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  1. This is what some have a problem with --- that and calling these fees "gratuities." The consumer is being told, essentially, "just pay us this extra money and we'll take it from there."
  2. I have no problem tipping. Viking could be a bit more upfront about their policy though since it is basically a part of the cost unless entirely voluntary.
  3. Fair enough. Sorry to have turned this into yet another pissing contest on tipping.
  4. I too believe in tipping the staff, that's not the issue. I am not interested in the "answers" I am getting because they do not address the question I asked. Is this difficult to understand?
  5. I suppose that answers some question, but not the one I asked.
  6. I suppose that answers some question, but not the one I asked.
  7. We are told that we will be billed an automatic gratuity on an upcoming cruise. I have a problem with this and view it as a thinly veiled forced fee. Viking says we can opt out of this program or make amends by visiting the front desk on the ship. Are there statistics or even guesses as to the percentage of cruisers who take advantage of the opt out option? I would prefer to tip as I please and, assuming great service, the crew would probably be better off that way.
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