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  1. jimbo5544

    Horizon Havana Cabana

    While somewhat more diluted from a total people perspective, I would not hesitate in booking a Havana Cabana cabin on the Panorama. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts when you return.
  2. jimbo5544

    Table for 8

    I would also consider that a table for 8 will make some conversation hard to hear (ambient noise in the MDR). A better solution might be 2 4-tops next to each other. Just a thought.
  3. jimbo5544

    Just off the Magic

    Nice review, thanks for doing it!
  4. It is a new menu, maybe that is why.
  5. jimbo5544

    Horizon Havana Cabana

    We had the same cabin on port side. On Horizon it is true you cannot lock slider from outside, not true on Vista (at least was not when we were on her). That said the walk is only about 15 steps more....
  6. jimbo5544

    Dumb soda question

    I doubt anyone would say anything
  7. jimbo5544

    Dumb soda question

    But bring it as carryon
  8. jimbo5544

    Carnival Liberty - Muster Drill Nightmare

    Agree, that ugly “it is my vacation and I will do whatever I want, when I want” attitude. Musters, possibly the most important safety item for everyone to know has become an elongated affair that by the time the briefing takes place half of the cruisers have def lost focus. Carnival needs to find a way to solve this.
  9. jimbo5544


    I would agree it will very most likely not be a problem
  10. jimbo5544


    Agree (but wish it was no so), was just trying to let the quoted poster know it does happen.
  11. jimbo5544

    Horizon Havana Cabana

    Which ship
  12. jimbo5544


    I have seen people turned away wearing shorts on cruise elegant this year on Horizon and Vista.
  13. jimbo5544

    How to transfer CCL booking to travel agent?

    Depends on the cruise, but they bring their expertise, a lot of times savings, if there is other travel involved such as pre and or post flights or hotel stay, they can assist with those, again sometimes with savings. The reciprocal question is, why not use them and all of the above when it costs you nothing (actually probably saves you). Why do all these people want to transfer a booking to a TA if there is no value?
  14. jimbo5544

    Captains Suite

    ....or you can stay home and save it all.
  15. jimbo5544

    How to transfer CCL booking to travel agent?

    Seems a whole lot easier to call your TA and book the cruise originally.....