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  1. Excellent point. I hope we hear from YWW and that they are okay.
  2. https://nationalpost.com/news/canadian-cruisers-begin-leaving-coral-princess-in-florida-amid-covid-19-outbreak
  3. Canadians will be heading home after a health check. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/coral-princess-return-champagne-1.5523020
  4. I agree with you Pammy and would ask if you have had any health checks while on board, e.g., temperature checks?
  5. Greaserman IMO, Princess will probably arrange a chartered flight to Toronto as was done for the HAL passengers that docked at Port Everglades last week. That was arranged through Eastern Airlines. Be patient. It will happen. But with the uncertainty as to timing, the insurance needs to be sorted. Wishing you and your parents the best.
  6. You or your parents should take Cruisepucks advice and get in touch with the insurance provider.
  7. Hi greaserman. Not great news for Canadians on the ship. Sorry. www.680news.com/2020/04/05/canadians-not-allowed-off-coral-princess-cruise-ship-due-to-new-cdc-guidelines-2/
  8. Ha! Do we live in the same country? Remember our attitude during 9/11? As somebody on a different thread said, “Can we rewrite Come From Away?” As you must know by now POTUS has cancelled our 3M order for masks. Once upon a time, our neighbour to the south was great, but not when the chips are down.
  9. Given one of their latest press releases, I was under the impression that the Coral Princess is scheduled to arrive early Sunday morning. So now having read the Sun Sentinel article, I suppose they will also be required to sit out there, and I assume that if they are given permission to proceed they will have to wait for the Zaandam and Rotterdam to depart.
  10. Thoughts on whether the departures of Zaandam and Rotterdam will postpone the docking of Coral Princess?
  11. Hi Dave. My husband and I met you and Linda on the Baltic cruise last July — a fellow melanoma survivor if you recall. I wonder if in these trying times it might be better to try to help relieve the stress rather than exacerbate it. Just a thought. 😊
  12. Thanks Heidi13. If you haven’t done so already, you might consider registering with Global Affairs so that they know where you are. Here’s the link https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/registration
  13. Heidi13 I’m glad to read that your children have convinced you to come home and I’m sorry your voyage has ended this way. I’m sure you’re busy, so can anyone here give me a link to the travel blog please.
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