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  1. I'm sure they dont want things any more complicated than needed. I was a manager with a major corporation and a lot of the decisions we had to make did not make sense to the rank and file. Sometimes what seemed the most obvious answer simply wasn't viable. Carnival was dealt a hand they weren't expecting and things had to be resolved in the easiest , most cost effective way to satisfy as many of their customers they can. I dont want to hear that Carnival or any other company doesn't care about their customers. Return customers are the milk and bread of any corporation.
  2. If you were on the Carnival board and have no control over the foriegn shipyards, what would be your suggestion on handling the ever fluid COVID 19 pandemic? Keeping in mind that you have no funds coming in and your stock falling?
  3. We are being transferred to the Breeze which is ok with us. We would have been just as satisfied with the Magic. Both are beautiful ships. I'm sure there was a marathon conference room decision that made the Breeze a more viable replacement and I guess we will never know that reason.
  4. I just watched JHs live video. I feel like I'm riding a wave. Cruise canceled, cruise rebooked. Repeat. Going from the Radiance to the Breeze, could be worse. As far as it looks now, we don't have to do anything. Carnival will do comparable cabin assignments with an additional 200 OBC. If we get to cruise in Feb., we'll have 1,000 OBC compliments of Carnival.
  5. We were booked on the Radiance for Feb. This was our 3rd rescheduled cruise. We are a little disappointed that we won't be sailing on the Radiance, but happy our cruise isn't canceled. We love the Breeze. All that being said, I'm still not packing until the day before the cruise. After 3 canceled and rescheduled cruises, we're not getting excited.
  6. We had 2 cruises canceled this year. We're going to the beach for a week the end of the month. We are also spending more time on the lake on our pontoon boat. I have been furloughed from work for 3 months and was called back today. I was ready to go back. I needed the distraction.
  7. As others have stated, there isn't way of knowing which side the ship will dock. That being said, we are always drawn to the port side. It is easier for me to get my bearings while on the ship
  8. That's for sure. My TA nephew and his wife are always going on cruises.
  9. Did he get the usual commission of 10 to 16 % ? I have no idea. I told him I was sorry that our cruises kept getting canceled. He said no worries, he got paid anyway. I've never asked him how much he makes. Who does that?
  10. We have a TA family member who we always use. He's gotten paid for our 2 canceled cruises.
  11. I had heard they did some demolition. Heald stated that construction has not started. His words.
  12. John Heald just stated that construction has not started on the Radiance. He said he hopes to have an update in a couple of weeks.
  13. The Breeze is our favorite ship. In fact, our August 29th canceled cruise was on the Breeze. We're spa people. We had a spa balcony. We spent a lot of time in the thermal suite. So relaxing. If you don't have a spa cabin, you can buy a daily pass or a pass for the entire cruise. There is nothing like relaxing in the thalassptheropy pool after a long day in port.
  14. After our 2nd cruise was cancelled, I wanted to just step back. The hubs booked a cruise for Feb 27th. We'll see what happens. I no longer have an opinion on when cruising will commence.
  15. I'm honored to be a part of this group of posters I respect.
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