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  1. Yes, infections are (yet again) increasing very fast still. https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/biweekly-confirmed-covid-19-cases?tab=chart&time=2020-03-23..latest&country=~USA However, have also been hearing that the number of people receiving the vaccine is surging, so maybe some good news there.
  2. As someone else pointed out in another thread, the health department / healthcare provider which administered your vaccination isn't allowed to share health related data with Carnival unless you specifically list them as having permission to receive your information. I wish Carnival would address this in order to prevent any possible last minute issues which could keep someone from their cruise.
  3. Yes, you most certainly can. I did exactly that for my upcoming cruise because I wanted to lock in a really good deal and there weren't many cabins left. You'll have to call Carnival and get a PIN for transferring the reservation, then give that PIN to your travel agent.
  4. And further, if you are not fully vaccinated, Carnival states that you are only allowed to purchase a "BUBBLE TOUR" which requires you to remain in your group's 'bubble' and remain masked.
  5. Watching the rate of Covid spread in Florida is also unnerving, they just set the single day record for new cases since the start of the pandemic. I keep fearing that one or more of my upcoming cruises will get cancelled at the last minute.
  6. Yes, that's exactly how it works.
  7. Hobie Cat rental is listed as an option for my stop at Half Moon Cay in September. I'm wondering why they say that the cost is $49.99 per person...... it doesn't seem right paying an extra $50 for the use of one extra life jacket.
  8. Hmmmmm...... My daughter lost her original card and was able to get a duplicate at the Publix Pharmacy where she received the vaccine. It was the same CDC card stock as the original and everything. I don't see any reason not to issue a replacement since it would only be of use to someone with the exact same name and birthday. Her vaccine card is now in a plastic holder and stored safely in our safe along with all of our passports.
  9. Yep, I totally get that. HOWEVER, we'll probably want to partake of one or two of the activities offered and I'm just trying to figure out the importance of booking ahead of time.
  10. We'll be stopping at Half Moon Cay on our September cruise, have never been there before. Do the excursions there sell out ahead of time, or can you pretty much wait until you're there and decide what you want to do?
  11. Yes, but at this point in time nearly anyone can get vaccinated, and it's those who for whatever reason that choose not to which are allowing the huge surge again. Granted, there are a few people who have medical conditions which preclude them from taking the vaccine (I know two people who fall into that category), but for the vast majority of teens and adults the vaccine is available. As for having to wear a mask on board, I just don't know yet if I'd cancel or not. I don't mind a mask when I go to a store etc., but I kind of feel like I should be be 'rewarded' for being vaccinated and not have to mask up while on a cruise. I'm anxiously watching what Carnival does.
  12. This is poor planning on the part of Carnival. I get it that they don't want to take any chances with having an outbreak aboard a ship, but the way they're presenting the requirements to cruise is leaving their customers in a difficult situation. You'd think that Carnival could partner with one or more pharmacies who would do the testing at a reasonable cost and guarantee test results in a certain amount of time.
  13. In the past when I've had the "premium" wifi it really wasn't fast enough to stream anything. I'd imagine it would be even slower going through a VPN. Maybe Carnival has upgraded the wifi during their time off, but I'm not holding my breath.
  14. I got what I feel like is an even better deal on the Magic in September - now I'm on pins and needles hoping that cruising doesn't get shut down again by the recent surge which is especially bad in Florida.
  15. Maybe when Carnival stops charging a premium for the newest ships. Until then I'm more than happy with all of the other options.
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