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  1. If they only let people on that have the vaccine things should be reasonably contained no?
  2. Yes, if you lockdown forever you won't have any cases. But there is a balance between preventing the virus and not permanently destroying businesses and tanking the economy.
  3. So is the thinking generally that, when cruising starts again, it will be more expensive for a good while rather than cheap to get people back? I guess cruisers are a very loyal clientele!
  4. If it turns out to be the easiest to store and transport, it will surely do well. It doesn't have to protect everyone, just enough for approaching herd immunity no?
  5. "hopefully over by 2023"??? I'm hoping that you're wrong and that it's well over for 2022!
  6. By the time the cruiselines can all comply fully with the CDC framework, won't the vaccine be pretty much out there, is it all time wasted?!
  7. Seaman is of course correct. If we don't get a vaccine the vast majority of the population (US/Europe) will demand a return to a reasonably normal life. A life that will of course require sensible precautions, but a life which will not tolerate the continuing closure of businesses that provide people with their outlet and freedoms. Hopefully the upcoming vaccines with 30% efficacy will sort things, but if they don't, most will demand return to normality, even if that means vulnerable/elderly need to take further precautions. Human nature.
  8. Not sure anymore. Vast majority of people (in Europe anyway) are wearing masks and practicing social distancing, washing hands etc. And it is worse it is getting. Sure, there is some complacency creeping in, but not to a huge degree. It's possible that masks have, if anything, encouraged people to give up a bit on washing hands, they think it's a fix all. Nearly everyone wears a mask in retail, and is separated out by 2 metres, so why are they closing retail?
  9. One thing is for sure - if any of the forthcoming vaccines turn out to be useless, the world at large will have to 'live with covid' a lot more than it does currently. Otherwise world economy will not recover. So it will be people taking appropriate precautions and health services gearing up to cope with potential extra capacity requirements. But cruising, and everything else that is currently prevented, will ultimately have to be allowed continue, even without a vaccine. For example, let's say that it becomes known that a viable vaccine won't happen for 2 years - would any popu
  10. Is no cruise critic member on the current (27th Sept departure) cruise that was opened to Europeans?
  11. If you actually bothered to read the article before responding in your dismissive tone, the article states : "Of course, it’s important to note that given how rapidly the situation is changing, everything is speculation at this point." I was simply posting a link in response to another poster referencing the fact about the 6 ships.
  12. Link? https://cruiseradio.net/these-five-carnival-ships-are-scheduled-for-november-cruises/
  13. Is there no chance that NCL would try any sailings in Europe like MSC/Costa?
  14. I just wish we were in a situation where we had this problem!
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