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  1. Ditto on Viking less crowded. From what I have seen of the P&O ships we would never consider them. What do you think will come from the "Powers that Be" as to the resumption of cruising? Delta Airlines announced they will limit planes to 60% capacity for the next few months. That will make flying a whole lot better but inevitably more expensive. What if Viking limited to 60% capacity? 550 or so passengers would make Viking about as good as any cruise gets. Of course they would probably dial back the crew numbers too as well as upping prices somewhat. One of my very few issues with Viking Oceans has been that the Star Theater is not suited for 930 passengers. Other than that, whole sections of the MDR would be vacant and reservations very easy to get at the other venues. Just speculation but what else do I have to do? 🍺
  2. It's Andy, a right bad influence.😎
  3. Hence the wake up call. Don’t want to miss out.🍺😎
  4. Hi Gang, Is this seat taken? Wow, I had a huge breakfast in the MDR. Don't usually eat that much at brekkie but it was so good. Eggs Bennie, fruit, toast, and a side of pancakes. All I want to do right now is stretch out here with one of these warm furs and relax. Will one of you wake me for lunch???😎
  5. Just received an attractive email from SD touting the upcoming Norwegian cruises. Nice pictures and description.....Except nowhere in the email does it mention being restricted to Norwegians. I guess the intent is to get me to call in and maybe buy some other future speculation.🍸
  6. We are starting the day down in the gym. No worries, we will be back up here after for some Vitamin C. Probably in a Bloody Mary....😳😎
  7. Photopro, if you think Andy has a good eye for photography, you should see his eye for beer!🍺🍺🍺
  8. Hi Char, I am sure Andy will weigh in but I also operated ships in those areas. As I read the latest Canada ruling on cruise ships, it states that Foreign Flag vessels with over 100 overnight accommodations (passengers and crew) will not be allowed to operate in Canadian waters. So, not only are the ports closed but there will be no transiting of the inside passage or even the outside route in Hecate Strait. If any non Canadian passenger ships want to sail to Alaska from the US they must sail out into the Pacific Ocean and also make another foreign port. In other words, no HAL trips from Seattle to Ketchikan without a stop in Mexico or Japan or, well you get the idea. In short, I would bet Alaska cruises are not happening this year. Sad, but it is what it is.
  9. Photopro, a great tale. And it fits here as you would not believe the subjects I have overheard in Explorers.....😱 Open mic night in Explorers Lounge. 🍸
  10. I certainly get the age factor and not wanting to take public transit. I have used the Tube many times in the past but more recently I have used car services and black cabs as the Tube involves a fair degree of mobility and moving fairly quickly. I have a possible suggestion which might work for y'all. Take a cab from Tilbury docks to Greenwich. This is about 20 miles and should not be as horrible traffic as central London (depending on time, weather, etc.). In Greenwich take the Thames Express boat up to Westminster. This is an interesting ride and gets great views of the bridges and riverside history. From the boat dock in Westminster Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey are all a very short walk. A bit further on on King Charles Street is the Churchill War Rooms. We find it a very interesting stop. This puts you at the edge of St. James Park and, depending on your walking endurance, it is a really pretty walk through the park to Buckingham Palace. From the Palace a cab back to the Tower of London would rest your feet for a bit. After the Tower you are very close to St. Katherines Dock area with the Dickens Inn for a rest and a pint or two. From there it is easy to catch the boat back to Greenwich and a cab from there back to Tilbury. Greenwich is one of our favorite spots as well with the Royal Naval College, Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, and several nice pubs. Just a suggestion but modifications for less walking are easy. We love London and hope y'all have a great time. 🍺
  11. We are having serious Jost van Dyke withdrawal. Anyone booked this fall for the BVI? Not sure I want to send SD money yet but hoping it works out for later this year. Happy Memorial Day to all.🍸😎
  12. Great description Photopro. Haha, Viking had us at "No Kids". Actually there was a bit more involved but that was a big reason we noticed Viking. My TA had sent me info on Viking before and we received the description of the Inaugural WC when it was released. We never traveled longer than a couple of weeks as we were parents to the best little dog ever. I know, everyone says that about their dog but with ours it was true. Unfortunately she became ill and we lost her. The forgotten Viking Inaugural came back to the front. Like Andy we had really done our homework as I have been a lifetime Cunard passenger, going back to the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth days as a child and the Cunard World Cruise was listed approximately half the cost of Viking. Really checking all the plusses of Viking made it a wash financially. QE2 was, and still is, my favorite ship ever but ships, like us, have a sell by date🍸. What a feeling to be doing 30+knots in the North Atlantic. Back to Viking. The ship appealed to our tastes as to design and decor. Under 1,000 passengers also a big draw though 500 or so onboard would be perfect.😳 So, after losing our special dog, we just had to get out of the house. As luck would have it, we booked one of the very few remaining cabins on the Inaugural World Cruise about 5 months out. That voyage was so unbelievably spectacular with everyone onboard doing the full WC that two weeks after arriving home 4+ months later we called "our guy" at Viking and started working toward the 2019 WC that ended (for us) in LA this past January. That cruise went on to be the famous Magical Mystery Tour. Part of us regrets getting off in LA but after two WCs in two years we had lots of maintenance type stuff to schedule. So, we have sailed Viking Oceans twice. Almost 9 months on Viking Sun. We sit here missing our pals, the ship, and most of all the crew. We have a Viking River cruise booked in 2021 on the Nile but, as with all of us, we shall see what happens.
  13. Haha, "burn off" $$. Andy just has a way with words. And as to different answers, none of us have figured out the answer to that yet.🍸
  14. Then things have changed in the last 6 months. Again, we might have had it different on a WC but spent OBC at the Jewelry on both trips.
  15. Mmmm. The Bloody Mary really tastes good today. A little too much Torshavn last night.🥃😎
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