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  1. Comedy yes, main show room never see it. That said I do not show up 15 minutes before, but still get a good seat.
  2. Do it all the time, love listening to audiobooks on cruises.
  3. I just give my views....at times they are critical. I think I mentioned the site lines being poor. To me, that has little to do with he size. I thought the site lines on the SUnrise to be better. The floor area of the showroom of Vista and Horizon (Sunshine and Sunrise as well, although a little different), are part of the show (which seems to go very well). Listen, I understand that if seeing the shows are really special to you, than this is a lessening of the experience. My wife loves the shows...me not as much, but I do enjoy them. Facts are, they are of less importance to Carnival cruisers (overall) then they were in the past. Cruising is evolving (all of cruise lines), whether you and I like it or not. Enjoy the ride...or should I say...happy cruising.
  4. John just replied on his FB page that the cruise leaving from Brooklyn will swing closer to the Statue of Liberty so guests can get photo ops.
  5. In my 35+ cruises on Carnival, we have never stood in line at all for a show, let alone 30 to 45 minutes (our kids did when they wanted to be in the reserved seats (participate in the show). That said, I agree the sight lines on the Horizon are not great (from the upper level). Show rooms in smaller, older ships were to big and were seldom (read that as almost NEVER) were packed. In any regard, show rooms are way under utilized, shows are taking a less important role in cruising, all makes sense to me.
  6. Have a wonderful cruise! Let us all know your thoughts when you return.
  7. You can find some of them by looking at the Sunrise (sister ship), others will be unique....
  8. No doubt there will be some....not to worry, the biting seahorses will still be there for you.
  9. We just quoted a room on the Panorama where the third was actually more than the first and second (not much)...surprised me.
  10. Thanks for the update, I saw an article somewhere recently and thought it might have changed. Be interesting seeing how they tender off the Mardi Gras.
  11. They did at sea food shack, but not at normal omelet stations
  12. Believe that a pier is in the planning for GC. When it will be com-Legend is up for debate.
  13. WE have never done YTD, and I always felt cheated about that bar. Did you sit there for a drink before seating?
  14. I have to admit it is head scratching at times.... your point on no financial interest is an interesting one.
  15. Fair enough! I was referring to the whole Havana experience. It does not surprise me that the bar would be off from a revenue perspective when only the people at the Havana area frequents it during the day. I would love to hear your thoughts after you cruise in a HC. I do understand the logic of a spa cabin. When we stayed in one on our first trip on the Splendor, it was the quietest hallway we ever had....by far.
  16. no doubt you.... what a jaded view. Which cruise line is not out to maximize profits? Royal Ha NCL Double ha. I can match you and then she on extra income on both lines. Here are some replies with another view.... Main show room made smaller because it was never full - What they did with the space make total sense. Imax - nobody went, pretty easy one there.... Havana was a home run, they are OVERJOYED with the sales there. The concept is possibly the best they have had in a decade. Your view seems to knock them for having it and also for making it smaller. Try it and then come back and tell me your thoughts....triple dog dare you...πŸ˜‰
  17. Curious as to why you would not go directly to TA?
  18. thanks, interesting post. We are on the Radiance TA and I had not yet thought of rebooking the steakhouse and other popular for pay restaurants. While we are in assigned seating in the MDR, the way you describe it on a TA does sound inviting.
  19. While I was waiting for a reply.... you said it pretty well. The facts are that people see this β€œratio” listed and jump on it. Most have little idea where the space comes from and and less of how much that space was utilized. It is easy to jump on a bandwagon. Having sailed both of these ships in their past lives and current iterations, I can tell you that my perspective is that one exception, the Sunrise feels no more crowded to us than the Triumph did. I think they did a really good job on Lido, adding in multiple omelet stations that made it probably the easiest breakfast on lido we have seen. Add to that the mdr is open for brunch, it is a slam dunk. The one thing I thought they did a lousy job on was the deli. Poorly placed and always crowded (sorry a little off track).
  20. So can I infer you are not booked on the Mardi Gras yet?πŸ˜‰
  21. We were in a large group and while on the cruise part of our group was going to the SH and a couple during the cruise decided they wanted to join us. First tried to get added and they said they could not accommodate them, then asked if they could eat at the bar and were denied as well. Not sure if this was due to being at capacity or a policy.... that said, we have seen singles eating in the SH often.
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