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  1. No I can't show you. All I can go by is my past experience which I posted before.
  2. I am sure it does protect both ways but a person without a mask coughs or sneezes near you the droplets can still get in your eyes if you are wearing a mask.
  3. At the hospital where I work we were told just the opposite. The mask does not protect you, it protects others from you. This was info from the CDC and not WHO.
  4. I heard the same thing. Something about it would just disappear in April when it got warmer. Science isn't perfect
  5. OK thanks . I know they were banned for awhile but it was either last summer ortrips scheduled for this summer that they had some cruises for sail going to Glacier bay and then they got switched .
  6. did rci get their Glacier Bay problems straightened out? I read they were supposed to finally go there and then all the itineraries with Glacier Bay were changed with Glacier Bay gone from the itinerary.
  7. I don't know for a fact either but when we were on a cruise to Aruba our ship had noro and the CDC ordered our ship back to port. This was about day 3 after we initially left Port Everglades.
  8. unfortunately there are over 1100 deaths related to the virus just in our city. It's all relative to what's gone on around you.
  9. Yeah that's the one. Turns out it was December 14, 1996 that the MV Bright Field crashed into the mall. I think there was a Hilton around there too but not sure. I remember we went somewhere and bought all day passes to ride the trolley from Julia St.
  10. Think its the Riverfront if not mistaken. A ship crashed into one year back in late 90’s or early 2000’s. Also Harrahs casino is right down that way. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. In a heartbeat. I did a similar itinerary from Tampa twice awhile back on the Sensation Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. OK that would explain things as guaranteed rates are not refundable. still doesn't explain why the rep told OP it was for new bookings only.
  13. You have never heard of such a thing? Just curious, have you ever cruised before ?
  14. I would call again and talk to somebody else. At 120 days out you should be eligible. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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