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  1. Yeah, we would have to get something in writing well ahead of time. Showing up at the port (in Istanbul) with just our anti-body results in not a good idea for sure!
  2. We both have antibodies as of last week. The 6-month statement is not true as we are at about 15 months. Due to past allergic reactions, her doctor strongly advises against it. This is a special anniversary cruise and we obtained a good price, perks, and some OBC for catching COVID on the last cruise. So, we're holding off on cancelling until it's clear that we have no other option.
  3. My wife and I contracted Covid on the last Riviera sailing out of Miami. I am vaccinated but she is not due to advice from her doctor. She has had severe allergic reactions in the past and he says that she simply does not need the vaccine as we both can prove that we have anti-bodies. Plus, there is a very good chance that the vaccine will send her to the hospital. I’m hoping that between now and when our final payment is due (August 11 for the October 18th Riviera sailing) that Oceania/NCL offers some kind of exception for Covid survivors. Plus, I show on our invoice that we have the “Travelers Assurance Program” which I think allows us to cancel up to 48 hours and receive FCC for what we paid. So, my strategy is to hope that they have an exception policy before our final payment is due. But, if not, go ahead and pay it with the plan of using the “Travelers Assurance Program” if there is no change. Is this a good way to go? Or should we just cancel now and let the dust settle on ever-changing rules?
  4. We just received some forms to complete for our Turkish Visas. So, the 10/18 date for the Riviera may be hold up. It will be ironic since we were on the last (shortened) Riviera sailing in March, 2020. The bad news was that my wife and I both contracted Covid somewhere in Miami or on the ship.
  5. It is a medical reason for severe allergic reaction up to and including death. So, our doctor could provide anything that they need. But, I called CCL and they said they don't know what will happen in September and that they would give us back our deposit if we cancelled. So, we did that and will hope that they work things out in the future.
  6. Part of me wants our October one cancelled due to all the uncertainties. But, the other part (the logical part) says that we got a good deal with some nice perks and we may not match that again on another cruise.
  7. Right - she'll have to get it eventually. We have another cruise in October with an NCL-owned company (Oceania) and I don't think they allow exemptions. That is, as of now since things change by the minute!
  8. Good idea - I'll call today. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know what kind of exemptions they will allow? My wife and I are both recovered from COVID and have antibodies. I am vaccinated but she is not upon advice from her doctor. We have a final payment due tomorrow and it would be nice to know if she has a shot (pardon the pun) at an exemption.
  10. Yeah, I agree. Her doctor says that there is no reason for her to get vaccinated. I was told the same thing and went ahead and did it anyway just to avoid travel issues.
  11. We are also on a four-day in September. Both my wife and I have had Covid and have anti-bodies. I am vaccinated but, due to allergy reasons, her doctor does not want her to get the vaccine. She can get proof of having anti-bodies but I haven't seen the situation of those who have recovered from Covid-19 addressed by any cruise line.
  12. My guess is that they plan to concentrate on getting the bigger and busier ports up with the larger and newer ships. Jacksonville, Charleston, and the others may be put on the back burner. There's a reason that they stopped selling September and October cruises on so many ships when they did. After almost 40 cruises, I don't remember seeing cruises that were sold out that far in advance.
  13. This doesn't look encouraging for our cruise out of JAX in early September. I just hope that they cancel before our final payment which is about 10 days from now (6/7).
  14. We're on the 10/18 one as well and this will be interesting since we were on the last Riviera cruise before the shut down and now we'll be on the first Riviera cruise after the shutdown! It will be interesting to see how they pull this off with about 18 different ports to deal with. I wonder if they will have reduced capacity. Our March, 2020 cruise (where we came home infected) had less than 40%. It was kind of weird to have so few people on board.
  15. Our 9/2 JAX cruise was closed the day after we booked. If it’s due to capacity, I wonder what limit they are considering.
  16. My "booked" cruises are below. Which one we actually go on may be quite another thing.
  17. We've done Christmas on RCI twice (Brilliance and Oasis) and once on DCL. All were very nice. The ships are decorated nicety, there are special events such as Santa visiting, carols on Christmas Eve, etc. They make it very special.
  18. That would make sense to make the TA sailing the first one for Riviera. We're on the 10/18, Istanbul to Monte Carlo sailing and wonder if it will be a go. Our FP is now 8/11. I note that all except the Marina are cancelled through 9/30 and we are barely two weeks after that. My guess is that the cruise line can be ready but will all the ports be ready for us? One concern that I have is that prices are going up and the same cruise may cost much more later and with less perks that we managed to get. I like the "lift and shift" program that RCI is doing that let us move our May, 2021 sailing to May, 2022 even though the cost of the 2022 sailing is much higher. If this goes, it will be interesting for us. We were on the last Riviera cruise that was cut short from 10 to 5 days. My wife and I came home with Covid that we got somewhere in MIA or on the ship.
  19. Interesting - we both had it in March, 2020 and we still have anti-bodies well over a year later. Our doctor is of the opinion that they will be permanent. Who knows though?
  20. And that makes sense to me. But, her doctor advised her not to get the shots. We'll just have to see how this will be addressed in the weeks to come.
  21. I wonder about those of us who have had Covid and have anti-bodies. I'm vaccinated but my wife is not due to some possible allergic reactions issues. We both were recently tested and have anti-bodies. It seems that the "recovered masses" are not being considered in all of the new rules that I've seen.
  22. We'll be on our first CCL cruise on 9/2 (maybe?) and our first out of JAXPORT. It will be fun sailing under the bridge that we've driven over many times!
  23. But, tax revenues don't tell the whole story, does it? What about jobs, hotels, and other ancillary businesses. I like to watch the fork lifts load all the stuff on an Oasis-class ship or any ship for that matter. All of that created jobs and money for people and benefit the state as well. Plus, it's fun to imagine how much of that I can eat and drink!
  24. Right - I think that he will have to find a way to make this work while saving face somehow. I just hope that they can come to an agreement soon so that the cruise lines can get going. I have to think that there are talks going on right now with with Disney (who bring a few bucks into Florida) and the other big players to find a way to make this work. There is too much at stake.
  25. We're on the first one out of JAX. Should be very interesting if this proves to be true.
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