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  1. Crew News

    Maasdam Cabin Choice

    If you choose May 4th, 2020, I have already started the roll call. Any stateroom just above the dining room is safe for noise and there is a verandah that spans the Deck 6 aft of the ship that is a special treat for photographers.
  2. Crew News

    End of May - zipline??

    Ketchikan does not have much snow but a lot of rain. I have been in Ketchikan many times the first two weeks in May and zipling excursions were always open. Early morning temps were at least upper 40's and during the day warming another 20 degrees.
  3. Crew News

    Maasdam Cabin Choice

    A live thread is my plan so lots of chances to share menus, Where & Whens, answer questions, discover new things, and give my impressions.
  4. Crew News

    Maasdam Cabin Choice

    The key to picking a stateroom is what is above and below you. You mad a good choice. I will be just a few rooms away on the proceeding cruise,
  5. The Zaandam docked in Anchorage this year on the 14-day Alaska itinerary and I don't remember any terminal building. The port facilities are very large as the major facility for Alaska incoming freight.
  6. Crew News

    On Board Laundry

    Not sure about the Asia prices. SY suites do not get free laundry, only Neptune/Pinnacle Suites. You can order on board by just checking the appropriate boxes on the Laundry List:
  7. Crew News

    Alaska 2020 now posted to HAL website

    I have been to Alaska every year since my first visit in 2008 and with only a few exceptions, May has been my month of choice for the following reasons: lowest cruise and air fares, ships have reduced passengers since most schools still in session, very few kids, no bugs, less rain, still a chill in the weather in the mornings, lots of baby creatures just discovering life, all shops open, still snow in the higher elevations, and lots of whales.
  8. Crew News

    Nieuw Amsterdam: balcony dividers and fridges

    As your Room Steward and they will have the dividers opened. Note that the dividers will only open a small portion with room enough to walk around.
  9. Crew News

    Alaska 2020 now posted to HAL website

    Just booked May 4th.
  10. Crew News


    The last time I self-disembarked, the waiting line included a number of passengers who decided that they wanted to leave earlier than there assigned time (overheard them openly discussing their situation). Self-disembarkation cards were not proivded to us so the ship had no way of knowing who belonged. This might be an issue for the larger HAL ships. My departure was only slightly impacted and I was seated at my Alaska Airlines departure gate a little after 9:00 AM.
  11. Crew News

    Volume of kids over spring break?

    With the NA a larger ship, I would expect at least 200.
  12. I will be on the Konigsdam on Dec 10th for the 11-day cruise and my best guess for Gala Nights will be Day 02 and Day 09 (both sea days). I will post when I am on board.
  13. As stated by others, have your belongings ready to move by 8:00 AM and your Room Steward will come to fetch you when the previous occupants have departed your future stateroom. The stateroom will not be ready for you to occupy but you can leave your belongings there. Your new keys will be available at the Front Desk. Since your B2B takes place in Fort Lauderdale, there is normally hundreds of other passengers doing the same B2B. With large numbers, it is my experience that, based on the letter you received during the cruise, you will gather in the showroom around by 9:30 AM after passing through the Security Point set up at the entrance to the showroom. The ship is supposed to be cleared by 10:00 AM so you will be in the showroom until every B2B passenger has passed thouirgh the showroom Security Checkpoint and all other passengers have left the ship, as verified by port authorities. My experience is that happens around 10:30 AM. Take advantage of your hour before new passengers board at 11:30 AM to take photos of the ship with fewer passengers blocking your shots. Based on the instruction letter you receive, you may not have to attend the Muster Drill for a second time.
  14. Crew News

    Koningsdam to S. Caribbean

    I am on this cruise and my documents have only Half Moon Cay
  15. I encountered the wine tablets in the PG on the Zaandam but they were not allowed in the hands of the customers. The Wine Steward used them to help the customers make selections. There are tablet wine choice features, "Stars Selection" and one that matches your personality based on four questions (ugh):