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  1. Oakman58

    “One and done” NCL ships

    I swore I would never cruise on the Epic again but then a cruise came up on her that was port intensive and had a good price with a bunch of perks so I booked her again.
  2. Oakman58

    Just off the getaway...my review

    I'm enjoying your review.
  3. Pictures! I like Blogs and Trip Reports with pictures.
  4. Oakman58

    Picture-A-Week 2019 - Week 02

    Oh how I wish I was on a cruise ship in the Caribbean right now. SIGH!
  5. Oakman58

    Epic = yes or no ?

    I completely agree about the couch being next to useless for sitting. The only good thing about the couch is the extra storage behind the seat back.
  6. Oakman58

    NCL EPIC 8072 and 8074

    Yes, I believe those two cabins will have a lifeboat directly below. If memory serves cabin 8072 will have more overhead cover than 8074, but don't hold me to that.
  7. Oakman58

    GTY Cabin on Jade

    That's a great location. BTW the life boats are tucked in so you will be able to look straight down to the ocean.
  8. Oakman58

    Epic = yes or no ?

    I’m not a fan of the Epic at all but even so I’ve booked a cruise in 2020 on her. The only reason I booked a cruise on her again was because it’s a port intensive cruise and I’ve never been to most of the ports she will visit. Also at the time I booked, NCL was offering all 4 perks for balcony and above and also the perks of a distinctive voyage cruise. That and I only had to put down a one dollar deposit to book it. At least this time I know what to expect this time. My wife and I were OK with the bathroom setup but the wave wall in our balcony room made the cabin feel very small. Where the wave curved into our cabin at the couch I could stand by the couch with my arms outstretched and I could touch the wall on one side and the mirror on the other side. I think one of the cruise critic members posted a picture actually doing this. I think you need to learn to adapt to the quirky design of the Epic. I know I learned to sleep with my feet hanging off the bottom of the bed.
  9. Oakman58

    Picture-A-Week 2019 - Week 02

    LOL! Your right about the scale, so much for the New Year's resolution.
  10. Oakman58

    Picture-A-Week 2019 - Week 02

    I was in the Dog House for sure today. My burger and fries were served in a dog bowl and they burned a cute little paw print on my bread. Not exactly upscale dining but it was delicious.
  11. Oakman58

    Drones permitted??

    Drones are also banned in almost all U.S. National Parks.
  12. I understand how you feel. My wife and I took an RV trip to Bay St. Louis Mississippi on the Gulf Coast a few years after Hurricane Katrina and the visible damage was still unbelievable. Most of the recovery and rebuilding money had gone to New Orleans. The visible damage was such that it depressed me and my wife so much that we left the area sooner than planned.
  13. I'm sure the boys will enjoy the water slides, the rock climbing wall, the bungee trampoline and whatever this thing is. I never did see any kids using it. FYI, the theater production called Priscilla is adult oriented. BTW, I posted a review of the Epic with pictures including some pics of the "secret staircase." There is a clickable link to that review in my signature.
  14. Oakman58

    Picture-A-Week 2019 - Week 02

    My backyard nemesis. She’s cute but she’s a real pain. If I forget to bring in the cushions on my patio chairs she rips them open for nesting material.
  15. Very funny. Perhaps on the sign you should make it read Gassing instead of Passing.