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  1. The terms for other 'add-on's seem to refer to singles and 200% too. I'm hoping it won't disqualify but will check with customer service tomorrow. At very least would expect 50% of OBC. Presumably this issue has cropped up before for solo travellers on here.
  2. And definitely not worth paying the extra 70% for $200, nowhere near it! I'm surprised the answer isn't on the website, but I'm guessing I will get the $200 as it is more likely to be that they were trying, badly, to say singles (albeit paying double normally) would get the OBC. Fact that they are currently not imposing a 100% penalty for single occupancy is probably not going to change it. I hope!
  3. Thanks, that's an interesting way to get to the summary alright! It didn't show the OBC unfortunately though. I might ask a customer rep.
  4. Epic. But it's all cruises from today on NCL EU site. Instead of 'take all 4/5' it's take 2 + $200 OBC.
  5. So I have a booking 'hold' for a new NCL promotion which offers $200 OBC for a balcony booking. I am travelling with a friend, and they are in a separate cabin. The terms and conditions state: "Singles paying 200% are entitled to full onboard credit value". Now, the price at the moment for single occupancy is not 200% - it's only about 130%. Do I get $200, $130 or $0 OBC?!
  6. Does anyone know if cabins 13244 to 13276 and 13255 to 13285 approx. AFT on Deck 13, under the Spa & Salon on Deck 14 suffer from much noise? Or is the Spa & Salon a quiet spot where you wouldn't hear furniture etc. moved around above you? Thanks.
  7. It makes absolutely no sense that they require the option of a negative fast antigen test within 72 hours or embarkation, when they are doing a rapid antigen test at the terminal.
  8. Good point. He probably should have referenced it as a UK only rule. However, he was incorrect to state that NCL requires "proof of a negative PCR test", as it clearly states PCR or antigen. "Currently, guests who are residents of the United Kingdom are required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 antigen or PCR test, performed by a third party and taken no more than 72-hours prior to embarkation, upon boarding. Additionally, these guests will receive an antigen test at the terminal as part of the standard protocols. Those that cannot present a negative test at the terminal d
  9. The article also states, apart from 100% vaccination requirement that "The line also requires proof of a negative PCR test and conducts a rapid antigen test just before you are given clearance to board." That's not true. Unless I'm reading it wrong. (The PCR test bit, not the antigen test)
  10. But isn't that if every passenger gets covid? On a fully vaccinated ship we expect that hardly anyone should catch it. While they say that it protects 90% against hospitalisation for people that DO catch it, very few vaccinated folk should get it due to reduced transmission, and protection from impact. Let's say 1% catch it from some fully viral loaded passenger, creating 24 cases. Of those 24 cases, 2 or 3 could result in hospitalisation. And that, hoping not to sound ageist, is more likely to occur in the upper 70's/80's age group. Even then, the odds are quite good. Of course
  11. I thought I saw a video posted from the first night? Anyway, sorry, was only trying to help.
  12. You should have looked better - thread a few below yours! 🙂 called "Jade Athens - Pre Board and Trip Experiences"
  13. Sounds like he was enjoying himself anyway 😄
  14. On Jade's debut yesterday, Harry Sommer put the reality of covid quite well: "Sommer said the stringent protocols -- 100 percent vaccination, pre-cruise testing, a proof of a negative PCR and end-of-cruise testing -- was designed to make a Norwegian vessel "the safest place on earth". However, he added: "I can't guarantee there won't be a COVID case onboard, in fact given how things are today, I'm pretty sure there will be a COVID case onboard from time to time. "What I can guarantee is there won't be widespread outbreaks, everyone will be safe and that if the occasional
  15. Indeed. Just rang the local number and got through to an agent in the US, who applied my 10% voucher (from a cancelled sailing) and then the voucher. They said the system should be allowing customers apply the cruisenext as a deposit, but that they had "had a few calls on this where there were issues".
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