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  1. Thought Andre Gaffney was excellent on recent Epic transatlantic. Great game show host, brought the best out in his team, who were also brilliant.
  2. Yes, it seems like splitting hairs. Yes, it's 'all inclusive'. But if you need to split hairs, technically, it's also UBP, my key card states "UBP" on it.
  3. Really? I never would have guessed! My question was in terms of how crew was defined in terms of access to the bow.
  4. So... On Epic.... With UK/Ireland/Europe UBP+C+J package. No specialty coffee in buffet as expected, no fresh squeezed juice as expected, haven't figured out what Juice J stands for. All free 1 litre bottle water per person per day delivered at beginning of 13 night cruise ie 28 bottles! All bars applying a '2 drink limit' per transaction so I don't need dw's card all the time when ordering for both of us. Asked about speciality coffee in buffet and told only in main dining rooms. Mentioned package says "all our dining venues" and told buffet not a dining venue, but a buffet. Ok!
  5. How is crew defined? I presume its not just any staff or there'd be more out there.. Surprised, (not in any way complaining) that they are allowed stretch out there in front of the ordinary riff raff passengers!
  6. Probably cost us more in base price though, nothing comes free!
  7. We have Ultimate Beverage Package with specialty coffee in restaurants and juice (not fresh) as well as 1 litre water per person per cabin per day. Is this different than US customers? (UK/Ireland bookings?)
  8. I see some sunbathers out on the bow of the Epic, staff privilege? Presumably only officers? No access for ordinary passengers? Just curious, as when in Garden Cafe a few of us were looking at them flaunting their good fortune :)
  9. Thanks for the helpful response. I'll just deal with Ncl directly from now on, no point in getting independent confirmation from helpful people on Cruise Critic at all. Sometimes you get the correct information from people on cruise critic, not Ncl.
  10. I am in Epic at moment, cruise next say I can purchase 500 for 2 certs, but instead of 250 obc, double value of cert to 1000. Also buy 4 certs for 1000, get another 1000 rather than 500 obc. Also, no 6 month ahead booking. Anyone confirm I'm not misunderstanding?
  11. Mariner of the seas - Bahamas in February - Miami Port or Fort Lauderdale? Sorry, finding it hard to verify! Does Mariner always berth in the same spot?
  12. To update on this (long ago post), NCL accommodated my request given the new booking.
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