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  1. Patmos looks lovely in the travel mags. A good place to be when you don't go out in boats in strong winds. I agree with y'all. We would be checking out the cafes and other sites too.🍸
  2. Haha, that's nice no kids. We are guaranteed no kids on Viking Sun.🍸 Sounds like a great start to your trip.
  3. Looking forward to y’all’s posts.🍸
  4. One day we will sail together again. Leaving on the 30th to rejoin Viking Sun in Greenwich.🍸
  5. There were plenty when we docked but you can book online if that sounds better. A short schlep when you collect bags but lots of nice porters just waiting to help and get some $$. Not too pricey but then NOTHING in Venice is cheap as you know. I would be very surprised if the Danieli did not have porters to help. The water taxi can dock adjacent to the hotel, possibly the hotel has a water entrance as there is a side canal. I suggest email the Danieli and tell them your plans. They will probably give you a number to call/text when you are getting close. The water taxis are, imho, the most beautiful way to get around. I always hear the voice of that "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" guy in my head as we cruise into or out of Venice. We tend to avoid the Vaporetto, the inexpensive water bus. Lots of stops between where you are and where you want to go, or so it always seems. And it is, again imho, very reminiscent of a NYC subway but with water views. We love Venice and hope to see it again in the not too distant future. Lots of talk about limiting tourists and cruises in general. SD would not be restricted yet as they are currently discussing banning the over 100,000 ton ships. I would not miss them at all. As a former resident of a Florida beach tourist town I get their frustrations with being overwhelmed by tourists. Just shut the door after I get in.......🍸
  6. Water taxi is our preferred way. But then we once schlepped our bags over 1,000 bridges to get to a hotel...🍸
  7. Bon Voyage Zimmy and Trapper Zimmy. Hope to hear how it goes for y'all.🍸
  8. Haha, Andy, I know your "Classic Monuments of London"..... The Prospect of Whitby, The Dickens Inn, The Gipsy Moth, etc, etc, etc.....🍺
  9. Back when we lived in Destin we could never find a decent, or even tolerable flight schedule to Anchorage. Waited till we moved west to cruise Alaska. So we understand your problems with the airlines. Guess no one from the South goes to Alaska?? Haha, I did when I ran ships there but then crew changes were always in Seattle.🍸
  10. Hi Peregrina. Noticed you are from Boston. Care to share your fave North End restaurant? One of our upcoming stops on Sun is Boston. We have been there a number of times and love visits to Boston but nothing like local knowledge.🍸
  11. We stayed in 4046. In 120 days no noise at all.😎
  12. Oops. Our transfer was with Seabourn but the coach was locally sourced so Viking's should be similar. Only one way to get there by road. There is a train that makes the run and is supposed to have even better views but have not ridden that train.
  13. We have taken it the other way. From Anchorage airport to Seward docks. It is a beautiful drive and the coach we were on was only about a third full and a comfortable coach to boot. Not much traffic the day we did it and the weather was clear. As always in Alaska, your mileage may vary..😎
  14. Haha, thread drift....Gotta love it...🍸
  15. And thanks for the info. Always learn from the Master.....🍸
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