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  1. Thanks for all the responses, I know a lot more about water than I previously did! In terms of the purchase of the bottled water package, I wonder will it just be replaced on a 1 for 1 by the new boxed spring water, or will the spring water be deemed better than the previous bottled variety...
  2. I purchased a bottled water package for the upcoming Encore inaugural. It has disappeared from my online account. I heard NCL have replaced bottled water with an environmentally friendly option, but that doesn't seem to be there either. Anyone know how this works out? Thanks. Edit - it still shows in my holiday summary. So just wondering if it will be replaced by the new option.
  3. Thanks for putting this so well. People throwing uneducated views around helps no-one. Sure, there can be little teething problems, which generally are acknowledged by NCL on an inaugural cruise. But nothing to worry anyone other than a few disappointment sensitive souls.
  4. As I said, a couple of thousand people believe this voyage will represent cruise satisfaction. Maybe some people are just less easily disappointed. In which case you are probably right to wait until you're sure you will be satisfied. I do see your point.
  5. A couple of thousand people disagree with you though, and actually enjoy the 'risk' of going. As for "so much safer", that's just nonsense!
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/chriscaress/status/1162233202208985088
  7. Are you sure he paid 20% gratuities, or are you just assuming he did. (He being from UK with different rules!). And an argument about drink prices is not really relevant - he was pointing out that with a drink package the happy hour wasn't going to do him much good!
  8. I don't know if they are fake, but if you used a credit card you can do a chargeback if it's fake I think...
  9. Fair point. I guess I mean I'm glad that they allow you to trade it in, as opposed to not being able to and having to pay the full price if you want the full package.
  10. i see it on my booking sailing November. Offer applies only to those who selected the wifi option as part of the 2 "free" at sea items. About a 30% discount off normal price. Not bad in fairness.
  11. I do know on my last NCL cruise, with the "normal beverage package", specialty coffee was only in the dining rooms. I think the premium plus removes this limitation. The extra cost for me, being a beer drinker, is not enough to justify just for the water and coffee though.
  12. So what I gather from other posters, what you have said is not true? Are you in agreement?
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