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  1. OOps, just realised you were not meaning my photo, which is also of Flam. So there are 2 different ones here.
  2. I have no idea where we are, but I read on the river cruisers board yesterday that there are over 22500 lighthouses in the world, so should be fairly easy to pick.
  3. Correct from the Stegastien viewpoint. I also loved it there - packed a lot in.
  4. My single entry Visa for a land trip in 2018 cost $33.12, My husbands cost $33.48. A multi entry would have cost more. I don't think you have anything to complain about either price.
  5. Not sure who it is of, but maybe Bacchus - God of Wine. Somewhere in regional Aus.
  6. Is it part of the Michelangelo tour of Australia?
  7. I will guess at the Museum in Aphrodisias, Turkey. You can get very close to the exhibits there. Although, I think I am probably wrong.
  8. We loved seeing "Buddy" greet us in his Hi viz at Honningsvarg, Norway
  9. I wouldn't plan on cruising in 2021 out of Australia, except of course if you are a resident of Australia. Maybe 2022. Our borders are closed and I believe that will be the case well intro next year. At present if you arrive you need to quarantine for a fortnight at your own expense. Qantas (our national carrier) has said they will have no flights till at least the middle of 2021. We still can't travel freely throughout the country and our daily numbers are low compared to many places. I have booked a NZ cruise for early 2022 - hoping the vaccine will work and NZ will accept Aussies without fi
  10. Sorry, not the Mekong, but very Buddhist. . It is a part of the Shwedagon temple complex . The statue is of my Myanmar Zodiac sign. There are 8 zodiac signs, depending on the day of your birth. Wed have 2 - Mornings are elephant with raised trunk, afternoons with lowered trunk. Further more, you pour water over the white marble statue. Over to you
  11. Sorry, about that - I jumped the gun. It is in Rothchilds Park, and called The Ring de Statuen.
  12. Wow, that was a complete guess. We started our Christmas Market cruise in Frankfurt and went on the HO Ho - noticed a lot of modern sculptures out past the railway station. Will have a photo shortly.
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