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  1. seems like we are getting close to having everybody that want the vaccine getting it.Doesn't look like we will have enough people vaccinated to reach herd immunity so I guess as you mentioned we will keep stumbling along.
  2. Thank you very much. This is exactly what I needed to know.
  3. answers from the cdc - Carnival Cruise Lines - Cruise Critic Community Interesting reading. So if it's not up to the CDC on when cruises start why wasn't this mentioned a long time ago by the govt? Sounds like passing the buck to me.
  4. yes thank you. I have already been there. I can't seem to find the amount for the agent fee and who I would pay that too. That was more the reason I asked. Trying to figure out if I can just renew it my self and not have to pay this agent fee or whatever they call it. I have already filled out the forms, just need the pictures taken and write the check(s).
  5. what are the cost and fees of renewing your passport now? Do I have to go through anybody or can I do it myself? TIA
  6. If you book a rate that doesn't have price protection such as early saver, you are still eligible for price reductions up until your final payment date.
  7. It seems to me that you and Firefly are talking about 2 different things. You seem to be saying with the more doses in Canada you might be able to get your vaccine before your originally scheduled timeline of Sept-Oct and Firefly seems to be talking about the timeline for cruises to be moved up. Maybe I'm misunderstanding but that's my take on it.
  8. If you didn't try to cancel after the final payment date and you had booked ES you should have had to pay $50pp and the rest of the monies are to be held towards a future cruise. Lucky for you that they cancelled and you didn't need to deal with this. Hope your next booking goes off without a hitch!
  9. I had one cancelled on the Horizon last month. I cancelled in June before they cancelled and just got my deposit back. Not rebooking anything at this time.
  10. shameful having over 11 million vaccine shots shipped and only a little over 2 million administered. Like you said, at this rate it's going to take forever.
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