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  1. And I will add that I don't know what I want to eat tonight much less months in advance. We book what we are allowed when available pre cruise but when on board mostly change it up. We have never not gotten what we wanted as far as specialty dining. As Andy said this is all pre covid advice. None of us know what to expect really. Mr. Hagen has repeatedly stated when they restart it will be "the Viking way". Our experience is world cruises but the last world cruise was a bunch of segments. Still were able to get rez when we wanted. Viking is not like any other line. Some things you mig
  2. When you get right down to it most of SA is not safe to travel in the best of times. On the first leg of the Ultimate WC, every port talk emphasized not straying off from groups, leave all valuables, including watches in the safe and be very careful about going out at night. Still crew and a fellow passenger suffered robberies on the streets. Add this new covid strain and I agree with you, might not be any voyages down there any time soon.
  3. Folks, even before the vax your chances of going there, catching covid, becoming very ill, and dying, were slim. You will now have the vax. Relax. You are going on yet another grand holiday. Talk about the fun stuff..
  4. Hi Ron, Cruises that do the partial transit go through the Gatun Locks then anchor in Gatun Lake waiting for their return to the Caribbean time slot. We have done this on Cunard but the route is the same. I don't think any go all the way through and then back through to complete a r/t FLL cruise. Still, the locks are very similar as they were built at the same time. We had locals come aboard for entertainment and trinket sales while anchored in Gatun Lake. A great trip when you don't have time for a longer cruise.
  5. I bet it's there somewhere. Now which darn icon do I click next???
  6. Thanks so much. All that running and other stuff sure was fun!🍸
  7. It is a lovely place we certainly would love to visit again. Between us we have had three knee replacements and an arthroscopic "clean up" in the last year so still working back up to speed. Really would love to see Bermuda again.
  8. These two new offerings are Viking's "test cruises" if you will. They are a very controlled attempt to re start. I really appreciate all who are booking and Viking for trying their best to get going. I would not expect these to be anything like the Viking we all know and love but it is a start. "Normal" won't happen until we collectively treat covid like any other serious disease and treat the afflicted, including removal and repatriation home but get on with it for the rest of the world. There will be a day when covid no longer means "the sky is falling"......
  9. In two Viking world cruises, they have taken care of every item of clearance, immigration, inspection necessary. I don't think they will stop taking care of those type things now.
  10. Haha, "general population", got a laugh. Great description. 🍸
  11. I agree with Pirate that the passenger makeup/vibe is very important. I would have to say our SD voyages have ranged from Best Ever to one of the worst. Picking time of year and itinerary can help and I still attest that SD is the best of all in the Caribbean. Trapper, being a Chicago attorney, is much more tolerant and loving than I. Oops, just my misanthrope side showing.....🍸😎
  12. If I am reading this article right, Venice is banning ALL cruise ships from the Lagoon. I think it is the right move as the water movement under the buildings caused by the shallow water being displaced by the ships is causing undermining. Ships make a lot of water move out of their way in a strong, but generally not seen, current. If I were a Venetian I would want this. Plenty of tourists arriving by rail/air, etc. https://apple.news/AUrLV1BetM1uszMuN0yDelw
  13. Happy Easter to all the Viking folks. Do they have Easter Egg Nog here in Explorer's? 🍹
  14. Haha, apples and oranges question. But very nice apples and oranges....🍸
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