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  1. Make sure your final deposit is not automatically going to be paid on 11/22. My online paperwork says final payment is automatically due to be paid on 12/21 on the credit card I had put my deposit down with.
  2. Not a big deal to re-book. My pvp is fantastic, and I don't know where my life will lead me in late 2021 or beyond!
  3. I am cruising (maybe) on the Magic on 3/21. My deposit is due a bit later than yours in Dec. At this point I am going to wait it out. You will be the first cruise as Magic gets out of dry dock - if that happens. If worried I would call up CCL (or your pvp if you have one) and see if they will move your deposit back 1 month. Heard from others they allowed that. That will give you more time to see where cruising is going in the future.
  4. I can't imagine the theme parks haven't had a "measurable effect" on the spread of covid. There are several reports out there that Disneyworld has had a number of covid cases reported from their workers. (https://www.thedailybeast.com/workers-reveal-disney-is-covering-up-its-covid-cases). They are keeping it under wraps as they are still trying to get back on their feet. The cruise lines had a different issue - people got sick while on a cruise, and they couldn't really off-load them for a while. At theme parks people are not "trapped" and can come and go as they wish - many doing day visi
  5. As much as I miss cruising, I would not be a test cruiser.
  6. Same here. We did many (10-15) all inclusives on many different islands when kiddies were little, before we discovered cruising. (and when kids under the age of 12 were not charged at all-inclusives) Now I can't imagine sitting at one location for a week. Love waking up in a different port every day or two. However, will now see where cruising is heading in the future. Might end up back in all-inclusives for a bit until things settle down in the covid world.
  7. With NY's covid rate at one of the lowest in the country, I would love to see the Port in Manhattan open up for cruises!
  8. I also came off a Carnival cruise on 2/2, and 3 days later had all the signs of covid except loss of taste and smell. Thought I had bronchitis. As soon as Dr. heard I had come off a cruise, she gave me a nasal swab for flu and strep test - both negative. Gave me a z pack. Cough lingered for 3 weeks. In March I had antibody blood test - came back negative. I still think I had covid.
  9. Same - 186 points, emails about booking excursions, buy insurance, but no free cheers. I do have 6 other different offers in my vifp section - 6 casino offers, 1 on getaway cruises.
  10. You can get an antibody test to see if you had covid. Easy blood test, and results will tell you one way or another.
  11. I giggled at your last sentence. There is definitely more out in the cruising world than CCL - but I will be hanging on to booking her for my next 2 cruises (1 booked right now) as I only need 14 days to make Diamond. We use NCL for more "exotic" cruises - Greece, Med., Hawaii, etc. as their itineraries are better, and it is a nice change from the "same old same old" on CCL.
  12. OMG! You should be all over the news. Have only heard of one other person in the U.S. who did so - in Nevada, and 3 in other countries. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/10/12/covid-news-states-set-case-records-nyc-protest-leader-arrested/5966027002/ https://www.salon.com/2020/08/26/there-are-now-three-known-cases-of-patients-contracting-covid-19-twice/
  13. As NY is doing better than most of the country's other ports, I am hoping they open up cruising here next year. If so, jumping onboard! Gov. Cuomo is a tough cookie, and may not want cruising to open in NY unless covid is under control, as he will not want "hoards" of people from out-of-state coming in, possibly carrying the virus and overloading our hospitals.
  14. Right now I am going with the flow. If I feel unsafe to cruise in any way, I will cancel my March cruise. March is a long way away - a lot can happen by then in our crazy world- both good (hopefully) and bad.
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