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  1. Are cabins near the lifts to be avoided or is the noise minimal?
  2. 2020 my guess. Or he is living in the past and came here through the time tunnel.
  3. With Princess a deck plan is displayed so you can pick a room. I went through to where you put your name and address in and I got no deck plan. Nov 1 , 2021 CNARY Islands. Looking an an unobstructed balcony on Victoria.
  4. Flying from theUS so I would have to buy in Southampton. Booked a Princess Grill and I think some alcohol is included although I usually rebook when prices go down and the drinks are gone. At least thats what happened on Princess.
  5. Booked first Cunard Cruise-for this Sept but cancelled and rebooked for oct 2021. Have 25 cruise on Princess but have grown disenchanted with people wearing t shirts on formal nights. Dont mind dressing up. Hopefully most people will respect the dress code.
  6. They should not have reduced the staff until all the refunds were processed. It is obviously not a priority, right or wrong.
  7. If I had a lot of money tied up I would dispute rather than risk Bankruptcy and getting nothing. They have had plenty of time to issue refunds .
  8. Looked at the Princess Cruise to the Northern lights next year. Not a fan of The Island since the remodel and removal of the rear lounge so I booked Cunard. They seem to be sending the island to the most desirable locations .
  9. People can no longer serve themsleves. It just wont work. I rarely go to the buffet unless nothing else is open.
  10. Not cruising until October 20, 2021. Not like without a vaccine. Had a 9/11/2020 cruise scheduled with I cancelled .
  11. I wonder if they will institute fixed dining in the Grills so there can be distance between tables.
  12. I would cancel my Citi card and tell them why. Never had any problem with Chase. I will never charge a cruise in Citi bank and probably will never use the card again.
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