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  1. Oakman58

    EPIC split bathroom feedback

    My wife and I have been married for over 40 years so it didn't bother us. However if a couple were cruising with a teenage son or daughter I could see where that would be a problem. There were many other things I didn't like about the Epic but the bathroom wasn't one of them.
  2. Oakman58

    Cruise inside cabin but eat in the Haven?

    I think it’s hilarious that he thinks because he’s part of the media he deserves special treatment. Heck we’re all part of the Social Media via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., I guess we should all be allowed to eat lunch in the Haven. Considering the fact that he thinks he’s an important part of the media I’m surprised that he would allow 2 full minutes of his video to be out of focus. Around the 39 minute mark the camera goes out of focus and remains so until just past the 41 minute mark. No one in the “real media” would ever post such an amateur video. I hope this clown has his reservations on the Encore cancelled because if I was the CEO of NCL that’s exactly what I would do.
  3. A mere 413 days until our West Indies cruise on the Epic.
  4. Oakman58

    Save the Queen!

    I’m very excited about the Delta Queen finally getting the exemption from the Safety of Life at Sea Act. It is expected that she will finally be doing cruises again on the Mississippi in 2020. Her home port will be Kimmswick Missouri (pop. 157) and this exemption is big news here.
  5. I'm enjoying your report and thanks for sharing the pictures.
  6. Oakman58

    Skagway Train Question

    Thanks so much for that info Crew News. Taking photos is the reason I asked that question. I love that photo you included.
  7. Oakman58

    Skagway Train Question

    From Skagway we will be doing the 8 hour White Hall Pass and Yukon Expedition. On the train ride back to Skagway does one side have better views than the other or is it a moot point? Any help is appreciated.
  8. Oakman58

    Locking Luggage

    We use a TSA approved locks also.
  9. Oakman58

    Bringing some cookies onboard?

    If you’re really intent on bringing some homemade cookies onboard I would buy a commercial tin of cookies, dump them out and put in the homemade cookies and then seal the tin in shrink wrap. If they’re confiscated then so be it. One thing is for sure, no cookie or dessert on any cruise I’ve been on could hold a candle to homemade or even bakery made. Desserts are the weak link in the food chain on cruise ships in my opinion. Sometimes even ship’s security will intentionally let things pass. On my recent British Isles cruise I bought a gift package at our stop in Kirkwall Scotland that included a fifth of Scotch from the Highland Park Distillery. When I boarded the ship after our excursion I told security about the scotch and they put the package through the scanner and then gave it back to me and told me not to drink it onboard. I was shocked to say the least.
  10. Late at night if you're on deck 9 or 10 keep an eye out for the female ghost that is said to haunt the Dawn.
  11. The Dawn has been refurbished since we last cruised on her so this tip might be outdated. On the decks with cabins the carpet has fish images and the fish always swim toward the front of the ship.
  12. Oakman58

    One Pile of Rocks vs. Another

    On a positive note, sightings at Loch Ness were awesome.
  13. Oakman58

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 48

    Awww C'mon, what color is this bag? Quit trying to confuse this old man.
  14. Excellent time-lapse! Thanks for sharing. Perhaps some day I'll do a PC cruise in one of the mega ships that have to use the new locks. To be honest I think the old locks with the locomotives (mules) are much more interesting. I took the liberty to make your link clickable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQjg6qhGT-c&feature=youtu.be