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  1. I seem to remember reading somewhere that a silver wine package is no longer offered, only a gold one? Is this right? What are the package prices and what price bottle does it allow you to buy up to. Does it give you much to chose from in this price range? I know princess doesn't publicise this much so hoping someone has up to date info.
  2. Hi, when the hotel calls a taxi is it a fixed price you are advised before or do you just pay at end like normal taxis? Can you remember how much it cost from hotel to EZE?
  3. Am after any info on transport from EZE to Recoleta hotel - I gather Ezeizataxi is the way to go - any advice? Also, what about getting from hotel to port - how much should a taxi cost so I have some idea how much local cash I need. Any advice gratefully received!
  4. I understand you need to call the dine line as soon as you board but when are you actually told you have been accepted and what the arrangements are? I am assuming you are not told at time of the phone call? And do they usually avoid formal nights, would be a pity for them to coincide.
  5. I don't remember a real time electronic map on the tv showing current location, only the webcam - not on our cruises. Is it new?
  6. Thanks for that, not what I was thinking at all. I thought it was something to do with each particular cruise. I just checked captains circle info and it does indeed say this, though when I looked at it a week or so ago I am sure it was different, must have just updated the info.
  7. This seems to be listed as a platinum perk and I was wondering exactly what it was. I have always thought an electronic map of the voyage showing where the ship was at any point in time would have been fun to have onboard and so the idea of an atlas is appealing. It seems to be "on request" - how and at what point of cruise would you request this and from whom?
  8. We did a Japan cruise on Diamond last year and never had a language problem, important stuff is done in both languages and I seem to remember the entertainment being in English (not that it matters much with most of the shows being mostly song and dance). Tables are seated according to language as far as I could tell.
  9. Thanks everyone. One stupid question, how do you know what free time you have left in your account?
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