med cruise in 2022. It worked out well, I had paid an actual deposit for this Med cruise but she cancelled/rebooked under anew number, will refund (eventually!) the deposit we paid on credit card and used the stuff from NZ cruise as deposit. We somehow ended up with more OBC and a reduced cruise price, and now no actual money tied up. Go us! Now I can concentrate on planning a fly only visit later this year to Sydney taking advantage of Qantas new sale
  2. Being rather OCD I like the planning part, especially when the main details are sorted and it is more a matter of finessing it. We have charts, spreadsheets, itineraries planned. I would have to say that planning is a big part of it for us. And of course with time one forgets the irritations that often occur with cruising and you can look back on them with humour.
  3. I have often wondered what proportion of the pleasure of cruising (or travelling in general) comes from the planning, or the memories afterwards or the actual experience.
  4. We had a Med one cancelled for this May and have rebooked it for May next year. Who could have foretold the situation would go on so long? I am eternally thankful we got to do our South America/Antarctica one in Jan/Feb just before the world went pear shaped. I remember first hearing of the real threat from our captain while doing a tour of the bridge, had no idea to that point that something was happening with the Diamond Princess. Sigh.
  5. We always tack extra days onto start and end. Best case was our last Med one where we flew to Paris for a few days, took TGV to Barcelona for a few days before embarking, and then a few days in Venice at end of cruise. That was one great holiday
  6. Yes, I prefer cruising from overseas but will take local cruises if that is all that is going. I will be dissapointed if NZ falls through as is said in above posts
  7. Thanks for that. She does also say: “In the meantime, we will continue to pursue travel bubbles with Australia and the Pacific, but the rest of the world simply poses too great a risk to our health and our economy to take the risk at this stage.” So I guess there is still some hope. This bubble was supposed to be operational first half of this year. Maybe it will be dependent on vaccine roll out.
  8. I didn't know it was so definite, will have to look into that - thanks. Can I ask where this comes from, there was always talk of a trans Tasman bubble opening first half of 2021, is this definitely off the table??
  9. I have been looking forward to my booked NZ cruise in Nov, really hoping they can get that much talked about bubble open
  10. Considering some experts (BLOMBERG) are now saying long haul air travel will not be back to normal till 2023, I am now starting to feel more pessimistic about cruising now- how can it survive?
  11. I see Bloomberg and other experts are now refuting any significant likelihood of uptake of any air travel in 2021 and no real recovery of long haul till 2023 at earliest. See Flyertalk article and Bloomberg. What does this mean for cruising? Ships would have to position themselves long term in a particular country and take only local cruisers. Our borders in Australia are unlikely to open this year anyway. How will the lines survive? I am now getting seriously worried about their possible bankruptcy and the need to pull out of the cruises I have booked for late 2021/mid 2022 to get my deposits
  12. Just to update, I took this up with my Princess holiday planner and she assured me (in writing as well) that regardless of what the original booking confirmation said, that no cancellation charges would be imposed till date of final payment - I am still not sure if was the general situation or she did something specific to my booking, but either way it looks like it is sorted 🙂
  13. Hi, I have three cruises currently booked with Princess. If I end up having to cancel the first one after its cancellation date and have cancellation charges applied, I know I will get this back as FCC if more than 30 days out of sailing date, under the Book with Confidence Policy. But can this FCC be applied to pay balance of one of my two other existing bookings - Princess website says it can be applied "against next Princess booking". Does this mean it can only be applied to a brand new booking yet to be made, or could I get it applied to pay balance of one of my other bookings? If so how
  14. I am hoping they open up the long awaited Aust/NZ bubble by end of this year....I have a cruise booked for November. Or at least open up for a domestic cruise. But I can't see it being opened to non residents, certainly not without vac cert. Most of the rest of the world is still in a bad position.
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