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  1. We also prefer a Table for Two for dinner but absolutely understand that it won't be 'private'. It's the way mass market cruising MDRs are. When we want 'nicer' on a variety of fronts, we sail Windstar. It's really that simple.
  2. Very true. VISAs are becoming more common basically as a way for countries to get some money from tourists. Australia and New Zealand require them. It's a simple online procedure for any American with a valid Passport without a criminal conviction. A few clicks and about $50 gets 'er done for each country requiring.
  3. Exactly. I wonder what the question is? If you go to the island and don't have a Passport you ain't leavin' the ship. Any cruise. Any cruise line. Any date. Clear enough?
  4. I'm amazed by the number of folks that think that simply because they do not have to personally carry their own Passport down the gangway that their Passport isn't required and hasn't already been cleared by Customs. Each country has their own entrance requirements. And rest assured those are cleared when cruisers are asleep in their bed. Martinique requires Passports. It's really pretty simple. What IS interesting here is that Martinique will seemingly allow non Passport holders to remain on the ship. That privilege is not always extended meaning that failure to meet the Customs requirement in any country visited can result in being denied boarding permission. There were the famous stories from many years ago as pax boarded Splendor about to embark on their circumnavigation of South America. One or more of their destinations en-route (Brazil if I recall correctly) required Visas regardless if they wanted to exit the ship or not. Show up at Fort Lauderdale without one and they were denied boarding. No exceptions. The number was at least several dozen. Of course they had been told many, many times.
  5. Chair clips are legit. 'VIP Reserved' chair clips are BS.
  6. You're fine. We had the very first cove on Starboard on a cruise last Spring. Absolutely loved it. Often I would take a wash cloth out in the morning to wipe the chairs. Sometimes some light salt but nothing 30 seconds time didn't solved. Makes it feel like you are getting a 'small ship' experience.
  7. He will be the very best dressed man on the ship. And countless cruisers will want to shake his hand and thank him for his service. Absolute YES.
  8. I'm sincerely thinking not. Carnival has in recent years used the 'east coast rover'. That was Sunshine, then Sunrise, and then Radiance. Obviously 2021 is an open question still.
  9. Just got word from my PVP that 2021 has just opened up. Details to follow. Post what you find out!
  10. Alaska is amazing. Of course you can be as active as you want, but it's certainly not a Caribbean cruise where you're hanging out on Lido drinking fruity drinks in your swimwear. Enjoy.
  11. The Hub app is great. Ask for your table anywhere on the ship, get a notice that your table is ready before you get to the dining room door.
  12. Sure I enjoy them. Carnival is built around the week long vacation or the quickie getaway. When I want to explore new and faraway places, we'll consider something else. That said, I still consider them #1 in Caribbean so would certainly consider them for a relaxing 14 dayer down there.
  13. Pinto, what's the hair situation these days!!! 🤣
  14. We actually like Deck 8 (on a Conquest class ship) because of the Balc overhang. That said, we always look for a cabin a bit tucked away under the Lido restaurant. Never been a problem for us.
  15. Some PVPs are absolutely great. Love ours. Be stunned of my communication to her didn't elicit a response within a couple hours. Similarly, she knows not to BS call me when I'm simply poking around on the internet. Our relationship goes back a full decade at this point.
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