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  1. Thanks @Homerody. Not fans of cider but we'll certainly enjoy a glass or two of something local. We'll most likely wait till 2022 before venturing long haul anywhere. Strange times. Just off shopping, now where's my visor and mask...
  2. We're hoping to transfer our credit voucher to a European river cruise next year. Meanwhile we're off to a beautiful boutique hotel in the West Highlands (of Scotland) in October for a relaxing time in lovely surroundings accompanied by great grub. Nice to have something to look forward to. One day we'll make it to our Canada tour and Alaska cruise which we should be on right now. 😞
  3. Thank you SM77. That's reassuring. I'll wait it out with an easier mind. ☺️
  4. I've had an email from Viking saying that a future cruise credit would be issued. I'd asked for this more than 2 weeks ago. I asked again yesterday why I hadn't heard but was told one would be issued in the next 2-3 weeks. Why the delay? Surely its just a click of a mouse. Should I be concerned?
  5. I transferred my deposit to a FCV so it's not lost. We were sorry not to be able to do the Alaska cruise though. Currently wondering which to book next but are now wary of booking anything too far in advance. 🙁
  6. Hi jammy. Yes that's what the lady said. I'm not keen to have to pay in full first then hope to have it refunded. I'd rather just have my deposit turned into a FCV. Although we were really looking forward to the pre cruise trip and cruise to Alaska, even if it did go ahead we're not keen to be out of UK while this virus seems to be rampant and we hear such scary numbers coming from US. It's all awful!
  7. Still waiting for our FCV!
  8. Please don't worry Old Biddy. We had a lovely time looking forward to it and we might get there yet. I just phoned using the number on our booking form and pressed the relevant choice of department when offered. I discussed the situation with the nice woman who answered and she asked me to confirm by email to the address she gave me. I hope to receive formal confirmation soon. We'll be happy to rebook when we can but probably not as far in advance again!
  9. Well I've done it. With a heavy heart I've cancelled our Alaska cruise with 7 day pre extension trip booked for July. The final amount was due in May. The decision to cancel by Viking was not to be until June. I wasn't willing to pay the full amount in the hope that it would, somehow, be OK and risk potentially losing a lot more money. As Viking hadn't cancelled yet I couldn't have my deposit back but was offered a FCV valid for 24 months which was fine as we certainly want to sail on Viking again.
  10. I know it's not a UK company! I just wondered about any recompense being made by whichever govt it's registered under. Whatever, I'm not thrilled at what the staff are being paid.
  11. In UK the government is paying companies 80% of staff salaries up to £2500 per person per month for three months. Surely Viking is receiving something similar from the government of whatever country they are registered in. This offer of theirs doesn't look that great to me.
  12. We're on the previous cruise. I really can't see it going ahead. We were to have done the 7 day Rockies trip first. I'm going to phone on Monday. Final payment not due till next month but I want to clarify the situation as far as possible.
  13. We were due on an Alaska cruise on Orion in July and looking forward to being aboard. Oh well. Another time maybe.
  14. It's very different in UK. Eg final payment date for our July 2020 cruise is 1st May 2020. We just wouldn't pay in full as far in advance as you seem to have to in America. I'm not sure whether to cancel altogether or ask Viking to carry the deposit forward to a potential future booking when/if this situation ever improves.
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