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  1. We're on this trip next February with same pre-extension to Port Douglas and Great Barrier Reef. We're looking to get a head start on excursion planning, especially the Viking optionals. Any chance you have a list of the Viking options with prices? I expect there will be changes between now and then, but it'll help with planning.
  2. Anybody have a recommendation for which direction and best months to sail? Rain; temperature; mosquitoes; lake conditions? We're considering Viking's 'Waterways of the Tsars'.
  3. Great info! You remember where you purchased the skip the line ticket book? Thanks much.
  4. Sometimes Viking can be a little vague with excursion details. The Museum is included with our post-cruise extension in Athens, so we thought the panoramic coupled with the Acropolis could be an option. The descriptions online seem similar between the 'Acropolis & Plaka District by Foot' and 'Full Acropolis'. Can you confirm if you had a guide at the Acropolis visit or were you on your own?
  5. Does anyone know if the optional Viking excursion 'Acropolis & Plaka District by Foot' includes a guided walking tour while at the Acropolis. Or is it entirely self-guided?
  6. This is our cruise as well. Viking Atla B-N and like you, we're in Budapest early. We have a private tour booked as well as Viking's optional Taste of Budapest. As long as we stay overnight on the ship in Budapest on the 9th, our private tour should be OK.
  7. They're on MyVikingJourney now. Just saw them today.
  8. That wasn’t my understanding when booking through Viking Air. Just checked our Guest Statement and on page 4 with the day by day itinerary, our non-deviation arrival includes a transfer. Shows up as a separate line with a car/bus icon.
  9. This sounds like great option. I searched online for the Museum Bus and the one I found only makes 3 stops (Hanseatic Museum, Schøtstuene and Norwegian Fisheries Museum). Do I have the correct one? It’s called the Museum Shuttle Bus and was found through visitBergen.com.
  10. I notice the Cuba, Panama & Pacific cruise isn’t offered after 2018. Maybe revising the itinerary?
  11. Are you sailing on the Viking Atla? That's ours and we're getting in early with the Viking extension. Not sure if it helps, but they're putting us up at the Intercontinental Hotel, Budapest. Markets are close by on that side.
  12. Pretty much fully escorted during the walking portions of the tour. There were a few stops where we could wander a bit before the group came back together and continued on. Morro Castle (cigar/rum store); Central Park; Plaza de la Catedral; Plaza de San Francisco were some of the places, but really no time for shopping or a food break other than the included restaurant lunch. On our tour, it was a very busy and long day. We were short on time before the trip to the hotel, but our guide did poll the group and we made a quick 20 minute stop at the Almacenes San José Artisans' Market for souvenir shopping. We reconvened for the classic car, dinner and Tropicana excursion shortly after checking in, and departed Havana first thing next morning. Didn't even have time to see the hotel or surrounding area.
  13. We were there in November 2017. We did both the Havana overnight and Streets of Trinidad. If things are the same, you'll need to book Trinidad the first day and Havana overnight on day 2 and 3. We left Havana after breakfast and stopped at the Bay Of Pigs Museum on way back. Got back in time for lunch and our ship departed at 1:00 pm. It was the only way to do both excursions.
  14. We've always booked direct but are now considering handing it off to our TA for future cruises. I'm aware that communications and documents will now go through our TA, but we usually use Viking Air Plus. Will air communications and arrangements also have to go through the TA as well?
  15. Mitina


    Just to be safe, our hospital’s Travel Clinic recommended Hep A and B vaccinations.
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