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  1. I'm a big Sunshine fan. She's got all the amenities of the big ships. And frankly, we didn't find her particularly crowded. Personally, I wish they'd turn her into a bit of a Journey specialist.
  2. What's the price differential? Breeze is nicer but one has to consider the price.
  3. I typically wear a sports coat and slacks, perhaps a tie.
  4. CarnivalRich is incorrect. They SOMETIMES can be changed if there is available capacity. But nobody should ever count on it. He is correct that lifeboat restrictions are strict and non-negotiable. You may check with Guest Services upon boarding. Expect a No answer but it IS possible. I'm sure some of our regulations experts will chime in with the specifics.
  5. While Carnival invested there, GT is decidedly NOT a controlled, gated port analogous to Amber Cove and Mahogany Bay. Oh, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth about 'scams' at GT is simply laughable. It's a great 'pit stop' port that simply provides a few hours of relaxation as the ship passes by on the way to larger, move diverse destinations.
  6. Now your figurin' this out girlfriend. Enjoy. May you never set foot in another Diamonds Intl., ever again. (Unless you actually like that.)
  7. Here's one other thought queen. Have your kids help pick the excursions. It'll help them develop a love for traveling and experiencing different things. Our best one ever, a day with the native Embara indian peoples in the jungle of Panama after a dugout canoe ride on Thanksgiving day when they were perhaps 17 and 15. Opened their eyes to folks that were very different from them
  8. Most folks will say that Carnival MDR food is on par or possibly better than RCCL MDR food. Obviously there are fewer specialty restaurants. Legend has one, the upscale steakhouse, as I recall. Buffets are similar. When we cruised as a family of 4, dinner in the MDR was an every night event. For our teen kids, it amounted to 'fine dining'. We really appreciated that time as a family and it was always special. Carnival shows are 'fine'. Decent but not spectacular entertainment. They'll be comparable regardless of your ship choice.
  9. I think this is a tough call queen. First off, none of these ships will anywhere approach Allure in terms of amenities. Many Carnival loyalists (myself included to a point) actually prefer that. I have exactly zero desire to go to sea and practically not even know I'm at sea with all the do dads if you understand my meaning. So I'm just bracing you for that. The 3 ships you mention are from 3 separate Carnival classes ranging from Legend at 88k tons up to Magic at something like 120k. I have sailed on all 3 classes and like them all with Magic being perhaps my favorite ship to date. Here's what I think I'd do if I were you. Take the Legend. Those are the best ports on the list and a nice ship that is MOST different from your prior Allure experience. It'll give you a real point of comparison to the actual type of cruiser you are. Perhaps you'll really love being at sea on a vessel completely unlike one of the big monster floating hotels. Make sense? Not saying it'll happen when you have a ton of kids but my wife and I now lean toward small ship cruising (so much more personal with out of the way ports) aboard brands like Windstar, etc. By going from Allure to a smaller Carnival ship, you'll get a little taste for that at a 'mass market' price point.
  10. I think your 40 for 40 is VERY lucky. Agree first flight of day N/S NYC to FLA will work the vast majority of the time. Have you never been impacted by weather?
  11. What these things always come down to is time and options. The more you have of both, the better off you are. It's even true in business travel. It's a weird feeling being in a city where one plane is landing that evening and is the only chance to get home. Spoiled here in Chicago. I don't know how many times I've told a gate agent as a storms rolled in, "Get me in the sky to anywhere. They'll figure out the rest later." Absolutely true story. With a snowstorm beginning I figured out a routing the airline computer couldn't even handle. But the agent followed along dutifully as I outlined the plan, booked all the tickets, and said 'Nice work'. I was on the last plane taking off just before the airport closed and got to my final destination (3 planes later) the day I was supposed to.
  12. Without knowing where home is (edit, I see it's Tennessee), here's an option you might want to consider. I'll use Southwest as an example as that's how we did it. Perhaps you can fly to SJU in 2 separate legs. Shortly after Maria essentially wiped out much of the San Juan hospitality industry for a time, we flew Chicago Midway to Orlando on a Friday night and then caught a 6a flight the next morning to San Juan arriving something like 8a. Our Windstar ship wasn't departing until late evening so we had the cushion of 2-3 additional SWA flights that day that would get us there in time. Bite off some miles the day before if you can and the price isn't prohibitive. PS: San Juan is a wonderful port to sail from. I've done it at least 3 times. Perhaps my favorite.
  13. Let me suggest small ship cruising. Windstar offers a wonderful experience. And if adventure is more your speed, let me strongly recommend Star Clippers. Both are a truly different experience from traditional big ship cruising. We consider the latter more 'regular vacation'.
  14. San Juan absolutely rocks. Been there several times. My son lived there for a year working for FEMA. You've picked a great way for your BF to dip his toe into international travel. There's 2 types of cruisers. Those that seek new adventure and those that seek new ships. I'm the former. Maybe the two of you are that too.
  15. AB, she booked. There's plenty to do in the evening but you are right that they'll be pooped every night. The absolute best part of this itin is the islands. Let's get her cranked up for her adventure!
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