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  1. We received a refund check also, as opposed to the credit back to our charge card that we had been told to expect. In our case, it was preferred since I would have had to ask AmEx to cut us a check for the credit balance, which would have just further delayed getting the money into our account bank account. Also, I was able to keep a bunch of AmEx points. 😉
  2. That's great, Roz! It feels so weird for us to not have anything planned. We had to cancel Italy for May and a Uniworld Douro cruise for November as well as a smattering of other shorter trips. At this point, I'm just letting all the refunds sit in our bank account until we figure out what's next.
  3. I understand the frustration, as I have been there as well. That said, I do know that the volume that all of these companies are having to deal with all at once has to be astronomical. Not sure there is any good answer as so many are dealing with situations we never could have imagined just a few months ago.
  4. Update: Refund received 6/6. Refund for the penalty and our airfare already was received from Allianz on May 13. The only silver lining of my husband's illness is that it allowed for us to cancel without losing anything out of pocket, except for the original cost of the insurance.
  5. The whole issue of the pandemic as well as other medical issues that have come up for my husband make the whole idea of another river cruise in the 'iffy' column for us at least until next year - if ever. Even at that point, with DH in his 70s and with pre-existing conditions, it will be interesting to see whether such a trip would even be insurable. I imagine the travel insurance industry is seriously reconsidering their rates and conditions for insurance. (I do have to add, though, that Allianz has been terrific, providing refunds for two big trips we had planned to Europe for this spring and fall.)
  6. Throwing my experience in here although our cancellation was not due to COVID-19. Cruise date - November 15 Cruise cancellation - April 28 by us Refund request date - April 28 Resolution - TBD. We were told to expect a full refund minus the $200 per person cancellation penalty that could be applied to a future cruise. (Instead, we have applied for the refund of the penalty amount under our travel insurance since the cancellation was due to a covered medical reason.) Uniworld told us to expect the credit from them to take 6-8 weeks. I have asked that it be expedited but they obviously want to keep our money for as long as possible. Not impressed. We booked a Grand Suite and paid in full back in September so it is a sizable amount of money.
  7. Our policy is with Allianz. I think what we are going to do is cancel with Uniworld for a refund and then file with insurance for the $400 penalty plus our airfare. It’s too much money to keep tied up for another year with so much still unknown.
  8. Thanks for your response. I hadn’t thought about it in terms of moving the dates to save on the insurance cost. That’s a good point since it was pricey given our ages and the high cost of the trip. My only hesitation is not knowing when we’ll be able to travel again but I’m certainly hopeful for sometime in 2021.
  9. We are scheduled for a Douro cruise in November but find that we may need to cancel due to a medical condition that developed since the time we booked. From looking at our documents, it appears that we can cancel for a full refund minus a $200 per person penalty so long as we cancel more than 120 days from when the cruise is set to commence. (We are currently about 200 days out.) I've sent an email to Uniworld but have not heard back yet. We have trip insurance but want to be sure how much our out of pocket will be for filing, should we have to cancel. Thanks.
  10. https://apple.news/AFkR4SKsvT8KLk94Qw9kcHw Scores of passengers and crew aboard a river cruise boat are being held under quarantine in eastern Cambodia after a British passenger tested positive for the coronavirus. The vessel belonging to Viking River Cruises is under police guard as it remains moored on the Mekong River outside the town of Kampong Cham. Cambodian Health Minister Mam Bunheng on Wednesday visited the Kampong Cham provincial hospital, where the 65-year-old woman from the United Kingdom is being held for observation and treatment. The woman is Cambodia's third confirmed case. Mam Bunheng said late Tuesday that the remaining 63 passengers and crew aboard would be tested and quarantined for 14 days. Four other passengers from the U.K. have already been tested with negative results. The luxury cruise originated in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and visited the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, before arriving at Kampong Cham.
  11. Understand, and agree completely. It was like pulling teeth trying to get info on routing changes when the rivers were low, and the cruise lines seem to be feeling their way through this one similarly.
  12. It was directly from the Uniworld site. This thread started out as an update of the Uniworld cancellation policy due to COVID-19. My response was made to stlrod, regarding their question about their cruise specifically. It had nothing to do with AMA and I have no idea about their cancellation policies or any changes.
  13. That's an interesting question and you probably need to call them to ask. The site states, "Valid only for 2020 bookings departing May 1 or later, new and existing." So, I would take that to mean that your trip would not meet the requirements. However, since there will be people on your cruise who booked without the pre-cruise extension, it seems illogical that more favorable options for cancellation would be available to them merely because of this.
  14. It was a really well designed space. And the bonus was that we always had it all to ourselves!
  15. Same on the Uniworld cruises we’ve been on although they could open everything up on the Antoinette in nice weather. It was our favorite space on the boat.
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