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  1. There is a compliment in there somewhere.
  2. Thanks, I had seen the Valor and forgotten it. I did not know about the Legend.
  3. Blaspheme Guys???? Perish the thought.🤔 Cruising is many things to many people. For Carnival, the formalness faded away years ago. They want their cruisers to do what is FUN for them.
  4. good deal....who would think we on cruise critic would be discussing Fulll Molecular testing.
  5. Colon Corral is a name for a change that is quite appetizing…..
  6. The Sunrise is a smaller ship, and the remake of doing it made the Lido a little tighter. They tried to “rearrrange” as best they could. The MG is the EXACT opposite.
  7. Dream, Magic, Glory, and of course the Mardi Gras. Radiance should be next I think, but if I am wrong, one of my friends will correct me.
  8. When I discussed with some friends on the MG, it was clearly made in the discussion they chose poorly the last time out in regards to paint and premature rusting. The new paint jobs are shard and hopefulyl will reviatize the look on all ships once completed.
  9. It always shocked me how many people eat dinner in the buffet. That said, it IS their choice.
  10. If there is one ship where I totally understand understating lido, then it is on the MG. There are WAY to many food choices for us to even think of going to lido for dinner. That said, to each their own.
  11. Sounds good to me. Enjoy! Cannot wait till we get back on the Horizon on 9/26
  12. I went down to GS on the first one(MG) and asked them. They told me to just bring boarding pass from past cruise. I asked them to reach out to Miami (which they did) and next day gave us the thumbs up. When I did the online check in they send a couple days before and it asked if I was outside of the country, it flagged us. To be honest, I think everything was triggered with just that. This was 6 weeks ago, but I do not think anything could have changed in this specific area, but I would ask whrn I checked it for first cruise. Is it B2B or side2side?
  13. Our experience on the side to side was not an issue. It was done by them at embarkation.
  14. If you are traveling abroad, there is not much of a difference. This is the world in which we live. The cruise lines are not the bad guys here, simply simply following what the CDC “recommends”. Make no mistake, there is no choice.
  15. There are many plans that have gotten squashed due to the NASTY virus. Let’s face it, it is close, fairly inexpensive and some upside (if they build the plans…..)
  16. There are really to many food opportunities to use, but options are a good thing.
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