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  1. We also had the Allure for May and used L&S for the Harmony in May, 2022.
  2. My wife and I had Covid back in March and we were recently shown to have antibodies. Yet, we will still get vaccinated as no one knows how long the antibodies last and it will probably become a requirement to fly and to sail.
  3. The cruise was great, free, and we were upgraded to a penthouse with a butler. Plus, we were given 150% FCC. For what my wife went through (as her case was worse than mine), it was not worth it. We both have some remaining symptoms such as fatigue and brain fog. She has has more lingering symptoms - it is a nasty virus to be sure.
  4. We were on the Oceania Rivera in March for a 10-day cruise which turned into a 5-day cruise to nowhere as it was one of the last to sail before the shut down. After my wife and I returned from Miami, we both tested positive for Covid-19. We may or may not have contracted it on the ship.
  5. It will move us closer to Diamond + but not quite there. I do wonder about the number of D and D+ members RCI will have when all of the dust (and virus) settles.
  6. My wife and I both had the Wuhan virus back in March and we have the antibodies now. But, there's no guarantee that we will have them for even another day. So, we'd get the vaccine. yes.
  7. Correct - they would be happy to see the cruise industry disappear. Covid is just the vehicle they are using to attempt to further their agenda.
  8. We're on the same cruise! I was also looking at excursions today. See ya next year!
  9. In fairness, that doesn't appear to be a dinner presentation but something from the buffet? I've seen some pretty unappetizing piles of food being carried back to tables at many buffets and the chefs are not to blame.
  10. I booked a cruise yesterday with air and we're getting the hotel. Yes, it's expensive but it does include transfers from the airport to the hotel and then from the hotel to the port in the morning as well as any deviation fees. We've been doing mostly easy Caribbean cruises where we just drive to the port. So, for this one, we'll let them take care of us and then get more adventuresome next time by doing all of this on our own.
  11. I booked two cruises yesterday and it's nice to be able to look forward to those. We were on the last Riviera cruise in March that was shortened from 10 days to 5. Then, when we returned, my wife tested positive and I did a few days later. She had a much worse case and is still dealing with some issues as am I but to a lesser degree. So, after that, it was fun to go through the booking and now the planning process. Let's just hope that it's more than just planning!
  12. We just booked this one yesterday (10/19) and it was $199 out of ATL. Prices change faster than the stock market!
  13. Just booked Allure for May 23, 2021. Hump balcony (2C) for 2 @ $1924 which I didn't think was too bad.
  14. Thanks - we're doing better although I think that my wife is one of the "longhaulers" (yes, that is a real term that is being used) as she still has some symptoms. We both have some of the fatigue and brain fog that appears to persist. This is a nasty virus to be sure. We probably will just fly out of MCO or ATL as the choices of flights are so much better - Rick
  15. Sounds like a good idea - thanks!
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