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  1. I entered the contest and learned awhile back that I had won. Buy Juneau Gold soap from the Glacier Smoothie Soap vendor in Juneau. They can really use the business.
  2. Just watched the hand-over of the Rotterdam from the builder to Capt Timmers, who was the captain of the Koningsdam when I sailed. With him no longer on the Koningsdam, it is certain that the ship officers have to be less aloof. In an earlier post, I neglected to mention the positioning of the toilets so close to the tubs required most people to shift about 15 degrees to fit I would gladly sail on the Koningsdam again.
  3. Thanks for the update and nice pics. Do you know the name of the Barista at the Explorations Cafe? I have gotten to know quite a few of them over the past years and try to keep up where they are serving.
  4. I have been stopping at the Juneau Glacier Smoothie Soap log cabin on Franklin Street since 2008. New items being introduced every year. Alaska Fudge Company, Franklin Street in Juneau, also in Skagway, will ship fudge orders to your house if you don't want to carry the extra luggage weight (or afraid you will eat it before you get home). The popcorn store across the street from the Juneau library has some amazing artisan flavors, sweet and savory, that sure beat the cruise ship popcorn for movie munchies. Tongass Trading Company at the Ketchikan pier has
  5. I reviewed my CC live thread from my Dec 2018 Koningsdam cruise. Pros: Lots of electric outlets around the desk in Vista Suites. There is a floor nightlight across from the bathroom that is motion activated and last 25 seconds to get you back to bed during the night. Laundry service was same day for all but one cruise day. My waiters were excellent after I informed them that I wanted to be finished in less than one hour. They never failed me. Room Stewards were excellent with their supervisors very visible during the work time. Giant chocolate chip cookies in the Dutch Cafe
  6. Thanks for the update. Will be onboard in December. Will there be a Rudi's Sel de Mer night in the Pinnacle Grill during your cruise?
  7. The Neptune Lounge is open until 8:30 and the Concierge has access to an ice machine in the nearby hallway. That said, sometimes the "Be back later" sign is on their desk. Room Stewards have been seen in the hallways as late as 8:00 and they would be happy to fill your cooler for you. I would avoid the risk and bring your collapsible cooler.
  8. Otis is back in his office this season!!!! Latest he has ever arrived in salmon season. Must be a senior moment for the 25/26 year old veteran of Brooks Falls.
  9. Good choice!. I searched for weeks to find a carrying case that could carry my small camera while keeping it connected to a portable charger. The capability to also carry my phone was a game changer. Shame I don't get commissions.
  10. After reading a lot of photography reviews, I bought a bag that is about the size of four phones stacked on top of each other. Three pockets hold my small camera, phone, and battery charger that I can keep connected to both my phone and camera so they remain ready for use. Includes belt loop, caribiner loops, and shoulder strap. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CNF3PEC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. The majority of Gala Night diners wear just collared shirts and slacks. Probably 30% wear jackets with some adding a tie. You will see a handful of tuxedos on every cruise. I strongly recommend the unlimited laundry package and you can pack even less.
  12. I saw the 5:00 PM MDR opening time on a When & Where photo in this thread and compared it to my MDR Alaska opening time from 2019. Someone on this cruise will have to provide that answer.
  13. I noticed that Alaska early dining has moved up from 5:30 PM in 2019 to 5:00 PM now in 2021.
  14. Tamarind Menu Changes from last season: · Deleted – appetizer - Crispy Duck w/Steamed Bao Bun · Deleted – entrée – Braised Eggplant Massaman · Deleted – entrée – Caramelized Hamachi Clay Pot · Deleted – entrée – Wok Seared Lobster & Shrimp · Deleted – entrée – Roasted Pork Belly Siu · Deleted – entrée – Fire Prawns, Thai-Chili Jam · Added – entrée – Thai Basil Szechuan Shrimp · Deleted – dessert – Fortune Cookie · Added – dessert – Japanese Mochi Ice Cream
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