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  1. We filed a credit card chargeback with Costa for our cancelled cruise.. After an investigation by the bank our claim was upheld and the money was credited back to our account.
  2. Well good news for us We instigated a charge back on our credit card that seems was not contested by Costa. We've received back the full amount. We'd paid in installments and it was refunded to us in the same way.
  3. I've had a few nightmares trying to get through to Qantas in the past. Our flights to Japan were booked through Expedia and I found them more responsive and probably Qantas dealt with them better than with individual clients.The middleman was an unexpected plus. Our flights for a tour to Japan were mid March the day after Australia raised it's warning and after having packed bags at the front door we decided to forfeit our money and not go. I hadn't done online checkin and three hours before our local flight I rang Expedia to see if anything could be done. The operator was
  4. Agree as I'm getting fedup with thread update that really have no relevance to finding cheap cruises. A separate thread solves my inbox problem
  5. Yes it is on the CMV website where you can read all conditions relating to their cruises. Or your travel agent should inform you. Vasco Da Gama AUD $12 per person per night (this amount reduces to $10 per person per night for cruises of greater than 16 nights duration). CMV Additions packages allow guests to book and pre-pay gratuities at a reduced rate. All service charges and gratuities are collated, so a portion goes to each crew member, who helps to make your cruise special. This is not only distributed to your cabin steward, waiter or bar attendant but also between the hidden
  6. I picked up books from the library. Not a huge range and you just take and return them when you're finished. Looked like lots that had been left by past passengers
  7. Good to know Leigh. We were just on the 5 day from Melbourne so didn't bother to do too much checking like we would on a longer cruise. The internation cafe was always really busy with a long queue for the coffee part. Finding a seat was also awkward as it's a popular spot to just hang out. We're used to HAL where it's also available at the bars. I'm not the coffee connoisseur in the family. After ordering a pay coffee for dinner that came in a huge cup hubby tried various options trying to get double coffee or less water but nothing worked. He just got smaller weaker cups. I'm hap
  8. We loved the pizza bar on the Lido deck and had it for lunch a couple of times when we just felt like a snack. Really good thin crust fresh pizzas.There's also a burger and hot dog bar. I think they all close at 11pm On the last day I also discovered the soft serve bar had fantastic milkshakes with proper icecream for I think $2.50. Try paying that for a milkshake ashore. Hadn't bothered before thinking they were the usual thickshake which is all I've ever managed to get in America. The coffee was not very good and I heard lots of people complaining about it. We Aussies are serious a
  9. We have a friend who uses them because they can get cabins that aren't allocated to Australia. He's had no trouble whatsoever. You just need to be happy with the bottom line after the extras have been added
  10. Just checked our Cruise personaliser, and the Coffee package is AUD $51.21 for 15 drinks. Cruise Oct 27 2019 on Golden Princess.
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