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  1. We did this a few years ago but not on the grand. We found it boring and would not do it again. Only 4 ports. My wife does not like that many sea days. Cold for half the trip. They used to go to 5 islands, which would make a big difference. We are are retired and looking for something to to do. We do enough relaxing at home.
  2. oskidunker

    Different ship taking Grand Princess place?

    The port has nothing to do with where princess puts their ships.
  3. oskidunker

    Princess Cruise "Secrets" 2019

    Cruises may appear sold out one day and then not the next day. Tracking a cruise to Mexico , looking for a last minute fare reduction. Monday 27 cabins left. Yesterday none. Today 22. Not sure what is causing this. Be patient. Cruise before had availability up to 2 days before sailing
  4. Most restaurants stop serving lunch at 2 pm
  5. oskidunker

    Attire Expectations

    I wouldnt care.i enjoy dressing up. It’s a nice change. If you don’t agree, go with what you feel comfortable in.
  6. oskidunker

    Lowering cruise prices

    There must be a computer program that adjusts prices based on cabins left and days to sailing. One cruise I am following seems to change by a few dollars during the day as well as major reductions overnight.
  7. oskidunker

    Current MDR times on Grand

    5:15 and 7:30, per someone now on the ship
  8. oskidunker

    Required payment in advance for excursions

    I could not just sit on the ship and not go on excursions. Some private operators only require a small deposit in advance. Go on your roll call and perhaps you can join tours other people have booked change is hard but Princess is not going to go back to the old ways. Everything changes, sometimes not for the better.
  9. oskidunker

    New fixed dining times

    Report from Someone currently on the Grand Mexican cruise say early TD is 5pm and Late is 7:30. I could go with 7:30 and see how I like it.
  10. oskidunker


    It is ok on the smaller ships like the Pacific, where I won three times on a 12 day cruise. Few people played because the ship is so small. Only bought one card for $10 each time. Sometime only 25 playing out of 680 passengers. I would not play until the last game on the larger ships as it is almost pure profit for Princess with very little given out.They do not seem to increase the pay out even when more people are playing
  11. oskidunker

    New fixed dining times

    I also would not be happy and would switch to anytime.
  12. oskidunker

    Why is the World Cruise so expensive?

    2 years ago I got a 21 day fron Chile at a Greatly reduced price threaded before the Feb cruise. They broke it up into segments. Best price might be waiting until a few months before. They dont always sell out far in advance
  13. oskidunker

    New fixed dining times

    This is really ridiculous. How hard is it to stick to posted dining times and why do they need to change them?....
  14. oskidunker

    New fixed dining times

    Anyone off the Grand for the 10 day Mexico cruise from a San Francisvi? Curious what the dining times were