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  1. Rehabilitation is the best way, as it is permanent once approved. Can take a year or two to get approved. Trust me, I have done it. Took like 18 months and I had to give letters of recommendation from two upstanding citizens, FBI rap sheet, and a few hundred bucks in fees. All this for some misdemeanor which happened in college when I was 20 (36 years ago) and is actually legal in Canada and a few of the better states in the US... The reason I did not qualify for a deemed rehabilitation was because there was two incidents from back then. One was juvenile and the courts destroyed all the records, but the FBI did not show any disposition, so I just got the rehabilitation rather than take the chance at the border. I finally got a letter stating I am no longer inadmissible. Of course I was never denied entry in the first place but it was only a matter of time because they do check sometimes. It's kind of like getting a passport for a cruise... you don't have to have it, but it sure comes in handy if you ever need it.
  2. Yes, and Mom is allowed as well.:p
  3. I did get a check for $14 or so... they will mail a check for any amount upon request, and automatically do for $10 or more. We did not have to ask. FYI - we donate quite often to St. Judes - had a child who was a patient there. Great choice for a charity.
  4. Maybe because he owes child support in one state and lives in another? The other state is not going to be looking for him. If he's arrested for something else and he has a warrant out in another state, they will hold him to see if that state wants to extradite. They almost never will for misdemeanors.
  5. Add that to the list of reasons I will probably never try RCL.
  6. No, I don't think the check box for 55+ even works. It's just a decoration.
  7. We only tip extra, beyond auto tips, if the service is exceptional. Last cruise we gave the steward a $20 on the last night. Did not give anything to the dining staff or anyone else. With the auto-tip in place, it's unnecessary.
  8. I always have a budget before the cruise. I'll create a spreadsheet showing all the expenses, and whether or not they will be cash-only or can be charged. Depending on what the total amount comes to, I will whittle down the list of activities until the total gets to something I can live with. I also will know how much cash to carry with me so I do not run out or have to hit an ATM somewhere along the way. Unless there is plenty of discretionary money in the bank, it would be very dangerous, in my view, to go on a vacation with an attitude of "you only live once" with no pre-planning. Sounds like a way to spend a whole lot of dough.
  9. Yeah, there is some truth to that. I also found this: So, if you have the foresight to have your fingerprints sent to the FBI recently, you probably can use the rap sheet you get back to prove you have no recent violations. Or they can just look you up in the computer, assuming they have one. You never know ...
  10. They must have just wanted a look in the car. Doubt they took the time to run his license through the computer.
  11. On Elegant night on Fascination, you will see a few suits for men and evening dresses for women. The vast majority will be in what I would call "business casual"... something you would see men and women wearing to work in a nice office building in a city.
  12. Would love to see more choices out of Charleston. Carnival mostly runs to the Bahamas for 4 to 5 nights... too short and not interesting enough.
  13. This is true for misdemeanors, but all DUIs are treated as felony offenses by Canadian immigration. Their laws can charge DUI as either and they err on the side of more serious when they don't have any other information. Therefore, they do not have discretion to allow DUIs offenders in after 10 years, as they would with, say, misdemeanor pot possession. FYI - Canada is the only country with unfettered access to the NCIC database, where all US citizens have their criminal record stored. So, this sort of problem is unique to Canada. No other country is going to know if you had a DUI 20 years ago.
  14. Depending on one's age, just walking down the street, stepping on a loose cobblestone, is enough to win a trip to the hospital. People may have allergies to jellyfish or what not, get stung, and wind up in shock... you never know. Travel Insurance is something to never leave home without!
  15. It is true one cannot go to Canada after a DUI conviction no matter how long ago it was, unless they apply for and receive a waiver. The part about handcuffs is overkill... They just would not allow you off the ship at a port of call. If flying or driving they just tell you to go back immediately.
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