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    NY to Cuba

    Carnival has added sailings in summer 2020 on the Radiance out of New York. They are continuing to broaden their itineraries, nice work!
  2. jimbo5544

    Rooms not ready for Priority on Glory

    There have been many threads dedicated to the early cabin access, with many thoughts and rumors (including FTTF). The “program” is more then early boarding (I do not see them doing away with FTTF, it is a cash cow), but they could easily add another level and tie all benefits (and possibly new ones to the Diamond + (or what ever they call it) and taper down from there. Add in trying to make loyalty across all lines and it is enough to give anyone a headache.
  3. jimbo5544

    11:30 Embark Question

    Echo the early purchase of a cabana comment. One other point, when you board you can go to the excursion desk (err, what ever they changed the name to) and pick your cabana out. You can google the map....We enjoyed being further down the beach away from the bar and less people.
  4. jimbo5544

    Rooms not ready for Priority on Glory

    Agreed, it does. On our Journey cruise, John Heald had an open Q and A session and told us his (personal) views on the topic, which were that they had to do something as the numbers were untenable. While certainly not a typical sailing (it was the Breeze) there was 240 Diamonds and over 800 Platinums.
  5. jimbo5544

    Panorama Booked!

    It certainly is a different experience than a Caribbean cruise. I am happy to see them expand sailings on the Miracle out of San Fran as well.
  6. The same as on every Carnival ship except Vista and Horizon. There is a reason they limit the outlets, and it has nothing to do with upgrading their electrical. See post 47
  7. jimbo5544

    Chefs table

    You can also book it and pay for it if you are not attending
  8. jimbo5544

    what ships have retractable roofs?

    None of the Dream or Vista class have one (Dream, Magic, Breeze, Vista, Horizon or (soon to be) Panorama) , Sunshine .... or Mardi Gras that we can see so far.
  9. jimbo5544

    Panorama Booked!

    Good point, the Sunshining of the Triumph and Victory as well. It has been a while since Carnival had that problem (a problem they like). Mardi Gras sales are doing remarkably well as is the Panorama. I hope the west coast supports her better then they did with the Splendor.
  10. jimbo5544

    Havana cabins on Horizon

    It is a perk that lots would enjoy, if it does nothing for you, I would not spend the bucks.
  11. Sullen Twilight....sounds like a concoction from the Alchemy bar.....
  12. jimbo5544

    Rooms not ready for Priority on Glory

    Careful what you wish for, it may come true....
  13. jimbo5544

    Passport after divorce

    I do not think it will work if you were flying, can you use your birth certificate?
  14. jimbo5544

    Rooms not ready for Priority on Glory

    We had it happen on our journey cruise, can you post the letter?
  15. Carnival is clearly committed to the Fantasy class. There are some here who call it their favorite. Why did you sail it if you did not want to go on a older ship?
  16. jimbo5544

    Carnival Breeze - Seafood Shack

    Free sparsely used venue, or for pay higher clientele, which would you choose? There are still plenty of ships with Tandoor if that rings your bell.
  17. jimbo5544

    Mardi Gras

    Makes sense
  18. Does not seem misleading to me....Stekhouse selections .... not prepared or cooked in the steakhouse. What it says is what it implies, something that is better and that requires a charge.
  19. jimbo5544

    Carnival Breeze - Seafood Shack

    The vast majority of people we saw at Tandoor was crew.....
  20. jimbo5544

    Mardi Gras

    Ummmm, I think the point is you were in New York, it is common to use them and would have been a much better plan. Try it, sometimes better to go with the flow of where you are, not where you are from.
  21. jimbo5544

    Havana cabins on Horizon

    Yes, without a doubt.
  22. jimbo5544

    Broadening our Horizons

    Vista had a live band both times we were on including the med, did you go to Oceans plaza?