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  1. PGI GUY

    Gluten Free

    Thank you to all who have replied to my question. Last month I was on the Pacific Princess and they handled the gluten free situation much like was described by those who have sailed on Viking. This is our third Viking cruise and my first since having to be gluten free.
  2. PGI GUY

    Gluten Free

    What has been your experience with being gluten free on VO.
  3. Thank you to all who responded to my question and for your advice and information.
  4. We are booked for a January Northern Lights cruise on the Viking Star. Has anyone taken the Saltstraumen Maelstroms scenic wonders tour? If so what was your experience and would you recommend it?
  5. Thank you again for you comments. Is smoking allowed in all tha bars on the Pacific Princess? If nor where do people smoke, I would like know so that we can avoid the area.
  6. Thank you all for your input. PGI GUY
  7. We are Princess Platinum and are returning for a Princess cruise after 10 years of doing other things regarding travel. This our first time on the Pacific Princess for a cruise to the Baltic area in two weeks. I am interested in any tips and suggestions regarding the ship and the area we will be traveling in. What has been the Sterling Steak restaurant experience like? Your thoughts and experience would be appreciated.
  8. We will be going on our third VO cruise and for the first time having to be gluten free. What has been your experience?
  9. We flew from Ft Myers, FL to Dallas, then to LAX on American. Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong and the from Hon Kong to Bali. We arrived around 2pm from Hong Kong. Hope this helps.
  10. We did this trip in March and booked the air with Viking and paid the fee to select our flights in Business class. We flew American to LA and Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong and the on to Bali arriving in the morning around 10AM. The Business class fare was cheaper than we could have booked on our own.
  11. Thank you for the information on wifi. We are thinking of taking this trip next year. I am interested in your experience and success in seeing the Northern Lights. Information on weather, type of clothing and optional excursions suggestions.
  12. I am also interested in how this was resolved.
  13. Thank you to all who replied to my question.🙂
  14. What has been your experience in booking a future cruise while on board within the last 3 months? What benefits and perks were offered if any? We will be on our second cruise in March and would like to book a third VO cruise but I do not want to pay a year in advance
  15. We have made other plans for parking. Thank you for your input.
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