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  1. I hope it’s not the pride or her sister ship the legend
  2. If you watched Florida’s governor is meeting the other day he stated the numbers are going up mostly because of the migrant workers on all the farms are testing positive But with no symptoms they also testing jails and correction facilities which send the numbers up They tested 100 migrant workers at a watermelon form and 90 tested positive with no symptoms He also stated that if he went through a drive-through testing it would take a week to get 90 positive test results that’s why has no intention of shutting Florida down he wants to return to normal this is from Tuesday’s Governors press con
  3. I am lookin to book a Dolphin excursion when we are in Cozumel Mexico there’s one excursion with buffet and free drinks At Chankanaab National Park I am trying to find out what time does the excursion meet/start I am trying to plan our day thanks
  4. When you arrive at Port Canaveral you have two choices to park your car, a preferred lot or the parking garage. Where do you enter to go through security? I’ve been told there’s an entrance on the ground floor for you to go into the security check point and then you go up the escalators to check in. I was also told to park on level three in the garage and walk across the ramp and there’s a security check point there. And where do you get your boarding card/number for you boarding position? I’m really confused can anyone please help thank you very much
  5. I can’t find any info on the different WiFi plans and the costs any help,greatly appreciated
  6. When is the Pride leaving Baltimore and what Ship is replacing her?
  7. When will the Carnival Pride be returning to Freeport as a port of call? And if they are what isleft of the island?
  8. Any word if they Will be changing the playlist shows in the near future. It’s been the same for the last 5 years.Hoping to see something different June 2020
  9. I never want anything to happen to anyone and for the people of Freeport to loose their lives and homes is absolutely horrible . And people will complain about anything people post on here but I have been going on the Pride for the last 5 years and Personally I think that Freeport is a useless port and CARNIVAL should either pick Nassau or key west or any other islands clothes there to make it back to Baltimore
  10. What port of call will they replace for Freeport until the island gets back to normal and are they saying when they will be going back to Freeport on a regular basis and not to deliver supplies Tks
  11. Where is the pride going now that Freeport is closed
  12. What is up with the Pride for tomorrow? does anyone know their CCL.# so I can get texts from carnival thanks
  13. We will be cruising on the carnival pride June 23 does anyone know who the maître d’ will be ?
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