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  1. We have 3 trips booked, the only one showing sold out in in July Bergan to Iceland. Thanks to you all for the quick response>
  2. Recent Viking passengers what has been your experience with eating in the Restaurant. Do you need to now make reservations for a specific time for dinner or can you walk in at any time like before the covid situation. I have heard that at first you need to make reservations for a specific time and then later in the cruise that was relaxed to walk in at any time. We have done several Viking cruises and we know about reservations with the other two restaurants. I am only interested in your experience with the main restaurant.
  3. Thank you to those who responded to my question, and for your help.
  4. Recommendations for off site cruise parking this November for Ft Lauderdale.
  5. Thanks for everyone's input. My situation is that I can drive to the port in about 2.5 hours. So I was interested in anyone's experience for not taking the free air.
  6. Our situation is that we would fly from Ft Myers to Ft Lauderdale round trip probably via New York or Charlotte or some other hub city and spend 8 to 10 hours in the process. We would of course not choose to do that. So I was interested in anyone who may have encountered a similar situation.
  7. I think I know the answer to this question but here it goes. What has been your experience if you decline the free air on a special promotion. We are looking at a cruise that leaves from Florida and we can drive to the port. The ship leaves and returns to FLL. Any rebate or other consideration for not using the free air?
  8. Yesterday we had all of our money refunded back to our credit card. It took 90 days from when Princess cancelled our November trip to Tahiti. The deposit refund came first followed by the air payment. I did call princess and my travel agent also called, but I don't think it had any affect on when the refund was processed.
  9. Just a few tips from the Viking Star. I am gluten free and the ship has been great in dealing with food restrictions. I get the next days menu delivered to my cabin each day to make my selections and when they can, prepare the meal with out gluten. Most of the food labels in the world cafe have food symbols showing problem ingredients, they were in black and white, my wife suggested they be in different colors to quickly identify problem ingredients. The head waiter came to our table and said it was a great idea and was going to propose it be applied fleet wide, today all the food cards were in color. Well done Viking. Camera tips. To take pictures of the northern lights google the following questions. 1. Why does a camera see better colors of the northern lights than the naked eye? 2. Camera suggestions for taking pictures of the northern lights? Some people have been having good luck with some I phones, but you need to down load a special app for taking pictures of the northern lights and you need to figure out how to mount a phone on a tripod. Your camera needs to be able to use manual focus and a timed exposure and use a tripod, up to 15 seconds exposure may be required. The people with a digital SLR were having very good results. We have had several sightings and most appear to be a white cloud with some green and red color, but you need to use a camera to get the full effect. Hope this helps, sorry for the duel topic.
  10. Thank you to all who have replied to my question. Last month I was on the Pacific Princess and they handled the gluten free situation much like was described by those who have sailed on Viking. This is our third Viking cruise and my first since having to be gluten free.
  11. What has been your experience with being gluten free on VO.
  12. Thank you to all who responded to my question and for your advice and information.
  13. We are booked for a January Northern Lights cruise on the Viking Star. Has anyone taken the Saltstraumen Maelstroms scenic wonders tour? If so what was your experience and would you recommend it?
  14. Thank you again for you comments. Is smoking allowed in all tha bars on the Pacific Princess? If nor where do people smoke, I would like know so that we can avoid the area.
  15. Thank you all for your input. PGI GUY
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