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  1. So far only for kids that I’ve seen. Some families have 1, some have 2 children and rest of party is vaccinated.
  2. We cruise in 1 week, 7/31 and people are just now posting in the last 2 days whether they received exemptions or not.
  3. Short time here….7 more days and we’ll be on the Mardi Gras at this time.
  4. I’ll be on the cruise with him, beyond excited to see the inside of the ship in person, she’s sure a beauty outside.
  5. I’m sailing Panorama 10/2/21 with my sister, really looking forward to cruising the west coast again, it’s been almost 20 years since last time down the Mexican Riviera. Fun video, shared it with my sister.
  6. The bookings have been closed for awhile. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard any specific numbers before the sail dates. I’d just expect we’ll be sailing somewhere between 60-70% full capacity.
  7. By my calculation you have been given the 2 day early check in. Regular check in is currently 14 days pre-cruise, you got 16. Note, they open check in at 12:00 Miami time. We just had early check in for our 7/31 Mardi Gras at midnight last night and it worked well, a lot of people checking in at the time and we had a few computer crashes but overall was easy.
  8. The only guaranteed workaround I see would be to get one more vaccine of either one before your next cruise, is that an option there?
  9. This is real good info for checking in. I want it to go as smooth as possible. Just over 4 hours I get to check in for my first cruise and don’t want to screw it up. I’m driving home but my roommate is flying. Should she just put in driving to prevent problems?
  10. My last cruise was September 2019, had my cancellations all started up in April 2020. Since then I have retired, pretty much stayed at home, got Moderna vaccine as soon as they were available to me. I have been gardening, cooking, and planning and looking forward to cruising again. I had lots of time on my hands and rebooked all canceled cruises and added a few more on top of that and booked more than I should have. Now that my first cruise back is only 3 weeks, a mere 21 days away I am starting to panic. I’ve gotten rusty at cruise planning. The luggage has been long emptied out a
  11. I have more cruises booked now than ever in the past, it is so addicting! Retirement helps immensely. 82 days booked between 7/31/21 and 9/10/23.
  12. The only free one we were able to book was for Chibang on the Mardi Gras. We were able to book two nights for each of our Mardi Gras cruises through the Sailabration. Unfortunately they filled up quickly and by late evening available times were scarce. They are no longer on site to book for the Mardi Gras. Who knows, they may have held back and will open again in the future.
  13. The privacy, shade from the sun (burn super easily), proximity to the water, ease of getting on and off the ship, better availability of elevators, closeness to dining rooms are the reasons I love the coves. The only downside for me was the distance to the Cloud 9 Spa and Lido deck on the Dream class ships. Walked off a lot of calories though so not all bad. I haven’t sailed a Vista class yet but was delighted to see the spa on the same deck as the coves on the Mardi Gras, have 5 cruises booked on her, cove balcony all the way.
  14. Not cruising related but.....life changer, bake your bacon in oven on top of parchment paper. Perfectly cooked crispy all the way through without the mess! If not for bacon I could probably be a vegetarian!
  15. Nothing but good news today for me. Have 7/31 & 8/7 btb on the Mardi Gras and 10/2 Panorama. Am vaccinated and ready to go. We have an itinerary change.
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