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  1. We have a friend who uses them because they can get cabins that aren't allocated to Australia. He's had no trouble whatsoever. You just need to be happy with the bottom line after the extras have been added
  2. Just checked our Cruise personaliser, and the Coffee package is AUD $51.21 for 15 drinks. Cruise Oct 27 2019 on Golden Princess.
  3. I guess you don't need the details, just the fact there is a delay 🙂 They were happy to have more time ashore
  4. According to a travelling friend the Viking Gullveig was delayed in Regensburg because of a lock problem upstream today
  5. Thanks voluntr57. Booked a short break
  6. I have a drinks menu somewhere if I can dig it up later. We had the Brindiamo package that cost us a reasonable sum but it was pretty restrictive. We were stuck with it as we didn't want to fork out any more money. A lot of stuff wasn't included and we finished up thinking we would have been better to just pay as we go. Hubby ordered aperol and then added 7up to make his aperol spritz. There were also fancy coffees that weren't part of the deal and had to be paid for separately.
  7. Doesn't really matter who you insure with but it's definitely a case of reading the T&Cs and applying it to yourself. The credit cards all use normal underwriters same as the paid insurance companies. I've now acquired a pre existing condition and have a to pay a fee on top of the free insurance with CBA. It was all clear and straightforward. The CBA one is with Covermore. Haven't ever thought of a nurse to accompany you back. Wonder if that's normal?
  8. They've always had good deals but as usual it didn't apply to Aussies. Now some local agents have become involved things are looking up. The contact on the Costa site says Perth time but I think it was actually Shanghai as we both had a lot of trouble understanding each other and this wasn't just a one off call. Our original cruise was to Norwegian Fjords and Costa cancelled it and booked us on a different ship that didn't actually go to Norway so there was quite a bit of backwards and forwards to cancel the new cruise and get on a similar one that actually went to Norway. I'm always mainly interested in ports visited and Costa have some good cruises to different places with their repositioning ones being great value.
  9. We had trouble booking it because it was pretty unknown to Aussie agents and there can be big price differences in the location you book it through. Finished up using the 1st mob and I think it was also a good learning experience for them. Our agent was impressed with the value and different places they visited although he did earn his money on that booking as Costa weren't easy to deal with
  10. We travelled on he Mediterranea last year so will try to answer your questions 1. Smoking's not allowed on balconies thereare a couple of designated smoking areas. 2. Foods ok but not exciting 3. Free water isn't supplied at all except from the fountain near the theatre. Americans get it free as part of their package. 4. Activities are ok although a bit geared to Europeans. 5. There was afternoon tea although not as elaborate as other lines. Our tour was northern Europe out of Hamburg and it turned out to be 90% German speakers but I think this was a bit unusual. We only met another English speaker couple on the second of last day. We shared our table with a couple from Denmark who had English as a second language. Our cabin was fine. Nice even.
  11. Cruising kirby it's not nicely spelled out like the American site. You have to search for it on the Australian website. It just gets a passing mention in the SE build update.
  12. Yes it's the Pacific crossing. The guru says it's from Tokyo to Vancouver
  13. The PDF for the new insurance is up on the CBA website. This is the insurance we use so were interested to check the new conditions. https://www.commbank.com.au/latest/changes-insurances-included.html
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