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  1. Jim Avery

    Live from the Orion - Sydney to Auckland - 2/10/19

    Celtic Mutt, great reporting. I enjoyed your Pool Deck view many days. Mount Gay and Bailey's?? Well obviously it is a Gay Irishman....😳🍸
  2. Jim Avery

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Raggy, put down the wine and back away from the ship.......🍸
  3. Jim Avery

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Will have CHENGKP75 give the final answer but from a practical standpoint, it would have to be very strong to arrest the sudden load and ship's lines have to pass through chocks, fairleads and fit over bollards sometimes with several other lines so a section of heavy slack lines would complicate issues somewhat.
  4. Jim Avery


    Haha, ok, I have cancelled your enrollment to the Ho-Hum Academy of Rapid Response Writing. Sounds as if Havana was worth it. Thanks for taking the time to culturally enrich the rest of us.🍸
  5. Jim Avery

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Glad you made it , Chief. Always enjoy your input.🍸And interesting that they finally added a stern thruster. Captain Knutsen never seemed to miss one but then some have a hard time leaving a dock without multiple thrusters.....
  6. Jim Avery


    Ok Trapper, it's "later"......😎
  7. Jim Avery

    Viking Jupiter crash

  8. Jim Avery

    Movies in Cabins

    We had absolutely no problems watching movies on Viking Sun. 120 days we watched lots of movies. Occasionally the satellite feed would get dropped while watching news channels. I believe the movies are on the ships internal system.
  9. Jim Avery

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    This is quite costly for Viking. What I read says the ship will not sail till all the technical inspections are completed. One story referred to a "fracture" of the shell plating. I assume not large but still this will require the Classification Society Surveyors, divers, Port State inspectors and at least some repair of plating if it is, in fact, separated at all. This always takes time. Already they are putting passengers up in hotels, again according to reports, and who knows what travel arrangements will be needed for current and next cruise or two passengers. I hope the Captain is cleared as any "incident" can be career limiting.
  10. Jim Avery

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Any word as to cause? Operator error (Pilot or Captain) or some glitch in the controls of a new ship?
  11. Jim Avery

    Frightening number of new ships on the Horizon

    Just about everywhere we went on last year's Inaugural WC was very crowded. Except Egypt which we had basically to ourselves. The new order book will make places even more crowded but the next decade will be a great time to be a 40ish Licensed Officer with a clean record.😎
  12. Jim Avery

    Frightening number of new ships on the Horizon

    I think Viking will do well especially if they maintain the "anti mega ship" mentality. The big crunch will be for trained personnel. From Cook to Captain all these new builds will be raiding everywhere for licensed and unlicensed personnel. Another consideration is dock and shipyard space. All these ships have to go somewhere. Many cruise destinations are already crammed. Even Asian ports are crowded already. And every cruise ship needs scheduled by regulation haul outs in shipyards as well as the inevitable boo-boo that happens to ships. I see large backlogs of work here. As has been mentioned there will be those older ships retired and even if there are mergers, there will still be this glut of ships. It will be interesting, especially since a major cruise demographic will be aging out of the market by 2027. Time will tell. Only 180 or so days till Viking Sun!🍸
  13. Jim Avery

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    And as we know, some Captains are better ship handlers than others. Some are almost as good as you and I.....😎
  14. Jim Avery

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Had a friend from home when I lived in Florida killed by a parting line. Not on my ship but it emphasizes the danger of being anywhere near a line under load.
  15. Jim Avery

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    All correct except, according to Captain Knutsen on WC1, no stern thruster. We had tug escorts at some ports but I never saw a line passed over. But then I slept through a few docking/undockings. 😎