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  1. Budapest is the place to go for beautiful thermal baths. Several of them. Check the Gellert ones first.
  2. Clay Clayton - what a fabulous menu. I'd really struggle to choose! Most likely wouldn't be lobster though.
  3. We quite enjoyed the included panoramic tour but don't feel compelled to tick off 'must sees' in the form of museums etc. Actually, the most enjoyable section for us was the sail out of Stockholm threading our way through the myriad little islands and waterways. We sat on our balcony with glasses of wine and some smoked salmon and watched local people really revelling in their access to water sports in various forms.
  4. As ever, I agree with Friendly Fifer. I was going to ask what 'a lobster dinner' actually was! Is it just lobster being one of several main courses on offer or is lobster in some form for all courses? Lobster pavlova for a dessert example! I enjoyed some small pieces of lobster in a salad starter on our last cruise on Viking Sun but that was the only sign of lobster that I saw.
  5. That's surprising. In UK we pay 25% on booking and the final amount 2 months before departure.
  6. Do we tip our dentist, nurses, shop assistants, staff of dry cleaners etc etc? No. They are paid a reasonable wage. Cruise lines should do the same.
  7. I'll never understand why cruise companies, like all other companies, don't just pay all their staff a reasonable salary. They make billions in profits why is it left to customers who are already paying good prices to top up staff wages? I know its cultural thing but Brits and Aussies just don't agree with it. This is an argument that's raged between Americans and ourselves for ever. It's cultural. I no longer book cruises that don't include tips in the cost of the cruise. That's not a problem as so many companies seem to be adopting this business approach.
  8. Really? I never found that on our Homelands tour last year.
  9. Not everyone in Venice relies on tourism. An entry charge seems sensible. Maintenance of such an unusual, ancient and beautiful place must be expensive and its unfair to expect the local council taxes to cover that.
  10. Sorry Peregrina but that was not available on our cruise. We did ask. The long life milk made all coffee taste awful to us. Frankly it didn't matter that much to us. We are quite happy to drink tea without milk. Good selection of fruit and herbal teas.
  11. We found none of the coffee to our taste but this was only due to the lack of fresh milk. Inevitable I suppose. The one good thing about returning home was the availability of enjoyable coffee after two weeks of strange tasting stuff!
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