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  1. Kiwi Kruzer

    P&O Arcadia calling into Newcastle

    Itineraries can be easily changed,This was her scheduled plan .. Looks like the Hunter Valley wineries will have to stock up Wed 13/02/19 Lautoka (Fiji) / South Seas 08:00 18:00 Thu 14/02/19 At Sea Fri 15/02/19 Port Vila (Vanuatu) / South Seas 08:00 18:00 Sat 16/02/19 At Sea Sun 17/02/19 Nouméa (New Caledonia) / South Seas 07:00 17:00 Mon 18/02/19 At Sea Tue 19/02/19 At Sea Wed 20/02/19 Sydney / Australia 06:30 Thu 21/02/19 Sydney / Australia 23:59 Fri 22/02/19 At Sea Sat 23/02/19 Brisbane / Australia 07:00 18:00 Sun 24/02/19 At Sea Mon 25/02/19 Airlie Beach / Australia 07:00 17:00 Tue 26/02/19 Yorkeys Knob / Australia 08:00 18:00 Wed 27/02/19 At Sea Thu 28/02/19 At Sea Fri 01/03/19 Rabaul / Papua New Guinea
  2. After a lone Australian male fruit fly was found in Devonport last week , any passengers taking the ferry over there will have to face extra bio and agricultural searches . The Govt is spending over $1 million per day to find if there are any more fruit fly's but so far there has only been the one. Theory , and guesswork only , is that the Queensland fruit fly could have come over on a cruise ship .
  3. Watched episode 3 this week . An excellent program that gives a look behind the scenes. Its just like the Ultimate tour in some ways.
  4. Kiwi Kruzer

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Sounds too good.
  5. Kiwi Kruzer

    P&O Arcadia calling into Newcastle

    Could be due to Cyclone Oma. I did note that she missed Port Vila and went direct to Noumea. Perhaps she has a spare day to fill in Newcastle had a vacancy. Newcastle is a great port to reprovision the ships ,
  6. Have a great day in Rio.. Great photos , looks like lots of room around the pool, plenty of sun loungers. Make the most of them now ....you wont to be using them as you round the Horn,
  7. Kiwi Kruzer

    Cam of the Day

    sure will be. You can watch some of the shore action here.. Not much room for the buses, https://encounter.snapithd.com/current/player.php?t=t&w=54f5af5fb7w218&width=640&FS=1&height=480&h=0&hide=0
  8. Nice close up of her in from the Tauranga port cam today , Sunday 17th Feb
  9. Its the age we live in I am afraid, As well as the cruise lines computer watching us , Mr Google sticks his nose in as well . Ever noticed how after looking up a cruise or air flight price you start getting ads from Airlines and cruise companies?
  10. I dont think you will find that there is any trouble with the web site. It will probably be the computer that works out the demand and then prices accordingly.'It happens all the time ,not just to cruises.The more you go to the site to check it out the more interest it will note and the price will increase....likewise if no one checks it out . the price will go down until someone does.
  11. Kiwi Kruzer

    Cam of the Day

    From Regal Princess at Cozumel a shot of carnival Valor pulling out on her way back to Galveston. MSC Armonia is also on her way
  12. Hapag Lloyds ship Europa is docked in Nelson today .