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  1. Here on Long Island our infection level is rising at a scary rate. We are back up to 2.25%, and there is a tremendous push to get the 12-17 year olds vaccinated with pop-up sites at schools around the island trying to get them "done" before school begins. Personally, we have never stopped wearing masks at malls, grocery stores, bank, etc. Now with the CDC recommending masks indoors where infection rate is high, I would not doubt our local government may put some kind of mandate back in, which will definitely cause an uproar.
  2. This info is correct. We loved cruising out FLL, as the port was 3 miles away from our vacation condo. Was heartbroken when Carnival pulled out, but as BlerkOne said - Princess does sail from there. Hopefully Carnival will return in the future. Don't like cruising out of Miami as much as FLL.
  3. You are in "wait and see" mode now. Really nothing you can do except reschedule (hopefully without any penalty, as no "official" announcements have been made yet.) or hope you are one of the lucky ones that get an exemption, if that rule is still in place when you sail.
  4. Totally understand your feelings. Many all-inclusive resorts use wristbands to differentiate guests. On NCL you get a wristband if you purchase their Vibe area. Disney has magic bands resort guests wear. On Carnival guests under 12 get muster bands they wear during the cruise and must keep on at all times. I would never expect any CCL passenger to play "traffic cop" to another guest. But I would make sure that guest wasn't breathing down my neck if I saw them flaunting the rules.
  5. Correct. The only way to enforce this while on the ship is to have some sort of wristband -lets say green for those vaccinated, red for those not. Having a visual identifier will piss some off - but at least we would know who is following the rules, and who is not. Having it on the sail and sign cards will work when getting off at a port as they will be flagged, but not while on the ship.
  6. Correct. But this is the same as anywhere that "requests" the unvaccinated wear masks to protect others. People will do what people will do - you just hope they will do the right thing.
  7. I surely won't starve. Almost all of my favorites are still there.
  8. I agree with this. If you used enhanced id, you probably should have stuck with that when you got to the port. If you brought your passports with you, you probably should have used them initially to checkin online. Even though the names are the same, different info on both documents probably confused not only the computer, but the humans involved. It was nice of you posting this, though, so others would sticks to whatever doc they used to checkin online when checking in at embark.
  9. We loved the Magic when we sailed on her right before covid shut everything down. In fact, we were scheduled to go back on her a month later, but... Love that class of ship. We never had a bad experience on a CCL ship yet - 27 CCL cruises in. We mostly relax on cruises, as we have been to most of the ports multiple times. Love the piano bar and comedy shows. We kinda skip the stage (Broadway type) shows now as we have seen them, but if I were a new Carnival cruiser I would go see them. It's funny, but the one "not great" cruise was the first and only time on Royal. Food was practic
  10. Make sure you print out the response you get to bring on the cruise with you "just in case" they don't have that info when you check in at the casino. We had that problem once, and luckily had the printout to show what we booked under.
  11. As chengkp75 said, Spirit class ships definitely have fully handicap accessible cabins. I know this because my friend broke her foot before a cruise on Spirit and asked for, and was assigned an accessible cabin as she had a scooter at that time. 2 weeks before the cruise CCL called her up and asked if she would mind switching to another cabin as another cruiser who was wheelchair-bound needed that cabin with the roll-in shower, etc. She gladly gave it up, as physically she could use a regular shower, needed no raised toilet, bars, etc. CCL gave her a nice upgrade for being so cooperativ
  12. Good incentive for people to get vaccinated. 3 choices: be stuck on a bubble tour, stay on the ship, or get vaccinated and have the run of the islands!
  13. Haven't used my Excelsior Pass yet, but it is sitting on my phone ready to go. I can't imagine that each state - or the U.S. in general- can't figure out how to get a central data base going. I would think it would be kind of easy (then again I am computer illiterate) to hook up a vaccine card to our passports somehow.
  14. I would so be up for this! We don't even get off the ship in 1/2 the ports now, such as Nassau, Belize, Grand Cayman, etc. And if we do get off it is just to walk around for an hour or so - then right back on the ship. Love having the ship "to ourselves" while everyone else gets off.
  15. Guess so. He said "the beards" got the correct paperwork together. Happy for him and the cruisers who were supposed to sail with him.
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