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  1. The Veendam Explorations Cafe has a few PCs for free use for ship information (menus, your account, daily activities, etc) OR for paid external internet access at three different price levels. Daily prices were $14.99 for social media use only, $24.99 for web surfing, or $29.99 for streaming. If you purchase for the balance of your cruise days, there is approximately a 40% discount on the daily rates. IMHO the Explorations Cafe has probably the best internet connection speed on the ship. The Exploration Cafe also has a limited menu of free snacks and paid beverages.
  2. Crew News

    2018 Bar Menu - Veendam Please

    The Veendam has another bar with evening piano player. Here is the Mix Bar menu (Note the FREE snacks): http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Mix-Bar.pdf
  3. Crew News

    Eurodam wheelchair assist

    It is my experience that if you arrange for a wheel chair for San Diego that a chair will be waiting for you at the terminal building entrance (around 150 feet). A port-assigned pusher will assist you through Security and Check-in. The handicapped passengers with their families will board first and you will be pushed all the way to your stateroom. If you rented a scooter or wheel chair, it will be in your stateroom waiting for you. For disembarkation, your Disembarkation Request (received during the cruise) will have a place to indicate that you need wheel chair support. You will meet at a designated location/time with your family near the gangway and a chair with HAL pusher will be there for you (often late). It depends on the disembarkation port but some HAL pushers can go all the way to curbside with you. Some ports limit your HAL pusher to no further than the luggage collection point. Enjoy your cruise planning.
  4. Crew News


    Best views for Alaska are from an aft balcony stateroom where you can see both sides of the scenery and then fall asleep to the calming sound of the ship's wake.
  5. Crew News

    2018 Bar Menu - Veendam Please

    As requested, here is the Pool Bars Menu: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Pool-Bars.pdf
  6. Crew News

    First Cruise and Clueless, sort-off

    FWIW Deck 6 and Deck 7, have large aft balconies that are accessed through the doors marked "Emergency Exit" but the doors are normally access to an area with lounge chairs, overhead heating vent, blankets, partially covered, and seldom used by passengers. The balconies span the whole back of the ship and are much valued by photographers. Here is a link to my photo review of the Zaandam from June 2018 to give you an idea of what to expect: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/photo-reviews/ms-zaandam-on-board
  7. Crew News

    Major Marine 6 hr Kenai Fjords or Phillips 5 hr 26 Glacier

    I would not say "breakneck" speeds but there is a lot of territory to cover. They do slow down at each glacier and if wildlife is spotted. Here is a link to my photo review of this excursion (BTW the included meal was quite good, especially the cookies): http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/place/alaska-2/whittier-alaska
  8. It is two, approximately 12-inch tubes with a turning rubber wheel at the bottom of each that you can touch if you need harder scrubbing of your hands. The spray inside the shaft reminds me of a car wash. I used it every meal but I was the only one doing so.
  9. Crew News

    Noordam Help- aft OR midship ?

    As an aft stateroom veteran in Alaska, you made a wise choice. You can get great photos and you can eat on your balcony while the ship is moving. Those on the side staterooms will be in the wind. Room Service breakfast on Glacier Bay day and then spending the day on your balcony means you do not have to share a bathroom with hundreds of others, don't have to fight a spot at the railing for photos, can pop inside your stateroom for a cold beverage, have Room Service deliver your lunch and not fight the Lido Market crowd, and will have some overhead cover in case it is raining. Of special note is that being just a few minutes from the Room Service kitchen, your breakfast will always be hot. Since your balcony is so large, feel free to invite up to 25 of your friends to enjoy the sail away as well as Glacier Bay. Enjoy your cruise.
  10. Your Room Steward can make the swap for more chairs on your balcony. There is a Pizza Inn on the aft Lido Deck 9 pool for custom pizzas and salads. They also provide take-out boxes. Enjoy your cruise planning and make sure to join your cruise thread on the HAL Roll Cal Forum.
  11. Crew News


    I purchased Trailmaster 8X25 binoculars for Alaska and have been very pleased with their compact size that allows them to fit into a lens compartment in my camera backpack. They are adjustable for glasses wearers and have captive caps.. Included are a case as well as a chest mounting strap.
  12. Pinnacle Grill - 2 dinners $62 Signature Dining - 1 PG and 1 Can $44 Distinctive - 1 PG, 1 Tam, 1 Can $65 Ultimate - 1 PD, 1 Tam, 1 CAC, 1 SDM, 1 Can $95 Estimated savings 21% and SDM has some limits on entrees costs.
  13. Crew News

    New to HAL - drinks package info

    Here is the price list: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Beverage-Packages.pdf Various posting here on CC find that you need to have at least 9 drinks per day, per person, to make the price worthwhile. The limit is 15 drinks per day and each person in the stateroom must purchase the selected package. If you have many ports where you will be off the ship, those 9 drinks may be compressed into just a few hours.
  14. Crew News

    HAL Shore Excursions vs. independent

    Since the cost of HAL-sponsored excursions are counted by the Mariner Society, there is an advantage in booking through HAL to advance your Mariner Star level to the next "perks" level. Of course, if you are not committed to HAL, the lower private excursion prices might be the better choice.
  15. Crew News

    Taking wine onboard

    Any wine brought onboard during embarkation must be in your "Carry-on" luggage. If it is discovered in your checked luggage, wine will be confiscated and returned to you the night before disembarkation.