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  1. Are you sure it was actually from Carnival? Many timeshare resorts use a free cruise as a solicitation to join them for a sales pitch. Have seen these types of post cards multiple times in the past.
  2. Old topic back to the top. For now these Sailabration cruises should be a go and planning for them is a lot easier right now than the 4 I have booked before then. We booked the Mardi Gras for the Sailabration when first released, a couple months later we added our same cabin to the 2/26/22 sailing for a BTB. We’re looking forward to blasts from the past that we may have forgotten or never experienced. I am hoping for an epic horn battle and fireworks😁
  3. I would go tomorrow if they’d take me.
  4. Have 3 booked in 2021, Mardi Gras 2/6 first inaugural cruise for us, this is the third time rescheduled. 2/20 is Panorama for just a getaway vacation with my sister that I don’t see often enough. Third is 12/4 Mardi Gras for our 45th anniversary. Then comes 2022😁
  5. I have done this twice now, first time my PVP did it, was more complicated due to choices but new cruise was just a few dollars cheaper than the canceled one. The second one was an easy switch over and a call to CS was all it took. Didn’t have to pay any additional deposit either time.
  6. My first cancellation was in May, then a couple later on for the Mardi Gras. I’ve spent my time stalking all the cruise info I could find and keep on booking. Have 6 cruises booked now, more than we’ve ever had booked at a time. Next booked is 2/6/21 inaugural Mardi Gras, then 2/20/21 Panorama. Was excited to add the TA Celebration in 11/22 when it was announced. Just looking forward to cruising again, hope we don’t overdo it.
  7. What ship did you book? I can hardly wait to get back to cruising also.
  8. I love BTB cruises also, my next BTB is in 2022 for the Sailabration. In your situation I think I would contact Carnival and see if you can change your 6 day cruise to the 8 day southern route, go on the cruise you really want. I’m not sure what penalties, if any would be charged to do this. I recently had to change the date on a 2021 cruise that was booked prior to the cancellation of inaugural Mardi Gras. I rebooked the new inaugural date but had to move the previously booked cruise because it departs the same day as the Mardi Gras returns. Problem was one on east coast one on west coast. T
  9. The Mardi Gras does have a Thalasso pool, it’s deck 5 forward of the spa coves. I think they may have put it lower since the ones on Dream class ships get really rocky when seas are barely rough and they’d have to keep closing it. I hope it’s as nice, I really liked the view on Dream class.
  10. Mardi Gras was canceled until February awhile ago due to the ship not being ready so this isn’t a new change. Inaugural is 2/6/21 now if all goes well. I love the Breeze, thought about booking this cruise and itinerary so I didn’t have to wait until my 2/6/21 to get back on the ocean. Maybe still will, wait and see for now.
  11. Book a 7 day in November while still can, when that one cancels you’ll be back up to the $600 OBC.
  12. I just had a short cruise canceled on October Elation. I’m thinking of rebooking a November Breeze expecting it to be canceled so that I can get a $600 OBC instead of the $300. Only downside I see is that Breeze sails and I don’t have to wait until next years cruises which are already booked.
  13. It’s 4:20 pm, I’m sitting on my balcony with a good drink, watching the ocean for dolphins and flying fish, listening to good music and maybe a little hanky panky with my hubby.
  14. I’m going to go with something new instead of a recycle.....Escapade.
  15. Was booked on the TA, canceled. Rebooked inaugural 11/14/20, canceled. Rebooked this date along with so many others from our group for the new inaugural date. Hope this one is good to go. Have 3 more Mardi Gras bookings after this one. Looking forward to this sailing so much, need a cruise and afraid my getaway 10/8/20 cruise will be canceled too.
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