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    Soda For Breakfast

    No coke, just Pepsi on NCL.
  2. Oakman58

    Washy Washy? OMG! W T F?

    A few years back on the Jade or the Star there was a young man pushing a beverage cart in the morning at the buffet singing, "wakee wakee, coffee coffee."
  3. Oakman58

    Soda in Norwegian Bliss

    Rum and Coke good, Rum and Pepsi bad.
  4. Oakman58

    Whale Watching-which port is best?

    One thing to remember, when it comes to excursions dealing with nature there are no real guarantees. You have to take what you get. Our whale watching excursion started off with not much to see and continued for most of the excursion. We had spotted one whale and only saw that one when it surfaced to breathe. As I said in my previous post, it wasn't until the last half hour that the two whales appeared out of nowhere in front of our boat and began breaching. Our excursion went from a ho hum excursion to outstanding in the blink of an eye. Even the crew of our excursion boat was excited about the display we were witnessing. Here's a picture that gives you an idea of how large those whales were. One of the whales stuck a flipper out the water near a small boat. The flipper is probably as long as that boat.
  5. Oakman58

    Last Minute Advice for Epic

    Those are more great tips Paelos. Thanks for coming back after your cruise to pass on those tips to others.
  6. Oakman58

    Whale Watching-which port is best?

    We did whale watching in Cabo mid-December when we did a Panama Canal cruise with NCL. During the last 30 minutes of the whale watching tour we were treated to a pair of whales breaching. It was AWESOME!
  7. Oakman58

    Last Minute Advice for Epic

    Those are some great tips Paelos.
  8. Oakman58

    Are NCL platinum perks the best?

    I did not know that, probably because I never book anything higher than a mini-suite.
  9. Oakman58

    Are NCL platinum perks the best?

    I want to mention a couple of things. NCL Platinum status is achieved with 80 points not 85, and it's points not days. We achieved Platinum status with 53 days of cruising because at one time it was possible to get double or even triple points for a single cruise. NCL no longer gives triple points but you can still get double points by booking a Latitudes Insider cruise.
  10. Oakman58

    Epic 10 Day Western Review

    I'm enjoying your report and thanks for sharing your photos.
  11. Great review. Thanks for taking the time to share it.
  12. Oakman58

    Why is the Epic so unpopular?

    Since you felt ambushed by the subject matter of Priscilla I will give you a heads up. When the Encore is launched later this year the main production show will be the musical Kinky Boots which also will feature Drag Queens.
  13. Oakman58

    Picture-A-Week 2019 - Week 05

    Broke my ankle two weeks ago so I won't be getting out taking photos for quite awhile. It will be another four weeks before I can use my right foot. I'm already tired of sitting on the couch watching TV and snacking. I sure did mess up my ankle. Here's the X-Ray taken yesterday right before the staples were removed. All the other hardware is permanent.
  14. Oakman58

    Last Minute Advice for Epic

    Getting a seat in the Cavern Club can be a challenge. 4000 passengers and seating for about 130 in the Cavern, get there early.
  15. Oakman58

    Does the crew rate the passengers?

    LOL!! I'm sure you are on the "list" of some CC members.😀
  16. Excellent report, thanks for taking the time to write it.
  17. Oakman58

    More Epic Questions

    Priscilla will be the show in the theater on 2 nights with 2 shows each night for a total of 4 shows. Get in the standby line early and chances are you will get into the show.
  18. Oakman58

    Epic Failure - live onboard now (1.26.2019)

    Priscilla is the best production show I've seen on any cruise and outshines many land based theater shows. The subject matter offends some people so be warned. Theater entertainment is one of the things I look forward to on my cruises.
  19. Am I correct in assuming from the epaulets on his uniform that this is the ship’s captain or am I wrong?
  20. Oakman58

    “One and done” NCL ships

    I swore I would never cruise on the Epic again but then a cruise came up on her that was port intensive and had a good price with a bunch of perks so I booked her again.
  21. Oakman58

    Just off the getaway...my review

    I'm enjoying your review.
  22. Pictures! I like Blogs and Trip Reports with pictures.
  23. Oakman58

    Picture-A-Week 2019 - Week 02

    Oh how I wish I was on a cruise ship in the Caribbean right now. SIGH!
  24. Oakman58

    Epic = yes or no ?

    I completely agree about the couch being next to useless for sitting. The only good thing about the couch is the extra storage behind the seat back.
  25. Oakman58

    NCL EPIC 8072 and 8074

    Yes, I believe those two cabins will have a lifeboat directly below. If memory serves cabin 8072 will have more overhead cover than 8074, but don't hold me to that.