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  1. Whilst in Cape Town earlier this year, we purchased the city sightseeing Hoho for 3 days. - You can also buy a 2 day pass. Very reasonably priced compared to other cities around the world. Go to their website and check out the map - fairly sure there is a stop on the red route just outside where cruise ships dock. There are 4 routes as well as walking tours. We visited in no particular order - Red route - Table Mtn and Camps Bay, Blue route- Kirstenbosch Garden (there are free tours with volunteers), Tea bag shop, Hout Bay, also transfered to purple wine route and visited Groot Constantia and Eagle Hts wineries. Just did a circuit on Yellow route. We were staying near the V and A waterfront so caught the bus there. We also visited Robbin Is (pre buy tickets if that is of interest). The V an A waterfront is very busy and seemed safe - good craft outlets in the shed? and food in another building, also a brew house also the Cape Wheel is here - we walked around here a lot. Other things you might be interested in - Afternoon tea at Mt Nelson hotel, there are many museums - we didn't visit any including the Springbok museum and District 6, We also did a walking food tour - but you probably don't have the time for that
  2. I have included a couple of photos from Te Mata looking back to Napier, and also part of the road up, The road was a little steep and maybe narrow in places from memory.
  3. On an Avalon Christmas markets cruise we went into the Cathedral, and walked around the palace, before being taken to the Astronomical clock. We had arrived at lunch time the previous day - transfered from Nurenberg with Avalon -arrived in Prague at lunchtime, so had that afternoon free - we walked to Charles Bridge and Old Town for the markets. We were staying at the Intercontinental in Prague. After seeing the Astronomical clock (during the included tour) we then walked to Wenceles Square (was about lunch time) - and out to the ugly tower and were able to get back for a late afternoon river cruise. Some people went up the tower at the clock. We managed to do this on our last morning before checking out.
  4. Jamie, I have been to Muriwai Beach to see the gannets as part of an afternoon wine tour out of Auckland. We were there in January 2016. I have not been to Cape Kidnappers. We were happy with what we saw (and smelt). It is an easy walk from the carpark overlooking the black sand beach.
  5. We did our first ever river cruise on the Mekong 9 years ago. We also travelled in August. It was hot and humid but would get a reprieve most afternoons with a short sharp downpour (maybe last 1/2 hr). We travelled downstream, most of the cruise boats call at the same places. Siem Reap was definately the highlight. I had read beforehand to take a lanyard and plastic pouch (which we did) to put our Temples pass in. So glad we did - pass was made of paper (to last 3 days) and you were constantly being asked to show your pass - on the roads, entrance to sites, walking through site etc - if it had been in our wallet it would have been useless after day 1. Something that we did extra was go up in the tethered balloon and we enjoyed this. If you want to climb up to the top part of Ankor Wat, you will both need your knees and shoulders covered - a shawl/ scarf won't do.
  6. We used a company, Prague Airport transfers for a transfer from our hotel in Prague to the airport. I see on their website they do Intercountry transfers - in fact the one they mention is Nuremberg to Prague. We were happy with their service - prepaid on line and gave the driver a tip.
  7. Bimmer we used a company called Roundabout (Tours or Travel?). From memory we were first off the ship and were met in the carpark. Vendors were setting up stalls as well. We drove straight to Lake Bled to the castle for the views and “famous” Bled cake. Quick look at castle museum. Tried to ride a Plet boat out to church in lake but they weren’t working as too windy. Then went to Vetner gorge. Guide and driver took us to main entrance start of trail and we walked the gorge - a couple of km’s, meanwhile they drove to other end and met us at the exit. So a 1 way walk. We then drove to Llubjana for lunch , guide chose then we walked along the river and pedestrian streets, before going to a bar to try some blueberry scnapps. Drove back to Koper with a 5 min drive through town. I can’t remember what we paid and if we had to pay entrances , lunch extra etc but do remember it compared favourably to other private taxi tours we had arranged in Greece. Jan
  8. Hello Norris (and Carol). Thanks for your wonderful review and photos. I told my husband I was reading this and he rolled his eyes, but when I mentioned the rum bottle being left on the table in Havana - his answer "we must get there one day". So another place for the ever growing list. I found your review whilst looking at the "X" page for information on the EXpedition for Galapagas ( booked for 2021). I had never visited before. We have sailed on Azamara Quest to the Norwegian Fjords - this was a wonderful cruise and itinerary - and your title piqued my interest. So glad I read along and now have your links to previous reviews (Alaska is on that long list of ours). I see you will be in Koper, Slovenia - one of our favorite days - we organised a private tour to Lake Bled (great photo ops) and Llubujana from there. Jan
  9. We visited L'Austral a couple of years back and the deck 3 balcony door is also solid. I think the explanation had something to do with travelling/safety in Arctic/Antarctic regions
  10. I have not been on a Uniworld cruise, but was on a Christmas market cruise with Avalon and we disembarked in Nuremburg before being transfered by bus to Prague (as part of the cruise tour). We disembarked at 8, had 1 toilet stop en route, and arrived at the hotel (The Intercontinental) at lunch time. It was too early to check in, but we were able to go get lunch, then check in - and had the afternoon and evening to ourselves.
  11. If you are looking to do a river cruise, probably look at the specific family sailings as most sailings do not allow/encourage children.
  12. If you go back about 5 pages there is a thread with this info. Has photos of the menus - sorry, not sure if this is how to link -http://Drink packages on Princess cruises from Sydney to New Zealand
  13. To be honest, no idea. I have checked my credit card statement and we paid about $30 Aus for the transfer. Pre booked and pre paid - Pick up from hotel to Airport. As Aussies, tipping is always hard for us. I would assume my husband gave a small note of local currency.(Maybe a 50 or 100). I am sure we had local currency as we went for the Christmas markets, but not sure of amount as we would have also bought British pounds and Euro at the time. At home we usually just round up to next 5 or 10 for taxi's.
  14. I have used Prague Airport transfers in 2016 (for a transfer to the airport). We were happy with them. Their website says they do Inter country transfers.
  15. firstly, Italy and Germany are both in the Eu, so Germany was your first point of entry - hence clearing customs there. Time should be ok, especially if your flights are on the one ticket and your luggage is checked to your final destintion. You will be in transit as said before. (Will not clear customs). You may have to go through a security screening - I have not been to Inceon, but have done so in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Dubai before transitting. I would suggest you have a look at the airport web site - arrivals and departures boards, as from my experience flight numbers and gates are usually similar day to day, so you will be able to get an idea of how far between gates. Last year we had just over 1 hour in Hong Kong - it was rushed, but we had a idea of where we had to go (actually a different building). On arrival in Vietnam, timing will depend on whether you have your visa or not.
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