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  1. jimbo5544

    Mardi Gras - Roller Coaster

    I bet that would be true
  2. The entire conversation(s) we had about this subject came to mind when I got the email from Adolfo....
  3. jimbo5544

    Mardi Gras - Roller Coaster

    True enough, I fear before to long the ships will never go places, just pull away from the pier....
  4. jimbo5544

    Mardi Gras - Roller Coaster

    This is also true, clearly had to go there to compete in that market. Not my cup of tea....but I will sail on her to confirm.
  5. jimbo5544

    Mardi Gras - Roller Coaster

    touche....as I said, not the greatest thing I have read....
  6. jimbo5544

    Mardi Gras - Roller Coaster

    Not the greatest thing I have read, but I guess they have to do it with the other lines doing similar.
  7. I rhink they make all the soups from scratch so it might have been a problem, but I hear your point. Old San Juan has much to offer.
  8. Well thanks for following along on my review. I encourage you do that and tell us your thoughts upon your return. I have found that doing a review help keep it fresh in my mind by reviewing the experience. First cruises set the bar, experience as much as you can, explore the ship when you get on, and most of all enjoy and have Carnival FUN! Ships vary in terms of features and ports of call, but Carnival’s best asset is their people. Have a wonderful cruise and feel free to ask questions here.
  9. It is a very interesting island, with many different perspectives and features. They, like other islands got hit hard in 2017. Sadly for them, their infrastructure was not good before it happened. Hopefully the island and especially the port will thrive.
  10. Next up, two more sea days.....