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  1. Crew News

    Inside Passage Alaska Victoria excursion

    Victoria is infamous for its delays in allowing passengers to depart the ship after docking as Canadian authorities have lots of Customs forms to review. All aboard is usually 30 minutes before departure. The ride to Butchart Gardens is around 40 minutes each way and you will be there in the dark. So fully appreciating the gardens is not possible. With limited time, a stroll to downtown would be a good way to spend a few hours before having to pack your luggage for the next day disembarkation.
  2. Crew News

    First Time Alaska Cruiser - early May

    May is my favorite month to cruise Alaska for the following reasons: lowest rain month, still a bit of snow on the hills, a little chill in the morning, lots of baby animals learning about life, lowest cruise and air fares month, very few kids, and no mosquitos.
  3. Crew News

    Update on Koningsdam Library

    The HAL CEO, told those in attendance onboard the Nieuw Statendam that the libraries were being eliminated because passengers stole the books and replacements were expenssive. For those ships that still have libraries, they will probabaly drift away. Some ships have book exchange shelves instead of the libraries.
  4. Crew News

    HAL for Alaskan cruise

    I have been on many HAL cruises to Alaska to capture amazing photographs. My preference is 14-day that visits some of the smaller ports and the cruisetour that spends three days in Denali National Park to see grizzly bears, caribou, wolves, moose, and the big mountain. HAL has amazing luandry services $7/day/stateroom so you can pack light but with warm layers. Here is link to When & Where typical on-board activities in Alaska: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/on-locations-specific-cruises/alaska-ms-zaandam-14-day-when-where-daily-activities-2018 Feel free to ask lots of questions to help your choosing and then planning.
  5. Crew News

    cruise newbie

    I have been on the Cacchoben excursion with a long bus ride and lots of walking. Here is my photo review: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/place/mexico/chacchoben
  6. Crew News

    Behind-the-scenes ship tour?

    HAL does the same tour with drinks and appetizers following. Each person received a bag of goodies: cookbooks, pins, mugs, magnets, ship model, etc. A photo with the ship's Captain on the bridge found its way to my statetroom the next day. My tour was fortunate to go down into the engine room:
  7. Crew News

    Refrigerator/cooler Rotterdam cabins

    The temperature of the minibar 43 degrees in the back and 46 degrees in the door as measured with my infrared thermometer two years ago. You can also get a large ice bucket that your Room Steward can fill three times a day, if you ask.
  8. Crew News

    Koningsdsam - Tamarind / Nami Sushi

    Yes, can order from the Nam Sushi menu and can even sit at the Nam Sushi Bar. The Tamarind is not open for lunch and that includes the Nam Sushi. Here is the Nam Sushi menu: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Nami-Sushi.pdf
  9. Crew News

    Update on Koningsdam Library

    To the best of my knowledge, gelato has never been available in the Crow's Nest/Explorations Cafe. Here are the contents of the Konigsdam Explorations Cafe display case: Free ice cream in the Lido Market Sweet Spot and gelato (not free) can be found across from the Dive In on Deck 9: Crow's nest does have lots of chairs.
  10. Crew News

    Koningsdam Question

    Here are links to my Konigsdam 11-day When & Where, daily menus (MDR and Lido Market), and photo review: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/on-locations-specific-cruises/caribbean-ms-konigsdam-11-day-when-where-daily-activities-2018 http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/specifc-cruise-lido-and-mdr-menus/hal-konigsdam-11-day-caribbean-2018 http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/photo-reviews/ms-konigsdam-on-board
  11. Crew News

    Konigsdam Crow's Nest

    The major component to the EXC upgrades I saw on the Westeerdam were huge table-sized maps with touch screens and individual PC pedestals. All of the library items were converted to racks of travel books. I did not see this on the Konigsdam.
  12. Crew News

    Konigsdam Crow's Nest

    The Crow's Nest is for all passengers unless there is a private event that takes over the area. Most private events just use a portion of the area. It is a nice place to relax and read, participate in the trivia tournaments, have a free snack (beverages cost extra), pick up a large chocolate chip cookie, and use the computers to access your onboard account/internet.
  13. Crew News

    HAL or Celebrity? Stuck on the fence!

    With Alaska very port intensive, you won't be on the ship very long each day to take advantage of a beverage package unless you can squeeze a lot of drinks in the evening hours.
  14. Crew News


    According to my first sea day When & Where on the Konigsdam last month there were RYDE classes for $20 (if that is spinning".
  15. Crew News

    pre paid laundry package on Konigsdam

    Same price no matter when you purchase. In Europe it is $30/bag and in North America it is $20.