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  1. Yep, cloth is ok. And in many areas you'll find a crew member with a supply of disposable masks for those who 'forgot'.
  2. I've had mixed feelings about taking up a scarce testing slot that I don't intend to use, but that is exactly what I did for our cruise last month, two different CVS locations on two subsequent days. (I figured leaving nearly a full day between them would allow enough time to cancel the backup so someone else could have a chance at it). As it turns out my backup time slot got cancelled a couple of days ahead of time.
  3. I might be wrong but it seems that test kit expiration date is only of concern to e-med, and that once you do your test and they send your email you're good to go. I just now received the test kits I ordered a few days ago and they show a manufacture date of January 25, 2021, an expiration date of Sept. 21, 2021, and come with a notice that the FDA has granted a 3 month extension to all lots (see www.eMed.com/FDA).
  4. From Carnival's website: https://www.carnival.com/legal/covid-19-legal-notices/covid-19-guest-protocols Proof of vaccination, as follows, will be required at the terminal in advance of boarding: Original vaccination record issued by the country’s health authority that administered the vaccination (i.e., U.S. CDC's Vaccination Record Card). Copies or photos are not accepted. A digital COVID-19 Certificate (QR code acceptable), a record of COVID-19 vaccination from a healthcare provider (original digital email accepted), a personal electronic health record or government Immunization Information System record is also acceptable. The name and birth date on the vaccination record must match the guest’s travel documents and show the guest is fully vaccinated. The vaccination dates must indicate the guest has completed the required doses no later than 14 days prior to the sailing date. This means that on embarkation day, a minimum of 15 days must have passed since the final dose was received. Vaccine type, dates administered, and lot numbers must be clearly visible. We recommend guests have the contact information (email and phone) immediately available of the healthcare provider or clinic site that issued the certificate, in order to validate the vaccination if needed. A vaccination registry site may also be used. Guests are strongly encouraged to review their vaccination records and ensure they meet our standards, as well as have proof of their negative COVID-19 test result, prior to traveling to the cruise terminal to prevent a situation where they may not be able to cruise or be eligible for a refund. For cruises departing the U.S., the CDC requires both vaccines in a 2-dose series to be of the same type. They also accept mixing mRNA vaccines only (Pfizer and Moderna). No other vaccine combination meets the criteria to be considered fully vaccinated. For example, Canadian or other international guests who received a combination of AstraZeneca and Pfizer are considered unvaccinated by the CDC. Guests who are not fully vaccinated according to these criteria will be considered unvaccinated and will need to follow the applicable vaccination exemption requirements.
  5. I'll echo what's already been said, there's not much for kids to do on the ships at this time so I'd either delay the cruise or else make alternative vacation plans.
  6. AARP website. Wish I could point you directly to the gift cards but it's been a while since I've purchased them. As I recall they were a bit tricky to find, hopefully you'll have a quicker go at it than me.
  7. I just pulled up Carnival's website and I'm seeing 4 cruises listed for Panorama in November of '22, including yours on the 12th. Possibly some sort of hiccup with either your browser or Carnival's website.
  8. They're discounted, but only available to AARP members.
  9. Yep. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this, glad to know Carnival is taking care of their employees. I must say that I've always kind of wondered how crewmembers were always able to pretend to like their work..... I guess now that maybe they weren't pretending.
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/now/carnival-corporation-named-forbes-one-143210372.html
  11. I thought that was very good. Hopefully can get it again when I'm on Pride.
  12. HAH!!!!!! I like my fish to taste like fish. 😄 (Probably a result of growing up in Florida with tons of fresh seafood available) I just got off of Magic a couple of weeks ago and my personal opinion was that MDR food was perfectly fine, especially the fish. We'll be on Pride sailing out of Tampa twice in the next two months (thanks for loaning her to Tampa, by the way) so I'll be able to see for myself.
  13. In my most humble opinion all you can really do is pick the itinerary that best suits your preferences and go with it. There's no telling what else will happen between now and 2023, but it's been my experience that MOST of the time once Carnival sets a schedule that's the way it's going to be. Obviously they had to make some changes to deal with the fallout from Covid, but going forward I'd think it's a fairly safe bet that what's on the schedule is going to be pretty much locked in.
  14. THIS. We were on Magic a couple of weeks ago and had one day of rain, pools were open but the water slides were closed, I assume because of a slipping hazard getting up the ladders.
  15. John Heald has stated that showing the emailed results on your phone is ok. BUT, in my most humble opinion, it's better to have everything printed just in case.
  16. That would be the health assessment which is just a few days prior to boarding. Don't lie though..... the consequences of lying could be far worse than just having to reschedule your vacation.
  17. I'm seeing multiple sailings for Dream, Vista, and Breeze out of Galveston in March of '22. If your cruise isn't showing up it's probably either a website issue or else your sailing is sold out.
  18. As with everyone else, we used CVS for our pre-cruise Covid rapid test a few weeks ago and everything was fine. I printed the test results from the link they sent me, easy peasy. Received a phone call with the results in about 20 minutes and a text with a link for printing shortly after that. With that being said, I have seen one potential problem with CVS and that is that on occasion they've shut down testing sites and cancelled appointments on short notice. For our first cruise post-Covid I was being kind of anal about nothing going wrong and booked a backup test at a different CVS location one day after my original appointment (the day we planned to be travelling). Two days prior to the appointment we got a notification that that testing site had temporarily shut down. I'm guessing they're having a few problems with test kit availability. That's why I've decided to go with the e-med home test for our next cruise.
  19. This thread has got me thinking about doing the steak house on Thanksgiving. I'm wondering how quickly reservations will fill up once on board. It'd be nice to use some of my onboard credit but might just book ahead of time if there's a strong possibility of not being able to get a reservation. ALSO..... my adult daughter's booking number is linked to ours - how do I add her to our steakhouse reservation if purchased ahead of time?
  20. Here's what Carnival's website says on their "Have Fun Be Safe" page: In the event guests are in close contact with or exposed to any guest or crew member who tests positive for COVID-19, or display any symptoms for a COVID-like illness during the cruise, they and their close contacts will be required to undergo additional testing and may be required to quarantine in their stateroom until our medical team determines it is safe for them to resume their cruise activities. If guests traveled by air to join their cruise and test positive at embarkation and are not able to cruise — or test positive during the cruise — they and their close contacts may be required to quarantine before traveling home. Guests who are quarantined on board will receive a pro-rated future cruise credit equal to the number of days in quarantine. For guests who must quarantine locally, Carnival will help make quarantine arrangements; however, all related expenses will be the guests’ responsibility.
  21. Hmmmm..... tough crowd. 😁 I'm taking notes, we're also going to be on a Thanksgiving cruise (Pride) this year for the first time. Don't know if I'll be able to convince my wife and daughter that eating Thanksgiving dinner at the buffet is superior to the dining room though.
  22. That's what I was thinking, you beat me to it.
  23. I just did a mock-scheduling for the nearest CVS and they're not showing any slots available at all (their scheduler goes out 2 weeks). The next closest CVS to us is an hour away and they're showing sporadic availability for the next 2 weeks. So I'm pretty much convinced that this time around I'll get the home test kids..... which brings up another question. I read something online that gave me the impression that I have to state who the tests are for when I purchase them.... is that correct? (The reason this matters is that I'd like to get a 3 pack to have a spare for either me or my wife, and if we don't need the third kit I was going to make it available as a spare for my daughter). It looks like the only option right now is to purchase from Optum since e-med is directing customers there because e-med is sold out for now.
  24. We've got our second Covid era cruise coming up in a few weeks and am looking into the at-home Covid testing this time around. For our previous cruise we used CVS and that worked just fine, but the nearest CVS for us that's offering the rapid test is about a 45 minute drive plus there have been a few cases of CVS cancelling test appointments at the last minute. Has anyone had any issues or hiccups with getting the home test in time, or the e-med experience? Has anyone had any luck getting reimbursed for the home test through their insurance? This isn't a huge deal breaker, but it would certainly be nice. Do you have to schedule your session with e-med, or do you just connect and hopefully have a proctor available within a few minutes?
  25. You can upgrade once you're on board if the mid-tier plan isn't sufficient. With that being said, I've never been very happy even with the "Premium" plan. It somewhat depends on where you're at on the ship, but on our most recent cruise, for instance, I barely had service in our cabin and on the balcony it was essentially useless.
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