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  1. Thank you! Didn't think to look under Ports of Call vs. the Homeport threads!
  2. We are taking our first cruise out of NOLA in 2022 and will be flying in the day before the cruise. Our plan is to get to the city as early the day before the cruise as our airline options will allow. That will give us about 24 hours in the city before we have to get on the ship. We certainly want to make the most of our day in NOLA! So looking for recommendations on the top 2-3 Must Do's for one day in NOLA in a couple categories: Restaurants - of course we'll get Beignet's...but where else should we target to eat. Prefer more local eateries vs. the touristy Hard Rocks of the worl
  3. We have an OBC too - usually I try to pre-pay as much as I can especially where you get a discount to do so. Things like Cheers, Wi-Fi we will buy before the cruise to get the discounted pricing. But I think we'll wait to have our gratuities assessed until we're onboard, so that will come out of our OBC.
  4. I hear ya about disconnecting... I usually like to do that as well. But leaving my little one at home, I’d like the ability to check in once a day and hear about school, get/send pics, video chat, etc. And of course talk to the hubby! Can’t forget the hubby!
  5. Thanks! I’m Verizon...so that’s good to know! still wondering if anyone has tried to Skype on the ship and how that worked.
  6. So in my 23 years of cruising (18 cruises and counting), I have never purchased trip insurance thru Carnival.... until now that is! But with the craziness and uncertainty of the last year (shutdowns, illness, job loss, etc.), it opened my eyes to the “what ifs“. My travel partner and I both are getting the insurance for our 2022 cruise. My question is, what happens if something happens that causes one of us to not be able to go, but the other still wants to cruise. Am I correct in my understanding that since the person cancelling will be reimbursed thru the insurance company, the other person
  7. So I've used All-State Rewards before, but that was when I was a customer of theirs. I've tried logging into my All-State Rewards account to see what my balance is, but keep getting an error message. Have things changed where you now have to be an All-State customer to use their rewards points for gift cards? Also, I have an AARP Rewards account - but can someone tell me exactly how it works? Do you have to be an AARP paid member to buy gift cards? It looks like there are some gift cards that anyone can buy but some are member only?? In scanning through some of these
  8. Thank you for the recommendations! I'll add those to the list I've already started! We may also check out the AirB&B Options in the area!
  9. We definitely plan on going early the day before to explore the city a bit! Looking at some hotels in French Quarter or possibly may do an AirB&B. My hubby may come down and meet me post cruise to spend another night or two there! I don't think I've flew into port the day of a cruise since my first cruise (17 cruises ago)! Back when I was young and dumb!
  10. If you look at the Conquest class deck plans they are found toward the very aft of the ship usually on decks 6, 7, 8. The are next to the aft wraps. The one we got on the Valor was 7439. It's priced the same as a regular balcony, but the layout of the room gives you a really long balcony! It can easy fit four people sitting out there! Try the link to the video below giving a tour of one of these cabins! https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/youtube.php?id=13603
  11. Thanks! I've been waiting to get one of these cabins for a long time, but our last two cruises on ships with them were with our kiddo and there don't accommodate three people. So this worked out perfect!
  12. We are FINALLY officially rebooked from our cancelled October cruise on the Conquest. This time we rebooked on the Carnival Valor out of NOLA for October, 2022! Hoping things are back to relative normal by then! We were able to snag one of the bowling alley cabins on Deck 7 - first time in that exact type of cabin. And my sis snagged the same type of cabin on the opposite side of the ship. We should have a few more people booking soon as well! Also first time sailing out of NOLA which I am very much looking forward to! Only been to NOLA once and it was a one night work trip, by myself
  13. Hello all! I am rebooking my cancelled October cruise today (YAY!). We are sailing on the Valor out of NOLA to Cozumel and Costa Maya in October, 2022. My PVP has our cabin held for us - one of those bowling alley balconies - and we'll make it official today! I have a couple of questions about the Wi-Fi plans. I've only ever bought a Wi-Fi package once and that was on our Key West/Cuba cruise in 2019. Only reason I got it then is that we left our then 4 year daughter home with Grandma and Grandpa and wanted to be able to check in with them via FB messenger. With Key West being one
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