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  1. Would you like a clue? This used to be the smallest Cathedral in the world. (No longer has a Bishop).
  2. Where is this and do you know it's significance?
  3. I too want to say thank you to @notamermaid for the game. I have been absent for a while now - haven't recognised any photos of late , and have been away "travelling here this year" as we have been advised. We went to "The Tip" of Cape York - saw a few mighty rivers, crocodiles and all. Not sure when we will be able to leave the country - sounds like sometime next year maybe. Hopefully, we will be able to do our Murray River cruise later this year. Travel Safe, everyone. Vada_9
  4. In fact, my cousin had the same conversation with a lady in the Med about the Euro - and she couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t want US$. That is why I posted my comment.
  5. Also, if and when you come, both countries have their own currency.
  6. Correct, on the path back to the Tender wharf. Your turn now.
  7. sorry, wrong country, but very close and a bit more touristy.
  8. is this one of the towers on the walls of Dubrovnic?
  9. I may be able to help you with this info - this is how I am keeping informed? I am using Worldometer.info - coronavirus If you click on the Australia link , and get to the daily updates , then click on the last one (source), opens a new session called covid live, click the world symbol (across the top) and there is a vaccinations column, click on the little box with the arrow and it expands it all. Hope this is the info you are looking for and I have not over stepped
  10. I have no idea where this is but could it be a sundial?
  11. Why, thanks for the compliment. I'll drink to that (not too fussy on my beverage as long as it's wet) LOL.
  12. yes it is the Pirelli Building in Milan. Photo was taken in 2014, a year before the Expo - Australia did not attend. Your turn.
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