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  1. We've been above the theater too. No problem whatsoever during times most folks sleep. Was never an issue for us. Actually a very quiet cabin at night.
  2. Okay folks, here's the reality. CCL can list any ships for sale it wants. That doesn't mean they will be sold. Take Sunrise for a moment. If someone comes up with something approaching $350MM, she'll be gone. If not, she sails on as a Carnival ship indefinitely or perhaps gets transferred to another family line. The Fantasy has literally been 'for sale' for better part of a decade. She still sailed every week up until the shutdown. Now some ships may end up in mothballs during a slow reopening but it's not going to be a ship they spent $200MM on in the last 18 months. The real question is whether some of the ships in the line are ultimately destined for salvage. THAT becomes a real possibility with what will assuredly be over capacity in the market. There are some obvious choices mostly to include the least upgraded Fantasy Class ships as well as the yet to be retrofitted Victory assuming the shipyard contract can be cancelled without massive financial ramifications.
  3. Yep. My September cruise fare was efficiently transferred over to my pending November sailing yesterday. Do note that the $300 bonus OBC I earned MUST be OBC, not payment for future cruises. All set.
  4. Here's my view with a daughter working as a Charge Nurse on the Covid unit and a son as a FEMA senior staffer. We're eventually ALL getting it. If we're not high risk we're fighting it off. Our daughter has absolutely been exposed on the job. And while she has not contracted the disease, she wouldn't visit her 80+ grandparents for anything. That said, she's careful and lives her life. We have the same view about cruising. We're plenty careful in life but I'll be darned if I'm going to sacrifice literally years waiting for 'no risk perfection'. God only gives me so many anyways. We're young and healthy enough to beat it. See you on our September 5-day. Oh, and if CDC pulls the plug we'll live. 14 day Glory awaits after Thanksgiving.
  5. I'm going to echo Jimbo. We've missed two scheduled ports in all our cruising to date. And understand that excursions that you've booked with private vendors often require no money (or only a small deposit) up front. Reputable ones (discussed at length here on the CC boards) will gladly refund if the ship cannot disembark pax. Of course none of that risk exists with an excursion booked directly with Carnival. It should be noted that there are certain ports more likely to be scrubbed, usually because of challenging docking/tendering weather conditions. Also, during hurricane season, entire itineraries can be necessarily changed although that most typically is announced in the days leading up to the cruise. Try not to sweat it. Missed ports are more the exception than the rule.
  6. We're heading out on the Valor the cruise bf the OP's. Playing it by ear. Our flights can be easily cancelled and we haven't made any hotel arrangements yet. Frankly, we could pull the trigger either way in the days leading up. Being self employed and semi retired is nice.
  7. If sailing at a loss is the best way to ease back into full capacity at a later date Carnival will be happy to do it.
  8. September 7th on the Valor for a nice little 5 night. If that cancels, we'll likely roll into our 14 nighter in late November on Glory.
  9. Good plan. In addition, there are a couple dozen solid hotels within 1-2 miles, all with airport shuttles and then served directly by the private shuttle companies directly to the pier. Easy 45 minutes down the highway.
  10. MCO is fine. Stay near the airport overnight very cost effectively and then have a shuttle pick you up at your door in the morning. All good. We enjoyed sailing out of there.
  11. The ships will be nearly identical. Sunrise is the old Triumph; Radiance the old Victory. We've recently sailed on Sunrise (and have previously sailed Sunshine). We think the massive overhauls were well done. Neither ship is perfect but the huge upgrade in food options make them very good ships. I like the Dream class better but not so much better to ignore good cruises on the new 'Sunshine/Sunrise/Radiance' class. As to itinerary; no competition at all. The Aruba route every day and twice on Sunday.
  12. There is no immediate plan for a ship to replace Fascination in San Juan. CCL is in a major dispute over development of the San Juan port with the local authorities. This is a power play, nothing more. Plenty of time to negotiate and iron this out. But until that's resolved, don't expect a ship to be announced. They're 'leaving'.
  13. We've got that exact cruise teed up for December 2021.
  14. We got our FCC in the last couple days on our April 6th Coral cruise.
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