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  1. Your trailer park has a dance hall?
  2. A person or two could do a lot of damage to a wine cellar in 4 mo.
  3. You will not be disappointed. No Canada = no Alaska.
  4. “elegant casual” = no jeans.
  5. This place caught my eye while cruising websites. The whole "feel" of it, atmosphere, costumes, etc. had some appeal. Wasn't really thinking in terms of the food per se but that would surely be a plus. If it is too blatantly a tourist trap that would detract.
  6. Never really understood TAs myself, my DW does all that with someone she's dealt with for decades. But now the agency has closed due to Covid and the agent retired. Can one go "TA shopping" based on OBC usually granted? Or switch from one to another?
  7. Do they always replace the bag they have taken away?
  8. Which is it? Makes a difference. Viking must have a standard turn-around protocol.
  9. Others say out in the morning back in the afternoon. Which is it?
  10. Does spending ~ three hours at Vasa then heading toward the palace at noon or so sound like a reasonable plan to you? I've read much about the Vasa - sounds like the Swedes should have consulted the Norwegians in regard to ship building!😊
  11. I'd always stop by the living room bar on my way back from dinner and ask for a couple of wedges. It has now occurred to me that the room steward might easily handle that for us.
  12. How much time was spent at the Vasa? Care to weigh in on how much time is adequate?
  13. Anybody experience the Olde Hansa Restaurant? Comments?
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