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  1. If you are spending $50 a day on cocktails, then you should definitely look at the alcohol package. We considered it on our Viking River Cruise, but given the relatively low price for drinks (6 euros for a G&T) and the lack of onboard drinking time (it's not like an ocean cruise where you are laying by the pool all afternoon) we elected to not pay the $20 per person per day as we didn't think we would both average drinking 3 drinks each day. Since we ended up buying cocktails on the last night for everyone at the bar rather than leaving OBC on the table, I think we chose correctly. Have a great cruise!
  2. Clay Clayton

    15-day TA: Star SJ vs Epic Haven H4

    I'd have no trouble taking Star and using the savings to do a transatlantic the other way in the fall, especially given some of the under $1500 round trip biz class air available if you start in Europe. That's all presuming you have to cruise Norwegian, but given those prices there are other options out there with similar cabins and amenities at half of Star's price so that's what I would doing....oh wait, I already am! LOL. Of course that doesn't work for six ....and frankly I wouldn't want six in a cabin for 15 (mostly sea) days...but to each his own!
  3. Clay Clayton

    Epic Interrupted

    We had an old card we were using on Breakaway and our steward removed it.
  4. Clay Clayton

    The little details

    FYI, the tea on Star in November and on Breakaway in September (and I suspect fleetwide) was Lipton.
  5. Clay Clayton

    Stressed and Sad

    I have the good fortune to be a third, so in addition to the whole middle name/middle initial confusion, I sometimes end up as LastNameIII, or LastNameIii, or LastNameiii. Or worse yet, LastName/FirstNameMiddleName(or middle initial)III(or Iii or iii)Mr. so I have real trouble knowing how my ticket is going to be issued. So far have never had any trouble EXCEPT when trying to use an airline's app. If I haven't registered the app using the correct combination of middle initial or middle name as well as the correct version of the third, it won't "find" my ticket even if I have the confirmation number. This hasn't caused any real issues other that I sometimes have to check in via the web (for some reason it seems to be able to find my ticket whereas the app can't) or worse case at the airport.
  6. Clay Clayton

    Epic Interrupted

    Just spoke to VaGirl who is onboard (they were doing a b2b) and she says they are still scheduled to leave this afternoon in the shortened and changed cruise. Only ports are Private Island and Nassau.
  7. Clay Clayton

    Viking vs. Norwegian Transatlantics

    I may email tellus and see if they know.
  8. Clay Clayton

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Heidi We had tugs handle us in Cadiz last year as we were undocking. One at the bow and one at the stern with very long lines. They ended up turning us in the channel so we left bow first. The channel was certainly not the narrowest I've ever experienced. Do Viking ships not have bow and stern thrusters that enable them to make turns such as this on their own? It wasn't overly windy though I guess the tide could have been impacting us.
  9. Clay Clayton

    Epic Interrupted

    Our friend @vagirl is aboard, wondering if she was the one driving? LOL If it was her, here's hoping that they don't let her try to dock Epic in Freeport!
  10. Clay Clayton

    Viking vs. Norwegian Transatlantics

    How do you find out who the lecturers will be?
  11. Clay Clayton

    Transatlantic Battle Norwegian v. Viking

    I think you are right, it is less lively overall. Viking doesn’t have constant games, tournaments, etc. but on our cruise there were several lively groups which self formed aboard. There was the “we love to dance” group that “met” every night in the nightclub; the LGBT (and friends) group that seemed to get together every few afternoons at the pool for frozen drinks, some scrabble players that had very lively games in the Living Room. I think Viking can be as lively or as relaxed as you want.
  12. Clay Clayton

    Transatlantic Battle Norwegian v. Viking

    Dining is whenever you wish. They have a lot of tables for two but at busy times just like on Norwegian if you don’t want to wait, they offer you the option of sharing tables. Dress code is country club casual. On the TA some gentlemen wore jackets for dinner but most didn’t. Ladies wore nice dresses or slacks. There is an an extra cost drink package, about $20 per person per day. We had lots of OBC so we bought and enjoyed it last year but this year we don’t intend to purchase it. Instead we will carry on (fully allowed) a bottle of gin and a bottle of vodka and use the complimentary mixers in the refrigerator. With the included beer, wine and sodas at meals plus the low price of drinks($6-8) we think we will come out ahead. All of their drink prices are very reasonable-if you look on the Viking board, there is a thread that includes the drink menu with prices. Atmosphere on our TA was very relaxed and friendly. I will say a good percentage last year were first timers like us giving Viking a try at a reasonable cost and I know several fromthe roll call have gone on to sail on “regular” cruises. So give them a try if you can!
  13. Clay Clayton

    Transatlantic Battle Norwegian v. Viking

    I don't recall there being an organized bridge program but since I don't play I am probably not the best resource. Sorry.
  14. A friend told me it needs banana liquor and/or a banana to be a BBC...."he" said a pina colada with bailys sounded good though!😍
  15. Clay Clayton

    Viking vs. Norwegian Transatlantics

    I’m envious!