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  1. We had no issues-our CDC cards had only first and last names whereas passports include middle names and in my case, a “III” after my name😳
  2. July 10-Sky That is apparently the case. The only rough seas we had during our week aboard were on the day/evening we bypassed Heimaey and sailed directly to Reykjavik. I had figured it would be rougher in the north🤪
  3. Yes, Yes, & Yes 1 hour slots for no more than 6 people. No snow in the snow grotto but it’s still cold.
  4. When it worked (pre-Covid) you could see the daily, menus in all venues, book reservations, see your onboard account. Not sure about booking excursions but it reminded you of them and dining reservations by notifying you 30 minutes or so ahead. We loved it! On our Iceland cruise just completed it worked haphazardly. Sometimes all was good, other times it would be shut down immediately after opening. We tried deleting and reloading the app and that helped for a little bit but it quickly began to fail again. We finally gave up. I wonder if the app wasn’t updated when Apple
  5. I didn’t either until his YouTube appeared yesterday. Hate I didn’t get to meet him.
  6. The one with them 90° to each other with the “surfboard” table pointing into the corner. Makes it easier to get to the balcony. Copied it from Jim.
  7. Whale watching-Akureyri We enjoyed ourselves on this tour even tough we didn’t see any big whales. We saw two minke whales on our way out towards the mouth of the fjord. Then we saw a pod of 25 or so dolphins which were fun to watch. Be prepared for chilly weather. There is indoor seating on the boat but we enjoyed being outside, but had by the middle of the trip put on all the layers we had packed save the rain pants. I wore a tshirt & heavy mock turtleneck off the ship. After 30 minutes or so on the boat I had donned, a fleece pullover, , windbreaker, hat with ear flaps a
  8. Golden Circle (Reykjavik) We enjoyed our day even as long as it was. Our guide was not a spring chicken so I don’t think we got as much information from her as some of the other groups did. The buses follow opposite paths to try to keep from having too many folks in one place at the same time. I think we were lucky in that our sites got progressively more impressive all day, Folks going the opposite direction seem to think the afternoon a waste. 1st stop for us was the old sky lodge and relatively quick after leaving the shop. There is a short trail (mostly paved) through a ser
  9. Jim I just found out this morning (when your Youtube showed up) that you were aboard our ship. Wish Inhad of known as I would have loved to meet you and say thanks in person for all the information you have shared over the years. Especially how to rearrange furniture! It is one of the tips I always try to share with Viking newbies. Agree with your thoughts about Viking’s protocols and unlike some others, hope they continue to test. Thanks again for your efforts.
  10. We found the forecasts generally to be more pessimistic than what actually happened. This included the ones shown on the daily each evening. Layers and be prepared for the weather to change are the important things to keep in mind.
  11. We took water shoes based on the advice of a previous poster who had gotten a piece of volcanic rock inbedded in his foot which took a long time to heal. While I don’t think we really needed them, it made it less slippery when walking in the building especially the locker room. An additional benefit was having them to wear at the thermal spa. I have always been a bit uncomfortable and fearful of a slip and fall when moving from the steam bath to the snow grotto. With the water shoes I felt as surefooted as some of those goats we saw in Iceland. Enjoy the Blue Lagoon-we sure
  12. They do charge your insurance so depending on your plan you may have to pay for it. We are on a high deductible plan and our insurance doesn’t cover testing unless ordered by a doctor. And even if we had done that we would have been billed since we haven’t fulfilled our deductible. Luckily our county provides testing for free.
  13. Our county (Wake in NC) does. We did it before we left for Iceland for our own peace of mind. Didn’t relish the idea of flying there and being thrown off the ship.
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