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  1. Happy that my October 19th Girls Cruise is cancelled before our final payment was due (August 20th since it was a short 4 day cruise). We were going to rebook to next year anyway...but now we at least get the incentive! Just waiting for the 2021 Sunrise schedules to be posted so we can make our decision.
  2. Yes that is correct. And one of the three of us in my cabin doesn't want to get Cheers so if she doesn't buy it, we can't either. Which is why I was hoping maybe I could qualify for DOU to help offset my cost of drinks at least a little bit. But given our cruise is going to be rebooked to next year, I have plenty of time to work on convincing my friend that Cheers is the way to go!
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I should have mentioned that one of my cabin-mates isn't interested in getting Cheers, so I thought if I could at least earn the DOU I could off set some of the cost of buying drinks individually by getting them free while I'm playing. I know I won't get the same value as Cheers since it's only good in the Casino. It's the best rate right now for me to book under so even if I don't qualify it will be worth it.
  4. Sorry...I meant the Sunrise...not the Sunshine! It's the Sunrise that is only showing the March 2022 sailing. My bad. I'm not filtering it other than just for the ship.
  5. Wonder when Sunshine schedules will be reloaded into the Carnival website. Currently the only sailing showing available to book is the Sailabration cruise in 2022. Trying to figure out what we want to rebook on for our Oct. 2020 cruise.
  6. Carnival is putting the Fascination into long-term lay-up status - likely to be sold in the future. The announcement that came out today indicated that CCL is focusing on mainland homeport - my guess is because they are driveable for a lot of people. No idea when/if cruising from San Juan will be available again the future.
  7. I would pay good money to see this! LOL
  8. If you scroll down a bit on John's FB page, he also shared a video from Carnival's FB page with Kathie Lee Gifford talking about Carnival's big announcement tomorrow. In the video she was reminiscing about the good 'ol days of midnight buffets, etc. She's looking through a photo album of "yesterday's cruises" and flips to a page that says "50 years of FUN plans" and "do not leak this info". It says come back tomorrow for a big announcement. I'm guessing they wouldn't be hyping it this much if it was something like more cancellations or ships selling. I could be wrong, but that's certainly not the tone they are setting.
  9. Have a decent Casino Offer in my VIFP profile right now that we may use when it comes time to rebook our Oct. 19th cruise. It includes Drinks On Us in the casino once we qualify. Never used that program before so have a couple of questions: 1. What exactly does it take to qualify for DOU (money spent, time spent in the casino, etc.)? I'm not a high roller by any stretch of the imagination, but I usually play a little each day. I usually set a limit for the week and when that's gone, I'm done! lol 2. Does the qualification limit vary depending on length of cruise? We are on a four day cruise. So perhaps it takes less to qualify on that shorter cruise than it would if we were on a week long cruise. 3. There may be three of us sharing a cabin together. Does the DOU apply to all of us once I qualify or does each person have to qualify individually? Or does this only apply to me since the offer was sent to me? I would normally get Cheers, but it might be worth it to do DOU if I can qualify early in the cruise.
  10. My PVP told me that Carnival will allow anyone who is booked on a cruise in Oct/Nov/Dec to rebook within one year of their original cruise date with no penalty fees, even if booked under Early Saver rates. I specifically asked as we have a cruise booked for October 19th, which we don't intend to go on anyway even if the cruise sails. I just don't want to be on one of the first few sailings after cruises resume. But that said, we are waiting it out until our final payment date to see if Carnival cancels our sailing so we can get the rebooking incentives. We have until August 20th before we need to do anything on our end.
  11. If they gave you until 9/30 to cancel, I would wait until then before doing anything. If Carnival cancels your cruise before that date, you'll get some extra incentives for rebooking (if you intend to rebook). That's what we are doing with our October cruise - right now it's still scheduled to sail. But with the rise in cases and the new travel restrictions states are putting out, we don't intend on going even if the ship does sail. Plus we don't want to be on one of the first handful of cruises to actually sail if they stick to the planned Oct 1 start date. We're hoping Carnival cancels us so we can take advantage of any credits they offer us to rebook.
  12. Thanks! That's what I figured...but I know the Sunshine had a pool in the Serenity area, so I thought maybe??? I'm sure we'll find a way to enjoy it regardless!
  13. Thinking about booking the Sunrise next year (would be a re-booking from our upcoming October cruise which may get cancelled, but regardless we are planning to rebook) so I went back and starting reading your Sunrise review - which is great as always! My only question so far is - What is this??? Is it a really small pool or a really big hot tub?? LOL Sailing without my little one this time, so planning on enjoying the Serenity area. Would love a small pool to cool off in...but not sure how much we'd use the hot tub on a hot day!
  14. So here's what I was referring to. I repriced this same cruise today. When priced for two passengers, the price was $985.28 (price person all-in is $492.64) When I repriced it for three passengers, the prices jumps up to $1708.92 (price per person all-in is $569.64). Same cabin type/location. Only reason different cabins are reflecting is that the previous show cabins for two people and the below shows cabins that can accommodate three. That's a $723.64 jump for adding a third person. When I book the same cruise the next Oct I get the following: Ocean Suite Deck 7 Mid - 2 Passengers - $1267.28 total ($633.64 per person all-in) 3 Passengers - $1492.92 total ($497.64 per person all-in) With the 3rd (and 4th) passengers usually being charged at a lesser rate, the per person price should go down like it does in the second example. But in the first, it goes up substantially. And I've never seen it do that before. Just curious as to what's going on. With the first option, you really get penalized for having more than two people. It would be almost better to just book two cabins especially if you have more than three people!
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