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  1. My dh is mad at me. I have wanted to buy some CCL stock for many years but I did not want to possibly lose money. When the stock went down to 8. I bought 100 shares. He kept telling me to buy more, but I was chicken, as I had never dabbled in the stock market before. Also bought 100 shares of NCL stock at a bit above 7. Both stocks up. Would love them to go up to before-covid prices!
  2. Love it! DD and DH suffer terribly from seasonal allergies, which are terrible this time of year here. If they sneeze or cough, I just say "allergies" if anyone looks at them.
  3. LOL - that will be a hoot. They had better get very good training, as I am sure they don't know how to handle what the pvp's do. Before you could call 5 different people at CCL and get 5 different answers. Now it may be 10!! Expect to know more than they do - educate yourself before you call!!
  4. I cannot imagine what the changes will be like when cruises start up again. Masks, food served to us at the buffet - probably. We don't cruise again until January, and even then may not cruise due to age and underlying medical conditions. Once I begin cruising, or even traveling anywhere again I will never have less than 2-4 weeks of extra perscription medication with me for all members of my family, just in case. Not having enough anti-seizure meds for dd, or heart med for dh scares me terribly. I usually have an extra week's worth. Not anymore. I can't depend on getting the non-formulary version they take if quarentined/stranded somewhere.
  5. I miss the chicken tenders/fingers they used to have at the buffet. Would love to see them added back as an everyday item.
  6. Wonder if Mr. Heald will be taking a payout??? Feel so sorry for those laid off, furloughed, etc. Hopefully when cruising re-opens people will be rehired.
  7. They just shut Broadway until at least September. We (Long Island) might be lucky and have tennis courts/pickleball courts re-opened Friday - for singles only. I am sure the courts will be jammed, with social distancing forgotten. Pretty much everything else is still closed, except for take-out/curbside restaurant service. We still have met only 5/7 parameters for a soft re-opening, and NY had a low of "only" 166 covid-related deaths yesterday. Still a staggering number - but better than being in the 600's as we once were. And now with the virus possibly affecting children with inflammatory syndrome - another curveball encountered. My next cruise is set for January - but I am not even sure I will risk going on it if there is still coronavirus around, having underlying medical conditions and being over the age of 60. I miss cruising to no end - but cannot fathom going on a cruise until the virus has all but disappeared - if that ever happens- or some kind of immunization comes along. If we have to wear facemasks while cruising, I can accept that while inside the ship. I would cancel if required to wear a facemask while on the open decks.
  8. I actually think this is a great idea! I always get a bit grossed out at the buffet, seeing passengers coughing/sneezing into their hands and then picking up a serving utensil. I also remember "the days" when you had your own deck chair for the duration of the cruise- your name was literally put on the chair and no one else was allowed to use it- and food was brought to you at the chair if you wished. Smaller ships, more expensive cruises, but more personalized service (passenger to staff ratio) was the norm back then. Wouldn't be surprised if the megaship builds will be put on hold for many, many years.
  9. We are still under pause orders here. Most people are abiding by the "rules" and wearing facemasks when going into stores, or close contact with others. Some aren't. Many stores are not allowing people to even enter without facemasks.(yay!) NY state finally dropped below 300 deaths per day for 4 consecutive days, which is good news. Here in Nassau County, Long Island we have had a decrease in the number of confirmed cases for 14 consecutive days, but officials will probably extend our stay at home orders until 5/31, as we still have over 900 new hospitalized cases each day. Some businesses (especially restaurants) are starting to re-open for takeout or delivery, as they probably got PPP $$ in. Cabin fever is definitely starting to set in, as there are more cars on the road, people in stores, groups not social distancing as they once did. We were supposed to cruise this past March on Magic, be in Disneyworld right now, and go to Ecuador/Galapagos in July - all cancelled. Can't wait to get a semblance of normalcy back - whatever the new normal might look like.
  10. While I have not yet received the survey, there is no way I would want to wear a mask around the ship while on a cruise- especially if sitting on the deck. I would cancel the cruise first. We wear masks (and gloves) everyday here. The temperature hit 70 a few days ago, and I was dripping under the mask. I can imagine what wearing it in 85 degree weather would be like. (I am sure those of you in warmer climates could tell me!!)
  11. Saw this on news this a.m. DH thinks that if they do "go out" another line will buy them up. With our economics being in such turmoil right now who knows what will happen in the next few months. No sailings = no business = no income. Don't know how deep the cruise line pockets are to keep up the expenses of running cruise ships without any passengers, paying dock fees, salaries of those still working, etc.
  12. If it is a new port for us (which are now few and far between, unless we to go to Europe, which we are starting to explore) we usually do a ship excursion if time is short in port, or if a sight we want to see is far from the ship. We also do private excursions in new ports, as long as there is plenty of time to get back to the ship if something unforeseen happens. For some of the "older" ports, we just go off the ship and walk around the port a bit, then head right back on the ship. For ports such as Nassau, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, St. Thomas we may not even venture off the ship, and just use the mostly deserted ship as our "port."
  13. If you have the email of the pvp shoot one off to her. My pvp has called me on Sat/Sun (she works m-f) and after her "working hours" during the week if I send an email requesting a casino deal/certain cabin when she is not working. I have her CCL work number and her cell #, which she sends to me in every booking confirmation. If you do not have your pvp's contact info, ask for it - I am sure she will provide it to you, as it is money in her pocket for booking you!
  14. While I would love for this to happen, I do not think it will. People would be "jumping up" vifp levels without actually sailing, leading to an overload of people on each level. The Platinum/Diamond vifp parties are already jammed! I would rather not get credited with days not sailed, rather than have CCL possibly change the vifp levels to make it harder to reach each level. I am only 14 days away from Diamond, and would have reached it by December had not all this happened.
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