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  1. Same here. Just trying to eliminate any possible layers of bureaucratic duplication.
  2. It still seems a waste of space and time as the latest instructions from Viking for our Hawaii voyage tells us to bring our CDC card for inspection at checkin. Way too much "junk" on my phone to worry with adding this one.
  3. Just my two cents worth but a world cruise, especially one where all the passengers are taking the full cruise as opposed to BtoBto BtoBto B, etc. is to me not like any other cruise. We think of it as moving to a new little town and securing a small waterfront flat. Small but very nicely fitted with a top notch staff and everything we could want included. And then our flat changes locations daily. The only problem is when they tell you to go home.....🍸
  4. Isn't filling out the Viking health form online at their website "electronic" transmission of our Vax info?
  5. Location of the ship in the world. Supply issues. Got to eat some very different styles of yogurt, for one example, as we traveled around.
  6. Good question. I know they have a couple of artificial sweeteners offered but things change from location to location so best I can say is maybe...😎
  7. Take care of Orion and make sure they get to San Pedro for the Hawaii trips...🍸
  8. We have friends that were upset with the lack of casino. I know, Viking publishes that but we all know people that never read instructions. Some might miss the elaborate shows. Thats all I have heard complained about as to missing things found on other ships. They had us at no kids....🍸
  9. You don't get what you don't ask for.....🍸
  10. We feel the same. We used to enjoy formal nights on QE2 as all but the first and last nights were very formal. Virtually everyone complied and the codes were enforced. Now Cunard has "Formal Night" I believe once a week with not too many in real formal wear. No sense packing all that stuff for one fake night a week. Like y'all we love the atmosphere on Viking. Will settle for no ball caps in the restaurants..🍸
  11. Haha, good one. I book the "cheap" cabins and on a WC they put 4 liters of your choice of spirits on the desk and do replace "as often as needed". What a deal...🍸
  12. And there is a very active roll call for this cruise over in the roll call section.
  13. Hey, those pix you posted of you and Judi on P&O all dressed up looked good.🍺
  14. It's just an old saying where I came from. I certainly did not mean it personally at you Clay. And I am old fashioned enough to consider $1,280.00 to be worth having. All cruises are expensive these days. I'll give one example of what I meant though. On the Inaugural WC we arrived at LAX to find the red paddles. Went outside to a large line of fellow passengers waiting on the "free" bus transfer to the ship. I asked the guy in front of me how long he had been there and he replied "about an hour". I went to the Viking rep and asked her what the hold up was and she alluded to a problem with the vendor. And there just happened to be a long line of cabs right behind us so we grabbed one. We are not waiting in the hot sun on a bus. We arrived shortly at the checkin tent, the only ones there with about 20 nice Viking folks waiting to help us. Instant checkin, escorted onboard for a glass of champagne and immediately on to our room to settle in. About two hours later we were sitting at the Viking Bar in the Living Room when a couple of busses showed up with hot passengers. Were we stupid to blow off the "free" ride for a $75 cab? All of us had paid what I consider a lot of money to be there so for $75 we got our cruise off to a great start. That's the kind of stuff I was alluding to. 🍸
  15. Haha, I will trade broke stories with you anytime...
  16. Guess I'm not being very clear. This is a Southernisim, stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime. Means, as the prior poster said, obsessing over small change when one can obviously afford to cruise multiple times. Like Clay. 🍸
  17. Beautiful! Stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime...
  18. My "yes" is based on pre covid experience. Unfortunately I have not been onboard a Viking ship since January 4, 2020. Night time is when lots of crew could be found in there.
  19. How a dog can smell anything past the overload of scent some folks wear is amazing.
  20. Might have better luck with Pilsner and Schwarzbier...🍺
  21. Finse is trained. Licked my leg at the Viking Bar. Trained martini detection dog...🍸
  22. Good one. Why does Viking do this? Because they can. Simply put, lots of us want to sail or sail again with Viking and are willing to pay in advance for our place onboard. 🍸
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