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  1. I'm not in a rush to get on a ship (A.K.A. floating petri dish of illness) until the COVID virus is under control and there is an effective vaccine for it.
  2. I received a phone call from a cruise consultant on Thursday (6/18) that our refund was being processed. It didn't show up on our credit cards until today (6/26). Our cancelled cruise was an Alaskan cruise out of Seattle May 23rd. I won't be booking another cruise until this Covid-19 thing is behind us or there is an effective vaccine for it.
  3. Social distancing done right on Memorial Day weekend.
  4. Yes, that would be a good bridge camera to take to Alaska. The 65X zoom would be the equivalent of a 21mm to 1365mm lens. The camera can shoot in burst mode at 10 frames per second which would come in very handy for whale watching excursions. Canon’s image stabilization is very good which will help if you take pictures at the long end of the zoom and also when shooting in low light situations. Once you get the camera use it a lot and learn some of the great features this camera offers. Don’t wait until your trip to learn how to use that camera. Although I had a lower priced Canon for my Alaskan cruise I was happy with the photos it produced.
  5. Have you looked at the bridge cameras available? Most have long zoom lenses and decent image stabilization. Some even have 1 inch sensors. It’s nice not having to carry extra lenses.
  6. The only change we will make is to carry face masks with us. We already carry more type of sanitizers than you can imagine.
  7. I have an Indigo Bunting coming to the bird feeder. Beautiful birds. Naturally Chip the Chipmunk cleans up any spilled seeds.
  8. I did receive a credit for our Alaskan shore excursion on our credit card over the weekend. Still waiting for the cruise fare refund.
  9. I think cruises42 is correct but it is difficult to tell the difference (at least for me) between the Red-Shouldered Hawk and the Red-Tailed Hawk unless they are flying. Definitely one or the other.
  10. No birds at the backyard feeder today, I think I know why.
  11. The specter of bankruptcy has already been raised. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/jobs-economy/os-bz-norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-sec-filing-concern-20200505-p5l5wcqz2je67bbbsnvxwcsqym-story.html I would hope if it came to bankruptcy all those FCC would be honored.
  12. Personally I think everyone who has a FCC and wants a refund for the value of the FCC should be given it. These are unusual times to say the least and exceptions to the rule should be made. The company that makes the terms and conditions can also suspend or make exceptions to those terms and conditions. I think the OP should be given a refund. I wonder what those FCC's will be worth if NCLH declares bankruptcy.
  13. He's on their books with a FCC. All NCL would have to do is give him the cash that the FCC is worth and in reality that's what they should do. I swear the NCL cheerleaders would still stand behind NCL even if the company filed bankruptcy and negated al those FCC.
  14. Yes you can get the same illness but it doesn't spread like wildfire at an all inclusive like it does on a ship. Big difference between 1000 people spread out at a resort compared to 4000 people confined on a ship.
  15. You betcha! Unless cruise ships quit packing people in like sardines in the public areas I'm done with cruising. My future trips will be to all inclusive resorts.
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