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  1. I’m afraid that passengers who aren’t vaccinated might come down with Covid and spread it to other passengers who haven’t been vaccinated causing ports to deny entry to our ship. I’m taking a 14 day South American cruise in February but if vaccination isn’t required I will probably be cancelling that trip. I do intend to get the Moderna booster shot if and when it becomes available this fall.
  2. There are other cruise lines and other places to spend my vacation dollars. If vaccinations aren't required for crew and passengers on HAL cruises I'll be cancelling my February cruise. CEO's have been known to make major mistakes that ruined or almost ruined corporations. Remember how big Kodak was? Remember how big Sears was? Remember when AOL was the be all end all of the Internet? Remember Circuit City, Toy's R Us, etc.? I hope Carnival Corp doesn't join the list.
  3. So with all these new health and safety protocols in place, the Norovirus should be a thing of the past too. Or am I wrong?
  4. Yes the DSC was included along with the Premium Beverage Package. There were plenty of pool loungers and they were sanitized by crewmen after each use per Covid-19 prevention measures. Every evening helicopters flew over the ship dropping liquid sanitizer over the open decks. 😁
  5. OP here. Within 30 minutes of posting that on my page I began getting phone calls on my cell phone. I would answer the phone saying “April Fools.” The one person I knew would recognize it as an April Fools joke was my daughter because we had plans to go to her house on the 3rd to dye Easter eggs. But no, she bit really hard on the hook. When she called I answered the phone with “hello” and before I could say another word she responded, “Where the heck are you guys? Don’t you want to help your granddaughter dye eggs? Why did you take a cruise over Easter?” She finally paused
  6. Thanks for posting that, it's a show I had never heard of before this.
  7. For April Fools Day I posted this on my Facebook Page. A lot of my Facebook Friends are regular cruisers and boy did I get a lot of people to bite on this story. I included a couple of pictures hoping to make the story seem more realistic. Originally I was going to post it here on Cruise Critic but I knew I probably wouldn’t fool anyone. April 1st is the one day when my inner child comes out. Yesterday we flew to Cozumel, Mexico for our invitation only cruise on the NCL Epic on April 1st to April 4th. NCL paid for our one night stay at the Hotel Grand Park Royal by the cruise
  8. I can't imagine what it must have been like to be quarantined in your inside cabin.
  9. I felt so sorry for the crew who had to keep working through all of this so that the guests were impacted the least. I really felt sorry for the husband and wife that were separated. She was taken to the hospital because she tested positive for the virus and he had to stay on the ship under quarantine. With the guests being quarantined I'm sure being in an inside stateroom sucked.
  10. Wife and I just received or second shot yesterday and we didn't have to show Medicare or insurance cards for either shot. The shots were administered by our county health department. First shot I had no side effects, second shot left me tired for a short while but at 2:30 AM this morning my shoulder hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. Trying to drink a cup of coffee with that arm was very painful. Currently (7:40 AM) my shoulder is only slightly tender.
  11. A beautiful day in Juneau, a screen capture of the Juneau Harbor Webcam. It will take something close to a miracle for major cruise lines to be able to visit Alaska this year. Dang COVID-19.
  12. Man, I will be glad when the cruise industry starts up again. My last cruise was an 11 day S. Caribbean cruise on the Epic that ended on Feb 6th 2020. Two big news items occurred on that cruise, the first was the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter. The second was the news of the Corona Virus outbreak on the Diamond Princess. Sanitation on the Epic went into high gear because of that virus news. I was going through photos from that last cruise and I was reminded of something that I had added to my bucket list, I want to go up in Royal Caribbean’s North Star observation ball. I had
  13. Things have changed since you booked and will probably continue to change. Currently HAL is NOT offering cruises for 2021. Canada won't allow cruise ships in their ports until Feb 2022. A cruise out of Seattle that doesn't visit a foreign port will face huge fines. It will take an act of Congress or a Presidential Executive Order to temporarily suspend the Passenger Vessel Services Act. The CDC extended the no sail order until November. If you are bound and determined to book transportation and lodging to Seattle then please be sure you can cancel without penalty.
  14. I can't find any Holland cruises for Alaska in 2021, I'm only seeing 2022.
  15. I certainly hope that all the cruise lines will be operating safely by 2022.
  16. No one knows what might happen but it doesn’t hurt to prepare for a real possibility, as opposed to killer butterflies or the sun exploding. Expect the best but prepare for the worst. When my cruise was cancelled I opted for a refund. I don’t think passengers would get the shaft in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy but you never know. I think the shareholders might have more to be concerned about. Look at what happened to the GM shareholders back in 2009 when GM went Chapter 11.
  17. Actually it was the Epic where the bride cried on her honeymoon and I don't blame her. The enclosed balconies on the Jewel Class and Dawn Class aren't all that bad. Here' a picture of a PrivaSea "Hull" balcony on the Dawn. Notice that, unlike the Epic, there is plexiglass below the railing and you can look down into the ocean while seated.
  18. NCL doesn’t refer to them as a Cove Balcony but instead calls them PrivaSea cabins. I wouldn’t hesitate to book one of them on any of the other NCL ships EXCEPT for the Epic.
  19. If you have big ocean swells you will definitely feel it that far forward. No one can predict if you will have a calm ocean or a rough one. The Epic has the worst of the enclosed balconies and no, you won't see the ocean seated. This will give you and idea of what your balcony will look like. You have plenty of time to cancel that booking and rebook a different category.
  20. I can tell you this, I won't be getting on any cruise ship that doesn't require passengers to prove they have been vaccinated. I have heart disease, one of the underlying conditions Covid attacks. According to the CDC, 40 percent of those diagnosed with Covid-19 that have one underlying health condition were hospitalized. Nope, even though I have been vaccinated I don't want to get on a ship with those who haven't.
  21. I will follow the advice of Doctors who have studied viruses and immunology over the BS I read on the Internet. As far as cruising goes, I think it would be absolute folly for the cruise lines not to require passengers to be immunized against Covid unless it were to morph into a virus that wasn't potentially fatal. My two cents.
  22. I'm glad your husband was able to get a new kidney brookie848 and I hope he's doing well with it. When we returned from that cruise on the Epic my sister posted a trip report here on Cruise Critic that included a lot of pictures. Here's a link to that report if anyone is interested. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2733121-epic-so-caribbean-trip-report-jan-26-feb-6-lots-of-photos/?tab=comments#comment-59367023
  23. It was one year ago today our family group boarded the Epic for an 11 day Southern Caribbean cruise. I’m not a fan of the Epic but I would give anything to safely cruise on her again. It was toward the end of this cruise that news broke of the Corona Virus outbreak on the Diamond Princess and suddenly cleanliness took priority on the Epic. Even in the buffet your plate was handed to you by a crewmember and food was served by the staff in the buffet lines. It was also on this date that Kobe Bryant and his daughter died in a helicopter crash. This is a picture of the Epic when we
  24. What I miss besides cruising is reading the trip reports others would post on this forum. Those trip reports helped to fill the void between our cruises. I hope when cruising begins again people will continue to take the time to write trip reports and hopefully include some photos.
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